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Machine substitution, not be to want not to want to do, however cannot help doing

Published on:2013/7/15 15:39:44

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Introduction:Inside workshop of production of one Japan company, the worker is operating robot of the top of a table that division the rank of nobility produces au...

Inside workshop of production of one Japan company, the worker is operating robot of the top of a table that division the rank of nobility produces automatic soldering tin. Put before a year, yao Jian sets general manager of division the rank of nobility to imagine very hard still, can Japanese guest comes to purchase the soldering tin aircraft of their company. Zou Ti of industry network reporter is photographed like that in

Will the robot weigh model our country to make?

Bill Gates ever predicted, the robot will repeat the road that personal computer rises abruptly, become the next to change the technology of the world. In fact, in recent years the robot appears in fast and violent development of China confirm is worn this one prophecy.

The crop failure using worker worker that protruding of the home after international banking crisis showed 2008, your industry robot begins active producing segment -- in those days 1/3 sales volume is before 24 years of total sales volume. According to forecasting, "925 " during the core turning point that will be development of estate of robot of our country industry, market demand will with annual the rate of 15%~20% rises.

Industrial robot is the much discipline advanced technique such as market mechanism, electron, control, computer, sensor, artificial intelligence at the modern manufacturing industry of an organic whole important automation equips. Besides instantly application more car makes a trade, it will answer extensively in the future use make at semifinished product, machining, solder, assemble, detect in waiting for exercise.

Rise to labour cost, raw material rises in price, the our country that exports order atrophy is made, of the robot a large number of applying will make its are faced with major challenge or meeting to aid after all push its transition upgrade? This is one is having it seems that " water can carry a boat can Fu boat " the proposition of imply. Another angle, put the worker from solution of drab and as dry as a chip manufacturing a gleam of in the robot while, the worker after be being squeezed to hold post what course to follow, this also is the two sides of a coin.

Be born in sci-fi " robot " one word, itself was full of airy colour. And our country of how will heavy model makes the robot, also have infinite imaginary space. No matter how, the robot came, situation must not block. Let us approach it, understand it.

Our newspaper removes print to send today " the robot came " series report, pay close attention to please.

Prefectural saddle town is promoted in carry on, zhejiang day emperor accuses the packing workshop with a new group, a caky dacron filament carry fag end down production line, be grabbed gently by about two people's tall manipulator, accurate put in go-cart. The cost that this lets day emperor dropped two percent.

Be in always health, numerous peaceful accused a group to introduce 12 full automatic intelligence solders robot, production line worker is decreased from 120 people to 30 people, promotion of one-time percent of pass reachs the product 99% .

In fine promote, the China gush of the day knits limited company to rely on the device that introduces with Germany from Japan, controlled manpower cost greatly, only worker pay, a year little many yuan 1700.


The Zhejiang that on one year year end holds saves economic job conference to make known one's position, zhejiang will be accelerated advance industrial transition to upgrade, advance in the round " machine substitution " . Current, already had more enterprise savor the benefit that the robot brings, in joining this to change in succession, come. And " machine substitution " how to affect again with change Zhejiang manufacturing industry?

"We also are forced come out "

On July 9, what the reporter promoted limited company of spin of flying day cotton to witness automation equipment to manufacture efficiency in carry on is tall.

Flying day cotton is enterprise of a spinning, instantly has 70 thousand much ingot to produce can. Walk into this company automation to produce a workshop, relatively quiet space, clean ground, appropriate temperature and few and far between worker, with former my late father people the impression with much, high room temperature forms big to spinning noise of look forward to, dust sharp contrast.

"In recent years, rise of the cost that use worker worker quickly the cotton spin company that makes profit scanty feels be unable to stand, we undertake technical reformation in succession, also be forced come out. " Wang Zhixiang of this company general manager says frankly.

Wang Zhixiang is contacted for the first time " machine substitution " it is to be 10 years ago. At that time, beautiful machine of Qing Dynasty of equipment of the line before he sees spinning follows card noise big, cover an area of big, two equipment still need 6 workers operation every classes, press " three-shift system " computation, the enterprise needs to provide 18 people. For this, investment of flying day cotton introduced Qing Dynasty many yuan 300 to comb harvester, did not have not merely after put into production before noise, reduced workshop dust content, and equipment is covered an area of decrease, more important is one wants one person watch only, and product quality promotes greatly, a lot of clients appoint the product that wants flying day cotton so.

Knife of first try ox, wang Zhixiang sighs with emotion " machine substitution " benefit is not little. 2010, flying day cotton is taking the advantage of the good luck of new site of move to a better place or have a promotion, investment introduces 35 collective 10 thousand yuan thousands of to fall 15 the spun yarn machine of gauze, Germany produce the spinning equipment such as automatic winding machine with Japan.

Peaceful wave Nuo is Boer the limited company that make the clothing criterion because introduced 120 computer loom, 800 people of a few years reduced worker amount once upon a time for current a few people. Dragon of general manager Zhu Fei calculated pen Zhang to the reporter: Every loom can knit 10 12 hours a day to come 15 wool unlined upper garment, a worker can run such 4 machines, 120 machines are touched so that cross 700 workers, and the machine can work 24 hours. By at present worker pay calculates, apply loom one year to be able to save below 20 million yuan, rise as salary later, affirm so as to save is increasing. "Although loom wants hundred thousands of yuan, but delimit come! " Zhu Fei dragon says.

The attempt of these two companies, a case is not in Zhejiang. According to Zhejiang province classics is believed appoint investigation, this province already realized before the current year 4 months industrial ability changes investment 116.6 billion yuan, grow 37.3% compared to the same period. Ability changes investment to occupy industry to invest portion to amount to 60.6% , than going up one year the corresponding period promoted 7 percent.

"Sale the look of things is so good, we also cannot think of "

But, "Machine substitution " price is not low. As we have learned, zhejiang saves the automation device that production company place uses, 90% above come from abroad, foreign equipment not merely the price is high, still do not suit the production of domestic company certainly, need changes his costume or dress 2 times with debug.

The reporter understands, enterprise of a few Zhejiang is in breach the technical difficulty of this one domain, the robot equipment that makes mainland is made can serve at indigenous industry.

Put before a year, yao Jian sets general manager of limited company of equipment of intelligence of Hangzhou division the rank of nobility to imagine very hard still, can Japanese guest comes to purchase the soldering tin aircraft of their company. "Try out of this Japan guest my machine, feel pretty good, bought two, he bought the current year again two. " Yao construction says.

Division the rank of nobility establishs ability two years, it is before by a few 80 hind crucial technology staff founds, yao construction feels this project has an outlook very much, buy its on one year. Instantly, many 20 worker of this company has an in part is personnel of research and development, average age still is less than 30 years old. "Cannot think of, only two years of time, the Japan's well-known air conditioning trademark, home appliance trademark with the most well-known Germany, search come to come. Search come to come..

Yao construction says, the current year already sold first half of the year gave chance of many 10 soldering tin, and received order rises sharply. because this is OK rake in market, still depend on the price advantage of the product. "Same yield can follow a technology, the price of equipment of entrance of machine of a soldering tin is our product is very severalfold. But, sale the look of things is so good, we also cannot think of. We also cannot think of..

Not merely division the rank of nobility, zhejiang saved many businesses that produce a robot to finish production value to grow considerably since the current year. Zhejiang collects research and development of limited company of force science and technology, make the auxiliary tool such as of all kinds manipulator. According to beforehand appraise, the half that this company production value already was equivalent to the current year on one year first quarter. And fine the luck that promote Inc. of grand nicety machinery, on one year of research and development the 6 articulatory manipulator of many model arm, instantly month output can amount to 300 thousand.

To small small company, this Lubingbuna good go

"Machine substitution, not be the enterprise wants not to want to do, the issue that cannot not become however. " all along is in an enterprise the Zhou Zhenfeng of associate professor of Jia Xingxue courtyard of survey thinks, labour cost continues to promote, the enterprise that makes embellish of many former capital and profit scanty did not have profit almost, and many artificial operation, also go against quality control to follow business management.

In Zhejiang province classics is believed appoint technical reformation grows Zhu Gejian to look everywhere, the low cost dominant position that Zhejiang creates already no longer. Change a technology to the advantage, look to still need to be accumulated certainly from the element such as capital, talent period, and " machine substitution " , be at present medium and small businesses learns easily to be used easily, get effective faster upgrade shortcut.

Face auspicious situation, also the expert reminds, "Machine substitution " be in Zhejiang is to begin merely. Instantly comes true or undertaking automation production line is updated, advocate if a few have the big company of actual strength. And small to vast bulk company, this Lubingbuna good go.

It is investment above all great. As we have learned, introduce advanced manufacturing facilities, the investment on a few hardware achieves 1 million yuan even ten million yuan, and cost reclaims to need 3~5 possibly year. And many small small companies do not have capital actual strength certainly, can " unable to do what one wants very much to do " .

"Machine substitution " what do not mean production line only only is newer. If cannot promote employee accordingly quality, also can restrict the play of its benefit. Zhejiang saves Lan Jianping of director of industrial economy institute to think, in traditional industry in the transition to modern industry, simple reduplicative job is decreasing quickly, enterprise dimensions is decided by worker amount no longer. Worker of a gleam of of machine substitution requirement must as soon as possible to knowledge generator transition.

Zhou Zhenfeng also thinks, more devoted than hardware difficulty is greater is software investment. He tells a reporter, itself of many small small company lack Technical Division and staff, develop new technology, new facility independently hard, this is made with respect to need equipment research and development wait for relevant support. The problem depends on, whether does group of a certain industry have sufficient demand to prop up the product of new facility to change. Every company product is different, can bring equipment demand of individuation, the research and development of soft, hardware follows maintain cost taller, and small small company of this angle bear ability is very weak.

Zhou Zhenfeng suggests, the photograph of industrial group feature of Zhejiang is compared remarkable, the government is due specific aim ground is offerred with angle of technical research and development in equipment give aid to. From company point of view for, "Machine substitution " differ want one pace to reach the designated position surely, the company with younger actual strength, might as well from purchase simple treatment facilities to begin, the basis is different in the future the need of level, replace facility gradually.

Keyword:Automation, the price, spinning, the market, cotton spinning, investigation, wool unlined upper garment, research, cone winder, qing Dynasty combs couplet

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