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Blending hands in weaving price to consult

Published on:2013/7/1 15:33:10

Introduction:Unit: Yuan / meter (to take fare case) norms of   product name. . . ...

Unit: Yuan / rice (to take fare case)

Product name



The price

Flax sticks blending cloth

55/45 63’’44*38 10*10



Flax sticks blending cloth

55/45 63’’51*47 11*11



Linen-cotton hands in weaving

63’’21*19 51*58



Summarize: Recently, knit market of li of cotton cloth city whole price quotations with be being given priority to smoothly, and clinch a deal the quantity still shows inadequacy. Person cotton cloth trades day-to-day fall after a rise, at present quote reluctance maintains stable prices. Predict breed of cotton cloth city trades next week the quantity won't magnify, the price is moved toward concussion dish whole probability is in the majority.