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Garden of Na Chuan industry to " center of weaving of world abb carpet " stride

Published on:2013/6/28 13:18:33

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Introduction:Qinghai hides blanket to had exhibited 10 years! In these 10 years, the assistant of enterprise Tibetan blanket of Qinghai gradually plump. Developmen...

Qinghai hides blanket to had exhibited 10 years! In these 10 years, the assistant of enterprise Tibetan blanket of Qinghai gradually plump. Development of these 10 years, did not leave property of a be pregnant with from beginning to end " cradle " -- area of garden of Na Chuan industry.

As China western the group of wool spinning industry with only area is pilot area, grow from here the industry of Qinghai Tibet blanket that rise, it is to rely on the industrial policy that government of Qinghai provincial Party committee, province gives aid to with all one's strength to follow fund, it is the industry of another distinct advantage that relies on development of culture of resource of advantage of this locality characteristic, area to rise.

Draw the outline of " of world Tibet blanket " rudiment

In Feburary 2005, government of provincial Party committee, province affirmed " 915 " job of purpose of the overall train of thought that line of business of period Tibet carpet grows, development, job, make known one's position " it is a key in order to store carpet product, it is dominant in order to hide blanket industry, education internationally collectivize hides blanket industry, integrated element resource, patulous industry catenary, make relevant industry grows in coordination " industrial conformity train of thought, be industrial base " be born " bury next foreshadowing.

2006, garden area makes known his position to be the industrial group of bibcock in order to make carpet production according to government of provincial Party committee, province, build " of world Tibet blanket " conception, begin to begin to build wash hair (cloth with soft nap) , cent combs, spinning, dye yarn, carpet (knitting dress) the industrial chain that production is a key, home of bit of group Tibetan a sheep, holy source group, card is spun, blanket of nature and other places and business of industry of form a complete set march 6 times garden area, rely on " wool of Xining become known " the culture details that resource advantage teachs with Cang Chuanfo, with world carpet culture development takes the fixed position that situation photograph joins, qinghai handiwork is woven base of production Tibetan blanket is born from this.

2009, adjust according to national spin industry follow those who revitalize a program to make " Qinghai province textile is adjusted with promote executive opinion " and in April 2010, qinghai province hides blanket industry dimensions to be being increased further, outspread industry chain, carrying high yield to taste a series of specific policy of additional cost is more be industrial base fly infuse advance an agent formidably.

In last few years, manufacturing base is depending on the Qinghai that matures gradually to hide blanket international exhibition this one platform, make yarn, silk, chemical fibber, cotton thread gradually, and the active area of the over-the-counter trading such as carpet machinery, wool spinning machinery, make cosmopolitan carpet stage by stage distribution centre of Yuan Fucai makings.

Feature of base extroversion economy chases fadein to write

60 square kilometer, save 90% carpet company completely gather, "Weierdu " , " Akemingsite " , " bunch cloth with soft nap " concentration of configuration of weaving of blanket of and other places, raw wool, wash hair, spinning, braid, the property that the product sells produces chain to fill completely to carpet gradually neat.

Create good manufacturing surroundings to give a company, area of garden of Na Chuan industry is in charge of appoint meeting according to " drive of double round of confluence yield a city " development mode, advance Na Chuanhe to administer, establish the 7 large crucial areas such as good investment service center, created good environmental atmosphere for the enterprise.

To let provincial the enterprise is done as soon as possible do greatly strong, invest effective capital entirely segment of product research and development, production follows development market to go up, garden area adopted a variety of sides to support a measure, for instance, era builds workshop, equipment to rent, the district of gas of water and electricity inside garden area has friendly relations ahead of schedule etc, build in channel compose for the enterprise at the same time, updating equipment, raw material is bought wait for link to make good service.

While garden area is making industrial group, be assumed with all one's strength and guide developed to include raw material to trade, service of product sale, intermediary, financing assures, quality standard is built with the service system that detects inside, give good platform to prop up for industrial development with all one's strength.

A few years short, the treatment system that makes industry of garden area spin is built with supportive system had seen first shape, the raw material of long-term and good progress buys property of spin of area of the garden that prop up platform, treatment production platform follows market sale platform 3 drive carriage to had formed framework.

Up to now, dimensions of loom of blanket of garden area inland has achieved 100 (cover) , the product involves cloth with soft nap of manual, Weierdu, Akemingsite, bunch, bayonet, printing to wait for a variety of types, already finished produce per year of all kinds carpet to make an appointment with 13 million square metre to follow wash hair 40 thousand tons, slub carpet gauze 20 thousand tons, gauze of half essence carpet 2930 tons, chemical fibber yarn 3000 tons, coloring of form a complete set 13 thousand tons productivity.

With this at the same time, spin in cloth with soft nap snow was attracted on the industry 5 cloth with soft nap such as nap of course of study of cloth with soft nap of Zhou Sanrong, Chaidamu, Qinghai, green Tibet spin a business, cloth with soft nap spins a property embryonic form also is provided first, achieved industrial production value 2012 1.76 billion yuan.

Already joined the company of more than 10 wool spinning that be stationed in in, have " Tibetan sheep " product of Chinese famous brand 1, have " Tibetan sheep " , " Xue Zhou " , " Chaidamu " , " 3 rivers source " , " holy source " Chinese well-known logo 5, have " Shuang Hu " , " Tanggula " two Qinghai save famous label.

Be in abroad a few years, the carpet industry with go up development of hundred years ability, mature even, in the provincial Party committee, bend power that saves a government support falls, in Na Chuan industrial garden area is in charge of appoint below the service of the meeting, in Qinghai Tibetan blanket produces bibcock business -- hide ovine group to wait guide below, defeat chrysalis quickly to change butterfly, make the signal box of Chinese carpet industry, become the distribution centre of world abb carpet, make the big market that businessman of each country carpet values.

Had the stronger industrial base, channel that conforms with the international market to follow a concept, feature of base extroversion economy tends gradually remarkable. Year after year of foreign trade imports and exports increases, the cloth with soft nap Tibetan blanket that regards garden area as dominant spins a property, achieved total of imports and exports 2012 143 million dollar. Group of trade of cloth with soft nap of group of carpet of source of emperor of limited company of cashmere of group of carpet of Qinghai Tibet sheep, Chai Damu, Qinghai, Qinghai, blueness hides downy Inc. to wait for enterprise of bibcock of a batch of provincial exit to show itself.

Side with " center of weaving of world abb carpet " set out

Qinghai hides blanket, of long standing and well established, secondly second rise abruptly beyond the expect of the international market, in the reason that follows joint action in Qinghai climate, favourable geographical position, person again however.

Rise abruptly 2 times, the Qinghai coruscate that lets base of old wool spinning 2 youth, the practitioner that a batch of faithfulness have deep love for course of study of one's own profession had the land of his use force, a batch devote sturdily the entrepreneur of industry of Qinghai wool spinning located afresh oneself life.

From this, the carpet industry of Qinghai is depended on worldwide inside have an advantage most " wool of Xining become known " resource, by right of deep Tibet the culture details, tripartite confrontation with the government is driven, depend on actor of the industrial expert of rich experience, skilled worker, folk, world of form a complete set's most advanced equipment equips, continue to dig research and development to suit the abb carpet of the color of the market, product, quality of a material deep, stand on the big platform of world carpet production, sale, start from high end, to more the rhythm that high end strides becomes faster and faster.

Nearly two years, make strong carpet industry greatly to be done further, garden area builds center of international carpet weaving to protect duty to sell the idea of base with international carpet, had begun to become the operation by conception. Make " never be over " , can sit all the year round the ground is managed attract traveling trader, the sale that covers suitably with group of industry Tibetan blanket, reveal, the opportunity of entrepot trade distribution centre is already mature.

Be in to rise further developmental of international carpet industry is famous degree, garden area enrols business efforts center at was being established in Pakistan in October 2012, go to at the same time India, Nepalese spread out a project to recommend wait for capital attraction activity. Of the center establish, develop carpet property for next garden areas, introduce international business of famous carpet production, sale follows trait of area of the garden that finish light industrial the product takes door going abroad, drive an industry to develop, the area that it is garden built the carpet industry group with make the world main to lay a foundation.

Inside garden area, cover an area of 270 mus, the project of center of international carpet weaving that always invests 350 million yuan has been started, 120 production that cover carpet loom dimensions can be satisfied to follow life demand after project building.

In the meantime, the international carpet that covers an area of 200 mus protects duty to sell base project to also had been in current Tibet blanket is met on, begin a butt joint with the company that has own intellectual property domestic and internationally. Project by China, Iran, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Nepalese with the country such as Afghanistan famous carpet production, sale follows acting industry joint investment is built.

Base with " association of world manual carpet " for carrier, adopt member means to enter halt, after project building, will become afterwards Germany " hamburger harbor carpet is distributing center free tax zone " , the United States " cent of Atlanta east carpet dials a sale to maintain duty center " with Turkey " blanket produces Taipude base free tax zone " later, base of free tax zone of another global carpet.