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Leading role of an ensemble of two or more singers of filler of bedding market tradition

Published on:2013/6/25 13:18:09

Keyword:Bedding, man-made fibre, eider down
Introduction:Midsummer already came, sleep peacefully overnight the extravagant hopes that becomes a lot of people again, actually, morpheus quality of the person ...

Midsummer already came, sleep peacefully overnight the extravagant hopes that becomes a lot of people again, actually, morpheus quality of the person is concerned with environment of psychosis, climate not merely, the easy that follows bedding also has very big concern moderately. Yesterday, the reporter visits discovery of market of bedding of our city part, the traditional pillow filler such as flower of skin of small rice bran, buckwheat, millet, broomcorn rice flower is placed in conspicuous position awesomely. "Nowadays is not little in old people looks for filler of this kind of traditional pillow. " a king surnames lukewarm state city booth advocate tell a reporter, this Saturday, she did pillow of 8 small rice bran one day, recovery of traditional filler pillow is bestowed favor on.

Want rice bran to must hold a relation in the palm to go to a country

"Does the nowadays on the market sell these technically still the thing? " before stall of a bedding, the reporter is following booth advocate chat, on the side a lady of head of 50 annual expenditure is open-eyed ground face spreads out advocate say. Classics inquiry, this lady is surnamed piece, it is the consumer that the name is willing to try strange thing at ordinary times, to the change of filler of these a few years of pillows, ms. Zhang nature cannot be missed. "The feeling when the pillow of man-made fibre just slept is a bit tall, practicable time is some longer, by squash. " after Ms. Zhang was trying the pillow of the man-made fibre filler such as cotton of pearl of circuit such as, begin to yearn for true in the past rice bran pillow again. "Do not understand those who sell to the market has really. " Ms. Zhang says, neighbour home old person came over to see the child last year, held neighbour in the palm to want to nodded rice bran to change pillow core to marital pillow from the country, but the amount that the family gives changes two pillow core a bit insufficient still, she how does ask for a favor mix anxious again the family wants a place.

Not come singly but in pairs, ms. Zhang is saying him move holds a relation in the palm to go to a country wanting rice bran here, consumer Ms. Zhao that one bypass crosses also is built went up word, traditional to this kind filler shows interest, ms. Zhao basically is the summer of eider down pillow that disrelishs nowadays to use pillow is too hot.

The quantity is little, welcome, the price is high multiple

Booth advocate king master tells a reporter, nowadays follows Ms. Zhao like Ms. Zhang such consumer is absent a few, before comparing a few years, traditional pillow filler is abandoned gradually. Nearly 9 years, because breathe freely, the price cheap, plasticity is strong, traditional pillow filler appears again recursive trend. The stall of king master advocate hit small rice bran, 50 yuan a bag, if be used more, 45 yuan one bag can clinch a deal, as it happens of 3 bags of small rice bran installs general and normal pillow two pillows. Nowadays, to avoid rice bran to break easily, drop broken bits, still roll out the line in high density. The reporter went circuit discovery again subsequently, many stall place traditional filler the most conspicuous position. Booth advocate the filler on Liu master stall is the most complete, carapace of flower of small rice bran, millet, broomcorn rice flower, buckwheat has completely. Because quality is different,broomcorn rice is spent divide 12 yuan one jin follows 15 yuan a jin, because quality is different,millet is spent the price is 12 yuan respectively one jin follows 15 yuan a jin, buckwheat skin is 25 yuan a jin... " on the market one jin of millet just 3 yuan of two money, the price that millet flower follows small rice bran unexpectedly tower above is multiple. " face individual consumer doubt, booth advocate make known one's position, these traditional material of core of pillow be usinged as pass special processing, in addition, price also is mixed high nowadays raw material welcome, quantity is little about. As we have learned, of these traditional pillow filler on nowadays market embrace wholesale to return with in old people is given priority to with the child.

Small stick person

Although traditional pillow core has a lot of profit, but nonsked clean the life that can cause a pillow to bestrew a bacterium to affect us. Core of this kind of pillow applied time to grow, still can arise a few drossy with dust, cause allergy easily to wait. Accordingly, every other period of time, can come out filler, the sieve is divided drossy, smooth lay open will be put in the air below sunshine to bask in.