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Chinese spin is crossed to zoology civilization

Published on:2013/6/13 19:16:45

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Introduction:Spin is Industrial Revolution is inchoative, spinning machine of Ni of the precious 250 years ago and watt steamer motivation are united in wedlock, t...

Spin is Industrial Revolution is inchoative, spinning machine of Ni of the precious 250 years ago and watt steamer motivation are united in wedlock, those who initiated industrial civilization is epochal. Second Industrial Revolution, electrification and automation line reach the digitlization electron technology that develops later, include the technical revolution that happens in spin domain, the material that abounded the mankind lives. Now, the 3rd Industrial Revolution is forthcoming, spin industry will be crossed from industrial civilization to zoology civilization.
Face transition challenge
Chinese spin world spin 200 old course condensation commercialize a process in 20 old industrialization in, and when Chinese industrialization had be notted finish, tide of new Industrial Revolution followings sb's heels and come, tremendous to Chinese spin since opportunity is major challenge.
Chinese industrialization still not complete, the smallholder economic system that agricultural civilization remains still is put, industrialization lag of agriculture affects able-bodied person release, of the production of high grade and natural fibrous such as the plumule silk hemp that concerns with spin and circulation market do not perfect the development that restricting textile industry all the time;
Chinese domain is vast, spin industry distributings already wide and deep, the development level difference of square spin of thing ministry and north and south is vast, although on the whole technical level has very big rise, but the industry survives pattern of mode of level of pattern of state, management, technology, competition, market is uneven;
The learner that industrialization serves as since Chinese spin is long-term chases a target to make clear. Industrialized after, from spin big country arrives spin powerful nation, arrive from pursuer the person that surmount, from industry civilized learner arrives the author of zoology civilization, most enterprise has not make the preparation that good part changes, from copyist the ability education to the person that innovate and talent lay in inadequacy;
Resource forestall, allocate unbalance of difference of as unjust as the opportunity, the rich and the poor, growth and medium and small businesses to live conditional aggravation, with industrial civilization high level still has difference, carry out zoology civilization shoulder heavy responsibilities;
The world and Chinese economy are in transition period, network of industry of spin of world of the MFA after world spin and Chinese spin are in reframes period, burgeoning spin takes those who put on buccal country to rise abruptly, the move of global textile, chinese spin is in be faced with a lot of predicament to fall, should come true more include sexual growth and the target that harmony develops.
Have advantage
Spin is traditional industry, be industrial civilization is indicative, be hind industrialized times the focus to zoology civilization transition, difficulty, key, but have stock interest requirement more.
Chinese spin is industry of the people's livelihood, it is the pillar industry that has international competition ability, it is one of industries with Chinese zoology the biggest pressure, also be the industry with the greatest power of development zoology civilization at the same time.
China has not realize industrialization completely, contemporary China spin is main rise abruptly in half many century, especially nearly 30 years, the refresh in be being reformed all the time develops pattern, have not form method to depend on, compare with western nation posture, the transition cost to zoology civilization is inferior.
Chinese spin accepts the bequest of western industry civilization successfully, chase world advanced spin in study all the time, learn a lesson with experience, had the horizontal height that bears need of place of new civilized innovation and corporeal base, in high speed development period just meets good luck of new industry revolution, accept the thought technology of Industrial Revolution and mode extremely easily the 3rd times;
The tradition of Chinese history, culture and Chinese spin and zoology civilization have height agree with a gender, the diversity diversity of the comprehensive strength of Chinese spin, district and industry, make transition has strong base and vast space.
The zoology target of Chinese spin
The zoology that advocates to new Industrial Revolution from the industrial culture that twice Industrial Revolution creates is civilized, this is tremendous history spans. The zoology civilization of Chinese spin builds a target to include:
The industry that is based on market modes of life and relation to their environment is civilized. Market modes of life and relation to their environment (Eco-market) namely the market of diversity, the product of diversification, the market that contest closes competes, balanced supply and demand, healthy consumption, the fashionable connotation of corporeal vogue and spirit.
Face the market accurate make quick response, flexible production, supply immediately; Face market diversification demand to make essence of life follow fixed position, drop resources waste and market prediction of a person's luck in a given year; With the originality of new product and research and development, taste textile industry make it vogue with artwork. Spin enterprise needs technician and manager, need more stylist, artist and poineering sale person.
The industry that is based on industrial modes of life and relation to their environment is civilized. Industrial modes of life and relation to their environment (Eco-industry) the industrial organization that fills innovation latent capacity namely, balanced and orderly industry structure, symbiosis in all the industry of flourish concerns, compatible and of harbour include the gender grows.
Chinese spin industry should be built in coordination harmonious and collaboration, balanced industry system, east platform of group of characteristic of ministry of Chinese and Western, production base, commerce and fashionable center want overall arrangement reasonable, structure of level of layer of high school low end is clear, fore-and-aft industry catenary is not had seam a link, develop product category diversification, industrial department diversity, industrial chain link specializations, the dominant position of industrial all ready supports related. Spin enterprise should is from maker change wisdom the person that build, author and the person that innovate, business management more should only energy innovation, compositive conformity, reflect spirit Yu Jian, move a work and Rou Zegang.
The industry that is based on social zoology is civilized. Social zoology (Eco-community) be can last what be based on fairness efficient development, the industrial social relations that is based on a network (employee, enterprise, client, public) , make economy upgrades with the society collateral enterprise society responsibility, compose is built harmonious, balanced and include industrial community of the gender.
Textile wants from food chain economy to include the gender rises economy, from line chain the impact affects to the network, transform to much part from only part. Client since serves a target, also be resource and value creation participator, supplier and client are the adversary of supply and demand no longer, it is interest relative and strategic co-worker more, spin business management should expand exquisite value catenary administers mode, society of give attention to two or morethings and relevant interest person commercial pattern and operation strategy.
The industry that is based on environmental modes of life and relation to their environment is civilized. Environmental modes of life and relation to their environment (Eco-environment) it is base oneself upon the clean zoology of the old organisms' habits at person and natural syncretic, zoology consumption, resource is managing, environmental protection, be based on the resource second birth of sustainable progress, economy circulates.
Spin enterprise should offer society and earth to be able to be assumed, the cleanness that customer can pay, healthy, high quality product, from transform the world to reach understanding world, homage world, turn into from conquer nature awe-stricken nature, study natural modes of life and relation to their environment, perfect social zoology.