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Carpentry numerical control turns a tide progress is apparent

Published on:2013/6/13 19:08:55

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Introduction:Nicety is one of the biggest features of distinction of technology of machine tool product and other product, numerical control turns a machine tool w...

Nicety is one of the biggest features of distinction of technology of machine tool product and other product, numerical control turns a machine tool was to put forward higher spirit to be spent definitely more with technical content. Machine tool numerical control changes carpentry to develop a lieutenant general make a trend in prospective market, domestic company ought to regard priority discipline as to catch his.

Carpentry machine tool is one of 8 group of machine tool industry, the metallic cutting machine tool of the others, cast machine tool of figuration of mechanical, metal, abrasive to grind, electric equipment of quantity cutting tool, machine tool (embody numerical control system) , machine tool accessory (contain scroll function part) often pay close attention to. As furniture market fervent, carpentry machine tool also follows flourishing to rise, especially machine tool of numerical control, efficient, high spirit, environmental protection carpentry is equipment more accept favour.

Carpentry machine tool basically is the cutting treatment facilities that curiums from log analyse becomes the place in wood process to use to treatment. Basically use at the production branch such as building, furniture and wooden door. Carpentry machine tool can be divided curium for carpentry sander of machine of chamfer of drilling machine of milling machine of lathe of planer of machine, carpentry, carpentry, carpentry, carpentry, machine opening tenon, tenon, carpentry, and the subsidiary engine that nap, blade grinds carpentry cutting tool.

At present domestic woodworker teachs with Shandong Qingdao, Guangdong human relations relatively concentration. Since reforming and opening, the old state-owned company previously changes in succession make, change manages a concept, resemble Harbin woodworker, group of Suzhou blessing horse, shanxi Yu second hot press factory, machinery plant of project of Shandong power Hai Mu, qingdao woodworker head office, complete change runs system for the market.

The impetus of exit of carpentry machine tool of our country is very fierce, staple market is given priority to with country of the third world, southeast Asia, south Asia area is given priority to, some quality are better export America even, european market. Anyhow, the woodworker development of our country had had very big rise, but ability still must enhance on quality of machine of alive bound wood forest occupy position.

Numerical control technology is advanced the core technology of production technology, of the level that its integral level is indicating industry of a nation is modern and comprehensive national power lose by force, have the place of strategic goods and materials that transcends its economy value. We should become machine tool powerful nation, still a paragraph of very long way wants.

Industry of tool of our country machine tool continued 2013 2012 the development trend of second half of the year, add fast continuously slow fall after a rise, home market is small fan. Homebred low end product requirement decreases apparently, entrance forehead perch moves. Product structure and market demand contradiction are more outstanding. And war industry domain, energy equipment domain be considered as to aid push industry of our country machine tool to develop to high end, realize the main motive force of industrial structural adjustment. Of energy field large generate electricity, be defeated change electric equipment, large petro-chemical with the need such as device of coal chemical industry machine tool of large quantities of heavy-duty, nicety, much coordinate, efficient, special numerical control undertakes machining production. The one heavy, energy equipment company such as 2 heavy, haing report, very much large and crucial part wants him to produce, have very big demand to product of high-end machine tool.

According to Introduction Luo Baihui, power facilities manufacturing industry is particular to the demand of numerical control machine tool reflect in, rotor of the turbine cylinder body of igneous report and nuclear report, turbine reachs blade; Dynamo stator and rotor; Nuclear report heat exchanger and orifice plate; Stator of water turbogenerator base and rotor need treatment of heavy-duty machine tool.

Require equipment besides place of traditional the sources of energy outside, of new energy industry arisen, can enlarge the applied limits of mechanical product, offer new market opportunity to machine equipment thereby. The development that the clearest case is wind cable industry is overall to wind report the demand that reachs its component and drive development to what wind report treatment equips.

Current, the overall design of aircrew of our country large wind-force and load computation ability are weaker, photograph of advanced level of the design that controls system, dynamo, gear case, bearing and productivity and abroad is older than having difference, the crucial component such as system of the bearing of fan, control still needs to be imported from abroad. And the workmanship that one of restricted crucial factors are us and treatment equipment are relatively backward.

Nevertheless, the machine tool is gotten army the main impetus that the enterprise has realized to the sources of energy equips, begin positive research and development equipment of relevant machine tool. The XKD2755 × 570-2M that fierce weighs own research and development numerical control decides milling machine of boring of shift of Liang Shuanglong door to suit the treatment that wind phone gear exceeds big norms part this kind; Neat boring machine of mill of be born of double column of numerical control of the biggest heavy-duty TK6932 is the world that 2 machine tools develop independently of equipment of aircrew of large water and electricity, nuclear power plant exceeded large work treatment to offer a key to machine a machine tool.

"On one hand, machine tool tool regards equipment as production machine tool, it is the essential safeguard that energy equipment production industry upgrades. On the other hand, energy equipment industry has to machine tool course of study again very strong pull touch effect, can help machine tool industry realize an industry to the structure is optimized and upgrade. " Luo Baihui expresses, wait for essential industry in energy equipment prop up below, the industrial structure of industry of domestic machine tool and product structure already appeared a few delectable development trends: Be like, product line makes technology and applied domain gain new headway; As bedding face of quantity of manufacturing industry equipment wide main engine is planted one of, machining center closes in the Xiang Fu on the function change development, development is changed to high speed, nicety on function; Accurate machine tool enters small offer period; Intelligent technology wins wide application; Industrial robot industry grows quickly, become intelligence to make the crucial technology with industrial automation and main product.

Chief also expresses related bureau of national energy resources, in the structural adjustment of energy industry and technical progress process, can help the technical progress that uses device of product of tool of homebred machine tool, homebred treatment. Machine tool industry can ask energy company to say demand, say the product that wants treatment, say processing technique and demand, undertake butt joint of supply and demand, decide demonstrative project is mixed next rely on an unit.