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The applied technology of spin testing instrument

Published on:2013/6/13 19:08:38

Keyword:Yarn, textile industry, spin instrument
Introduction:As the development of science and technology, all sorts of new and high technologies ceaselessly infuse comes in textile industry, give textile indust...

      As the development of science and technology, all sorts of new and high technologies ceaselessly infuse comes in textile industry, give textile industry infuse new vitality. Review the progress of international textile industry, new spin technology, new spin machine and equipment are continuous emerge in large numbers, textile industry presents the change that gives change with each passing day. Spin detects technology and testing instrument also develop quickly subsequently.
1 new and high technology detects in spin the application that go up
1.1 infra-red spectrum differentiate the application that go up in spin fiber
Apply at the infra-red spectrometer that spin fiber differentiates now- - the chromatic dispersion principle that Fu Lixie alternates infra-red spectrometer is benefit consumed is made. Its differentiate a principle is the monochromatic such as the prism of incident light classics after passing an object, grating implement make light-wave chromatic dispersion, divide compound light the shade that it is sheet, arrange slit plane to go up to accept its signal by detector by wavelengh order, ordinal smooth to monochromatic intensity undertakes determining, the absorption that gets sample namely spectrogram. The infra-red spectrometer that uses previously because the each instant of scanning has a paragraph of extremely narrow light-wave to fall on detector only, sensitivity and detect speed all is restricted. And does Fu Lixie alternate infra-red spectrometer uses interferometer of Michael ear abdicate to make spectral signal is done? Quot; multiplex " , will interfere signal to alternate via Fu Lixie maths changeover becomes common and spectral signal, accordingly, the information of all frequency in spectrum can be gathered in same hour, scan nearly 1000 times to entire spectrum in a minute of internal energy, because this improved sensitivity and work efficiency greatly. Pass the analysis of infra-red to many spin fiber spectrogram, can master their infra-red and spectral feature, can realize proportional to blending fabric quantitative analysis.
1.2 laser detect the application in spin
Photoelectricity detects in the radiation source that plant institute uses, laser is having particularly important place. The glow principle of laser is different from common light source completely, from go up at all a variety of confine that broke through common light source, have distinction the exceedingly good character at common light source. Laser detects is a when laser applies in textile industry important facet. It can be used in check cloth, detect the ball since fabric, Mao Yu and its surface roughness, detect fabric abb is inclined, determine yarn diameter, dry not defect of divide evenly, gauze and fiber function, control printing and dyeing, examine the respect such as dress.
Cloth of 1.2.1 laser check
Consumed report method searchs fabric surface defect, basically be the coefficient of fabric surface reflex according to defect place and the fabric surface that do not have defect reflection coefficient is different. When the place that does not have defect from fabric surface when laser radiate is transferred to the place that has flaw, the reflex that comes back from fabric surface reflex can appear change. Accordingly, when more apparent defect appears inside the ken in photoelectricity receiver, can cause change of mobbish of photoelectricity receiver illuminance, undertake an analysis with image analyzer at this moment, show a result by the computer again can. Laser check cloth not only improved labor efficiency, and the accuracy that also rose to detect.
1.2.2 laser detect fabric
Detect with laser the law undertakes be evaluatinged objectively to having ball tissue, it is a basis total umbriferous acreage comes to bead of the ball on height of bead of amount of the ball since fabric, ball and unit area build ball bead to classification of the standard, undertake sample contrasting coming assess fabric has ball order and degree with its. To fabric surface roughness it is measure through triangulation technology by laser sensor different locally fabric height comes of assess. Detect before the ball since fabric and surface roughness are undertake by the expert subjective evaluate or use contact measuring instrument, director evaluation lacks dependability and consistency as a result. Use laser to detect overcame afore-mentioned disadvantage, came true to detect well and truly quickly.
1.2.3 laser detect yarn
Enlarge of classics of laser catoptric beam of light bundle hind project on the yarn that be measured, the yarn that be measured holds off one part luminous flux, others by from the back the photocell of configuration is received, changeover becomes photocurrent and smooth voltage. Gauze lines works degree of finish to differ, the luminous flux of keep out is different, the measurement of smooth voltage and photocurrent is different. Such, the change of gauze line dry degree of finish becomes the change of photocurrent and smooth voltage size with respect to changeover, signal of this kind of photoelectricity is a kind of weak signal, after needing wave of classics enlarge filter, make its are become with dry not the imitate voltage signal of divide evenly correspondence, output a result with the form of number or graph by the computer next.
1.3 image process the technical application in spin
At present technology of computer image information processing applies in the many respects of spin industry. Use in spin to detect on one hand technology and spin instrument development. Technology of image information processing detects in spin the applied range on the technology is very wide, include: Fiber determines finenessly, gauze line is dry not cloth of divide evenly, Mao Yu, defect, check. Because this is thorough, study technology of image information processing detects in spin technology systematically the application of the respect, will promote instrument of quite big a batch of spin change; In be being used in fabric to emulate CAD system on the other hand, use fabric to emulate imitate technology to develop new product. The fabric that academy of Chinese spin science develops emulates CAD system is one kind uses emulation simulative method to develop the software of textile fabrics product. Actually the application of technology of image information processing in textile still has latent capacity greatly. For instance, CAD system foundation is emulated to go up in existing fabric, detect with spin technical union rises, can come true from to yarn objective detect the imitate of final fabric is emulated, not only can assess yarn quality, provide a basis for directive production, and can forecast the fabric exterior quality that weaves with this yarn.
Do Dongguan beauty and the product of spin testing instrument that testing instrument limited company produces have: ? Flavour of  of distant of Duo  ゲ benevolence bid of day of? of v/LIT all over the ground hazel grinds decolour experiment machine, hammer type cancels filar appearance, bead pillow cancels filar appearance, roll box type cottony ball instrument, all-purpose grind experiment machine, appearance of TABER wear and tear, machine of experiment of perpendicular level combustion, machine of experiment of 45 degrees of combustion, machine of experiment of 50 degrees of dry-clean, IULTCS leather grinds lubricious prison spends experiment machine, fabric gets instrument of sex of cloth with soft nap, machine of water of lab make friends, gush drenchs instrument of refus water property