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Shi Zhenrong solves enterprise " internationalization newly "

Published on:2013/6/13 19:07:57

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Introduction:The Chinese commerce in patristic ” eye did not come to “ Taiwan computer: The below one battle that commerce competes is ability of globa...

The Chinese commerce in patristic ” eye did not come to “ Taiwan computer: The below one battle that commerce competes is ability of global resource conformity, and the next challenge of Chinese enterprise depends on culture.

Found oneself single-handed by 2004 oneself grand base the group is one minute 3, and thereby is emeritus, chinese business circles is the richest internationalization experience, the most zealous also the Shi Zhenrong that shares idea of gain and loss faded out of magnesium light lamp.

If hold the post of a rich Guo Taiming, Shi Chongtang that makes global central point because of Eee PC newly compared with Taiwan, or the Zhou Yongming of HTC general manager of the secret weapon ” that is known as “ Gates, more or less does today's Shi Zhenrong appear some desolate. But what people denies very hard is, no matter be versed in era the business does the Guo to acme, support a revolutionary product is wide those who get attention apply, still get the week that the person that run binds cheek by jowl with global industry, the road that they walk today, 30 years in the past Shi Zhenrong ever had gone. And, although already withdrew house second line, shi Zhenrong still is witnessing the newest journey of Chinese enterprise internationalization cheek by jowl: 2005, bright base the group is radical Europe, accept the mobile business that takes Xi Menzi, used 16 months to even more with respect to deficit only however 840 million dollar, leave finally cloudily; 2007, grand base the group buys next Packard Bell and Gateway early or late again company of two Euramerican computer, jump industry of computer of house whole world the 3rd.

Below new role, what to grow to see after all at feeling prospective Shi Zhenrong all along? This was June 2008 " round-the-world entrepreneur " a core that has a visit to its is propositional. Did not change original intention, apply still fight each other build global brand bear in mind constantly, but today's apply have patience more, to rhythm of advance and retreat more be sure.

  Leave one war: Global resource is integrated

GE: We see there are a kind of such tendencies now: Microsoft, Gu Ge, apple these whole worlds company of top class science and technology, be in reach energy from computer move mobile business, perhaps say, will promote a service capability through software ability, this can bring the game regulation of an industry to change, let associate is so real computer company in He Hongji to encounter bigger challenge next?

Shi Zhenrong: American used the resource of globalization, go in the or so both sides of riant curve, abandoned the production link among. This thing has two results. The good one side to the United States is, the income of the service is occupied inside whole economy system 2/3, they are dedicated make a service, the value ratio of creation is made should tall, camp also competes in promotion in the meantime. The United States so did, according to their game regulation, it is impossible that we want to wash out them. But other one side is, at present the engineering capability of American enterprise is weaker, creating a lot of demand to the mankind is a foundation, it still takes the economic income of 1/3 after all. So, in this domain we think method gains absolutely competition ability, ceaseless promotion extends the capacity of innovation, ceaseless promotion serves the ability of brand marketing, because innovation is insufficient,the talent of American company also is met, and the group that joins our Chinese. You look, now of PC industry before 5 have 3 in the name is Chinese company. When people advances, what we should follow only is closer and closer, they meet we also are met, we meet they won't, to in those days the market that is us.

   GE: But also have another kind of case, be an industry occurrence Andy? The “10 that Gelufu says ” of times fast change. TCL is in the TV business time that buys Thomson, its production is pretty good good, but it became liquid crystal and plasma from picture tube without the competition ability that casts TV industry.

Shi Zhenrong: Can anticipate actually. The key is absent anticipate, why is Japanese is recent industry defeated by American in change? React because of him slow.

GE: So the reaction ability that should core competition ability be pair of change?

Shi Zhenrong: The most important today ability is the ability of resource of integrated whole world. The first is he should have original core capacity, the 2nd should use the idea of other and capacity namely. The United States is in this respect is the fiercest, make rely on China, software relies on India. Japanese works to want his to do, can be in great change when do not follow to go up. Compete in the world, cannot rely on oneself resource only, regrettablly Japanese does not have this kind of open culture certainly. Form an idea prevenient, after fostering ability to be in, build a kind of new core capacity finally.

GE: Is the ability of resource of integrated whole world more difficult than is the ability of the brand being called in the whole world education?

Shi Zhenrong: Two are a thing. You should make global brand, make the market that spells the whole world, so the person that the person that lays a brand must be resource of integrated whole world. Make the key of joint-stock source, it is to establish a mechanism, let everybody share profit. E.g. malic company, people sees IPod of player of a music, but it is integrated many natural resources: The resource of company of music of the production enterprise of the designs company of ability, Korea chip of its oneself, Taiwan, whole world. The most important is, it relies on its brand to establish a new trade pattern: The person that does music is afraid of a disc to sell do not go out, be afraid of again put to the network not to pay, so the apple does network music platform to let musical person have income. Small profits but quick turnover, cost is reduced, let profit be 0, just new lease of life comes out.

GE: It is very important still that you think to make, but China is made now also encountered a lot of challenges, how do you see this problem?

Shi Zhenrong: Stand in the angle of entrepreneur, this is cost rose, but in light of the angle that develops from social harmony, of salary the normal target that rising is economic pursuit. We develop economic target is standard of living to rise, cost rises us very should glad ability is right. Should say, cost rises this kind of scene is you should consider one of certain factors, you must consider ceaselessly to want how to build new whirly ability —— next so I just put forward ” of “ smile curve a such concepts.

A lot of people can make manufacturing industry, but as competition more and more intense, you meet this only, value will be lower and lower. Can the promotion easier said than done of value? Of this kind of ability build the problem that is culture. Make simpler, because variable is little, once develop innovation, variable is much. Conversely if you do sale to serve, it is more difficult to shape culture, the target market that you should serve different, culture be fond of is different, different, and in constant change, below such circumstance you need to develop the capacity that creates value for them, difficulty exceeds technical innovation.

This easier said than done? Want to let innovation become a kind of common practice so. I emphasize “ not ” of hold back a trick or two wants to let an organization affect more organization namely, an industry affects more industry. This needs two 3 acting people to initiate. Do make, kongfu of 10 years reachs world-class level, model innovation culture to want 229 years, and the brand that makes a service and culture want 349 years.

GE: Have a long-cherished wish like the person such as Li Yao actually, finish the internationalization of the brand with generation man hour namely, suo Ni also accomplished this a little bit really. Why can be it accomplished?

Shi Zhenrong: Suo Ni is filling Tian Zhaofu really then acting person finished true internationalization, but Suo Ni is in Japan also is very distinctive case. Above all, its production, character and efficiency are in Japan is to be opposite definitely banner. Next, its technology, product also does not have a competitor in the United States, Europe, have Japanese competitor only. It is under these two external state of affairses, originally Suo Ni still is the culture of manufacturing industry in those days, but it quits acting work the first times, own brand is made in the whole world, go in front of of Japanese other company.

GE: You say to want to make production respect whole world top class company needs 10 years probably, respect of innovation of research and development needs 229 years, the brand serves a respect to need the time that arrives 50 years 30 years to foster probably. But we also see, like Gu Ge such company is less than the model that made global innovation 10 years. Can like these companies we learn after all?

Shi Zhenrong: I want a kind be brand internationalization to emphasize this particularly, such culture has such brand. How many years did European internationalization use? 400 years. The United States should be the internationalization that has after World War II, because of their talent many, plus the United States' advantaged huge market, have originally encourage the innovation, viewpoint of value that assumes a risk, can create a new value. Chinese market is very big also, also have the base that encourages innovation, but the talent that the Chinese still is deficient in internationalization at present. We are very much the Chinese becomes an engineer in the United States, also have those who do CEO, but Chinese in the world the world-class expert of sale is not much. E.g. Bill? Discontinue one's studies of the university that build Ci does poineering work, be in the United States in this environment, he can call together the internationalization talented person that a lot of management Microsoft organize so immediately. So our Chinese company should grow internationalization to be not gotten urgently, the key still is the talent's education.

GE: That has a possibility, does Chinese world appear do pair of technologies like an apple, Gu Ge or commercial pattern creation overturn the company of sexual value?

Shi Zhenrong: If be to want to overturn in Chinese world whole way, become the Chinese's company like the apple this is planted innovation mode, must go going after. Of course, the risk compares an opportunity certainly big. But make whether will you can resemble an apple precede on the world in that way? I do not think, because the foreigner does not bury sheet. We should innovate, but does the foreigner think in the heart the Chinese innovates how possibly? I had encountered this problem. In those days the thing that I have a lot of innovation is in the United States dispute mainstream, but the proof is right now, just differ because of the concept with American, cannot get their self-identity. Resemble X Computer, present OLPC and it very picture. But OLPC is the concept that hemp province manage is versed in the university is carried, american is agreed with. Grand base in those days Aspire is an exception, because its design is American FrogDesign, american thinks this is the work of themselves, media of complete United States says it is the redefine to PC. But the ability that our internationalization runs at that time is insufficient, so Aspire got everybody's self-identity, grand base march the United States still failed. So I feel, chinese enterprise should build the capacity of internationalization above all.

GE: But when we are being accepted to interview during you are emeritus by 2004, say, the key that to Chinese enterprise international brand manages is the innovation of product and commercial pattern. Do these two viewpoints contradict it seems that?

Shi Zhenrong: It is the most important to make a brand still is innovation. Technology, product, manage, commercial pattern all sorts of different innovation, hope this brand is changed by difference namely. How does the brand come out? Rely on ceaseless innovation, carry out effectively ceaselessly, creation gives the value of consumer, accumulate finally is a brand.

When the brand that we have China to innovate? My individual thinks, chinese essentials is about to contribute greater value to global mankind first, this need affects the life of complete mankind ceaselessly through innovating. If the Chinese owns such brand on the world increasing, the Chinese's innovation can be the mainstream, because this is planted,the thing has international view.

The commodity that we had proved us can gain ground change. Chinese thing already the whole world is, but it is the trademark that registered others. When the brand is good, say without the person this is the Chinese's achievement, bad when, put forward “ China production ” . But the own brand that becomes our Chinese appears in the world, we can protect them, each district of cannot alive bound destroys the Chinese's form. Our target should be, prospective world's superior brand and Chinese are concerned, the company that has contribution to the world and Chinese are concerned. Actually we also have contribution now, it is this contribution only, it is to let businessmen, politicians know, the masses is not very clear, this is the target that we try hard.

GE: So after you feel true ” of “ Long Mengcheng can be only 229 years?

Shi Zhenrong: True ” of “ Long Mengcheng needs 229 years, but this already very fast. From grand put forward true ” of “ Long Mengcheng 1986, the station is in grand footing, dreamed with coming true in light of the goal that decides 20 years ago, but the dream that is a small number of people then, with the word in light of the dream of global Chinese, everybody has this cause today, reaching a dream 30 years is likely, look from historical angle, this already very short. This thing is in ameliorate, for instance the EeePC everybody of China large buries sheet.   Talk about internationalization again

GE: You speak of ” of “ internationalization talent again and again, but this is really very scabrous problem. Grand CEO Jiang Fan but? Lan Ji is the example of a front, but the European jotter business that yourself also admits to buy heart state apparatus from time to tome a such people, belong to luck very good. Dan Liyao also has said with us, after the mobile business that buys Xi Menzi, crucial link or should the Chinese will be in charge of accuse, a lot of foreigners in Xi Menzi manage very hard. This is very adj, encounter like Lan Ji our internationalization can quicken such professional handler a lot of, if do not have, we failed.

Shi Zhenrong: Still be the ability that we want to have administrative international talented person first. After all, the company is us in dominant, it is we are using him, so cannot the first day meets to still be not known give him international business. In those days we have two batches of forces in Europe. One batch is to be in so grand base foreigner, because be in the company longer, right grand base compare understanding, their place will be so better. Another batch buys the group of the heart state apparatus that come namely, these talents are compared in the position of the company not main. Very important to us, plan namely a space, the group that invites not quite important heart state apparatus still can be developed, lan Ji receives sufficient authorization in Italy namely, and of expression very good, the market is acquired in place the first, final his group proves to compare so grand the group that is in Europe is better, just obtain put sb in a very important position. When I am emeritus, need farther internationalization, was familiar with very much each other because of everybody again, ability can turn Lan Ji into CEO, this is advance gradually. Can say this is a luck, but also can saying is our effective assurance this opportunity: You are done possibly also turned over, not put sb in a very important position they, weigh the group of the Europe before in order to, or put sb in a very important position he, but did not provide the environment that he can behave.

GE: What is the result of handler of foreign country of your individual management basically?

Shi Zhenrong: In internationalization process, want inevitably or the person of place of have the aid of, because we want to respect local culture, so we should support old explicit place to do dominant, next our Chinese helps as far as possible at the back. Because adjust,a lot of failure are insufficient, the person each other of both sides is afoul, —— of final and mutual self-distrust no matter to who who is wrong, performance scarcely is good. Confidence and each other letter are established slowly, this needs time. Grand base be in the United States, it is Chinese husband originally, we promote local to become general manager later, we have this kind of viewpoint of value that values mainland to change early, but the base that there is letter of a lot of each others in the process that fulfil was not built, performance was differred. Later, grand base be in Europe, inside the culture that bilks the person such as Tai Yue to assist Lan Ji's group to blend in us slowly, agree not completely at the beginning, later understand one another. I and Wang Zhentang above, change looks so that see, and know the thing should cooperate how effectively, this process has compromise of course, the think of a way of we and Lan Ji is endless and same, after mutual trust, made necessary adjustment. My simple minded is told, grand accomplish this pace to still calculate pretty good, it is Asian enterprise compare in internationalization fast, but need understands and still a lot of things are improved, confidence still wants to strengthen. Lan Ji should become general manager, at the beginning a lot of people are opposite Taiwan his hope is scant. Because bilateral idea is endless same, some idea, course of action may be right, dan Lanji may feel unaccustomed, he can think the Chinese is right his self-distrust, this needs of a lot of communicate, need us these are coordinated from which in the Chinese of superstratum, evenly.

GE: That is to say, need a balance certainly in the process of internationalization, do not tell the leader inter of expedience, the dilate of ability internationalize is more effective.

Shi Zhenrong: Top leader needs notice, want telesis must the group cooperates. No matter old in the foreigner's group, your target forms a harmonious group namely. In this process you need to compare altruistic, you should let a foreigner if often did not cooperate mediumly,know, this battles dozen bad, to old in also want to pacify, reach consensus. The problem of company politics is little deviation, idea gets into a dead end final generation is lopsided, your body gives priority to a canal, want dredge of course this problem. In the meantime, want to make everybody of a group successful feel, have an interest.

GE: Go a few years, a batch of Chinese experienced the failure of level sex after enterprise internationalization, resemble bright base with TCL, after knowing you see the destiny of these a few enterprises changes, have new idea to Chinese enterprise internationalization?

Shi Zhenrong: I want to give the matter further thought. Tell from another angle, grand can successful, also be the accumulative total of unsuccessful experience. Resemble at the outset we buy Counter Point and Altos to fail, our all but buys Xi Menzi's PC later, but we still abandon finally, face condition talks about one party not approach, the capacity that analyses oneself on one hand is insufficient. If you are not urgent, have the time that give the matter further thought, pretty of the opportunity of internationalization, method is much. For instance grand buy Packard Bell this, from 2004 the negotiation arrives 2006, the consensus of I and group is very simple at that time: The opportunity is incorrect, we should grow first certain level. Arrived 2007 second half year, discover the opportunity that buys Packard Bell still is in, our capacity is enough also, just do buy. The opportunity always gives the person that has preparation.

I have this kind of capacity that hits ” of “ sealed battle all the time. You should be in ceaselessly accumulate, every time has new challenge, no matter be to buy new still business to want to push,exhibit, assess odds first. More important is, once you are defeated, whether maintain so that live, you should have the plan that defeat first, once was defeated, can absorb experience from which, but can come again from the beginning.

GE: What target does before you hit ” of “ sealed battle, regular meeting consider?

Shi Zhenrong: Two respects: Finance affairs and confidence. Finance affairs is very fundamental condition. But if hit,battle pull confidence break down, dare not fight again. Confidence comes from the achievement in the past, what you do is more successful, the talent is more, your confidence just is jumped over sufficient.

GE: Bright base before the mobile business that buys Xi Menzi, do you think after all its ready-made?

Shi Zhenrong: Its loss is besides my imagination. Plainspoken nevertheless, from do poineering work now, success and failure are me besides the imagination, the consolidate step by step that so we say is important.

GE: You also get a few times in the process of internationalization setback, why didn't your confidence get very big blow?

Shi Zhenrong: It is finance affairs still is maintained so that live on one hand, on the other hand, although I had been in the United States,lose confidence at the outset, but there still is hope in other place, can continue to be hit again. So this grand march the United States, we are sent Austrian general manager is responsible in the past before, do not beg dimensions, beg only do not want lose money in business. Should control American special not easy, they have their idea, we should hold to our requirement, they do not listen to go in certainly. This grand European group has successful case, american listened only. The United States builds to grow so and not the group of deficit, we just go conditionally and buy Gateway. After losing, confidence is built afresh. The Asia still also has two exception: Japan and Korea. Korea is returned to now is self-distrust, japan begins to build confidence slowly, but we a the most important culture is hit namely not dead.

GE: You how does look upon couplet think of current success? What can it is challenged next be?

Shi Zhenrong: Associate can live firmly, having beening passing in the challenge of internationalization. Its internationalization dominant authority depends on stable Chinese market, but the jotter business that the core task of its internationalization is digestive IBM, let it blend in the organization that associate effectively. Want to master international resource, cannot say this is Chinese company, what you listen to me is good, the position that you want to stand in us sees a foreigner after all what thinking, the culture that promotes him to understand us why so do. So the biggest challenge does not want namely too active, the saying of going too far as bad as not going far enough is very old to the loss of oneself.

   Innovation reachs prospective challenge

GE: You a moment ago were mentioned, it is not difficult to forecast future, but apparent this is not easy also, how are you to learn, ponder over future?

Shi Zhenrong: Every time international conference, I am those who listen is the most serious, reading a book also is, I see a lot of information, a few originality put forward after digesting. Be in early 1991, the United States puts forward the whole world to divide the work a such big trend, the formulation at that time is “ the semiconductor company ” that does not have semiconductor without the computer company ” of computer and “ . A phenomenon is only when offerring this point of view, just change to be mixed into global division of labor after 10 years " the world is smooth " . After after then you want after all, knowing, become aware, be still the change that notices external environment? My method is to be absorbed as far as possible, recall oneself argument next. Want to do the person of integrated resource, not only want to digest, and a theory that should form oneself, will be discussed with others from each angle, let people agree with whole big climate to had been in slowly happen. I think can future be what kind of all the time, how should do to future from now when comparing save labour to save, quite can although telesis …… always is energy wanting waste time, time-consuming inside this, bad news resource, have a lot of failure, but this learns a process namely.

GE: How to let more person there is innovation consciousness?

Shi Zhenrong: The key is people needs to know what is valuable. This is the trustful problem of a foundation, it is you think what is right. Be in like me grand, tell “ not ” of hold back a trick or two, tell believe “ human nature ” of this be apt to, after my individual believes, with behavior expression, accumulate over a long period, form the culture of the company. Same, if your director is of one mind,want to make money by hook and crook, the method that need not innovate, the executive force that need not promote an organization will achieve the word of the end that creates company value, such an organization culture won't encourage innovation. Relying on the achievement of filch others to come to those who become his is not to encouraging innovation, if your director thinks this is very good, this earn is fast, this is your constituent culture.

GE: Look in you, what is Chinese enterprise compares big challenge next?

Shi Zhenrong: Culture is a kind of challenge, thinking is a kind of challenge, centralized it is a kind of challenge.

   GE: Be still the viewpoint of value to the enterprise and culture problem it seems that?

Shi Zhenrong: Yes. We can see Japan, its economy is in ten years all the time cannot forth, a lot of countries are reforming the whole world and Japan's relative rate of progress planned speed is the slowest, this key is in culture, the pulling force on too much culture, thinking lets him walk along 3 paces to remove two conditions forth, go very slow. Brand internationalization of Japan is already successful, make a lot of products to the whole world, but its culture is more conservative, the person that tells English is little, to the controller that where still uses him Japan, so, took the place of early 1990 Mai Ken stannum has a report first, the manufacturing industry that says Japan is 90 minutes, so service line of business passes a test,examination,etc. 60 minutes constrainedly because —— is made be most the thing of “ dead ” , be on sale is the person that does work, it is easy to do production standard circuit to want to be carried out thoroughly, but make sale, every market has a level, business personnel sees a client outside, cannot rely on answer of a standard.

GE: What proposal do you have to give a Chinese entrepreneur then people?

Shi Zhenrong: Must seize this opportunity with prosperous and strong mainland, build the capacity of the ability of enterprise international class and internationalization well.

The ability of international class is to say, the market does not have a problem in the mainland, but you all management knowledge must reach the level with top-ranking international, cannot rely on factitious protectionism and external protectionism. If you rely on culture obstacle only, rely on the privilege on governmental allowance and policy, when resembling fighting, the advantage of landform is met as time disappear, foreign brand also is met mainland is changed, if you do not have the ability of the management that establishs international level, you also can corrode slowly in domestic market drop. Calculate you to be accomplished in home best, also want ceaseless promotion business ability, and this business ability also is to should reach international grade level, get on international to manage mode and Chinese's special advantage union best to rise namely.

“ international mainland changes the ability of ” to also have two sides, the first is management ability, the 2nd is the capital on international flow is very rapid, you want capable to be inducted as far as possible. If want to undertake to international mainland is changed, want to train all sorts of talented people in home first certainly. Internationalization talent should use domestic environment to train, this namely why it is easy that the internationalization of American company is compared relatively, because their market competition is intense, develop the person with ability of world-class easily, the 2nd, it can be sent abroad the talent is much also. I want to use these two methods slowly the capability that promotes internationalization government, want to have stage, small did not concern, must want to arena goes accumulating experience.