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Zhejiang always health will do international machinery equipment and industry pattern to exhibit

Published on:2013/6/13 19:07:52

Introduction:In new network Jin Hua on March 21 report (Hu Feng of reporter Tong Jingyi's trainee fills reporter Xia Yan) the reporter is saved from Zhejiang today...

In new network Jin Hua on March 21 report (Hu Feng of reporter Tong Jingyi's trainee fills reporter Xia Yan) the reporter is saved from Zhejiang today always health city learns, the 6th international (always health) mechanical equipment and industry pattern exhibition will be in this city to hold to 31 days at 29 days.

Always health the countryside that is known as Chinese hardware, it is one of China's biggest hardware industry group. And as having with its alleged " mother child " the mould industry of the relation, the quantity of demand for service last year reached this city 9 billion the left and right sides; Relevant mould city also built several, resemble city of city of divine continent mould, Guan Jiang mould, lanneret mould city waiting a moment, it is certain to be had in Zhejiang famous degree.

Through a few years make, always health international machinery equipment and the value of professional, commerce that are versed in the mould is exhibited already got admissive, on one clinchs a deal the forehead exceeds 100 million yuan. It is reported, this is exhibited is before the meeting exhibit a company to be in by private meeting hold do, can exhibit a brand for farther promotion this year, rise to do for municipal government and state-owned company combination exhibit.

Current exhibit can share 7 big themes to exhibit: Mould kind, equipment of machinery of metallic treatment machine tool, hardware, automation equipment / clamping apparatus of metals technology and equipment, labour and testing instrument kind, plastic / plastic enginery and coating / besmear outfit and finishing equipment and technology. Predict about 200 to this second ginseng postpones a business, initial program exhibits an area 10 thousand square metre, design standard is exhibited about 500.

The reporter understands, will join the company that exhibit, although some chooses to choose to hold round go into battle in the arms, some choices go into action alone, but the reporter arrives alertly, those who do not have one exception is, they came true " military forces was not moved, army provisions go ahead of the rest " . These " army provisions " include a product not just, more include to join exhibit detail and battle array to wait each respects a moment.

"It is we attend pattern of mechanical equipment and industry to exhibit for the first time this, altogether ordered 12 to exhibit. Did the main body that exhibit to change this year, class is higher also, enthusiasm is quite accordingly tall. The enterprise basically is this can do an enterprise to publicize through exhibiting, let a client know to have us a such enterprises, such a few products. " him refer ginseng exhibit experience, always such Hu Zhong of general manager of limited company of numerous machine tool of health city beneficial is strong expression.

Always health city exceeds Xu Yi of general manager of perseverance mould mill to tell a reporter, although they are ordered exhibit not be very much, but also undertake conceiving to exhibiting the detail of the meeting to undertake. "Put a few parts on our mould to undertake revealing, can have kind of stereo effect so, and the mould precision requirement that also can highlight us is very tall. And the mould precision requirement that also can highlight us is very tall..

Undoubted, a lot of ginseng postpone a business before this exhibit on the meeting savor real benefit. While the businessman gains profit, have the aid of is exhibited meeting this one platform, the assemble rate of local mould industry also is able to rise, consequence expands increasingly.

Always company of health city pattern and treatment dot amount to many 1000, go up according to this city market production value is computative, always health the quantity of mould demand for service last year is controlled in 9 billion yuan, produce gross to be controlled in 3 billion yuan oneself, major mould business needs to be introduced from the other place.

"This waits for hardware equipment to produced an enterprise to bring infinite business chance and broad market for appearance of machinery of domestic and international hardware, machine tool, instrument, always health the strategic area that already became hardware equipment to produce enterprise and pattern company to develop the market. " always yellow Yi Sheng of chairman of health mould guild says, if say the transition of hardware industry is ecbolic,this mechanical equipment and industry pattern are exhibited, and meet through be being exhibited this, can anticipate likewise can achieve strengthen the communication between the area and cooperation, expedite hardware machinery equipment and flow of hardware factor of production, drive hardware industry transition to upgrade equivalent fruit and target.

"Hardware moves toward Rangyongkang the world, let world metals gather together always health. " this is always health a city publicizes catchword, local is certain, can exhibit economy to be able to produce the enlarge beneficial result of 7 times, feed back hypostatic economy. (Be over)