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Small capsule technology and its apply mediumly in blame weaving cloth

Published on:2013/6/13 19:07:32

Keyword:Be not weaving cloth, printing, fiber, textile, textile industry
Introduction:Small capsule technology is one kind laps minim material the technology in polymer film. Specific for it is to point to Jiang Mou one purpose content ...

Small capsule technology is one kind laps minim material the technology in polymer film. Specific for it is to point to Jiang Mou one purpose content (call core capable person or inside) with all sorts of natural or material of complex high polymer is successive and filmy (call mural material or foreign minister) complete package Fu rises, and nondestructive of the slightest amount or degree of original to purpose content chemistry, pass certain and exterior stimulation or delay gradually next commentate action makes the function of purpose content is in again exterior appear come out, the screen that perhaps relies on bursa wall reachs the action that protects core capable person since action. 20 centuries on the production that technology of 50 time small capsule is used to carbon, began to commercialize applied experience from now on. Although of small capsule technology commercialize application to had had 50 old histories, but the application in textile industry starts later, come till nearly 20 years capsule technology just gets applied in textile domain [1] , and the application in be not weaving cloth is this a few years develop ability development to rise as what the technology arranges after be not weaving cloth. After be not weaving cloth, be being arranged is the process that shows to be not weaving cloth the product has deep treatment, be course of the place after fiber network forms blame weaving cloth via firm network a series of aiming that improve product exterior and immanent quality, raise product performance characteristics, gift the product is special treatment process of the function. After the treatment after be not weaving cloth includes pretreatment, coloring, printing and functional sex, arrange etc. From in last few years domestic and international actual application looks, after be not weaving cloth, arrange more sex of side overweight function is arranged, be like flame retardant arrange, fight bacterium to arrange, fragrance is arranged, oil of refus water refus is arranged and prevent ultraviolet ray to arrange etc [2] . Small capsule technology arranges a lieutenant general to be able to produce bigger and bigger effect after be not weaving cloth. The preparation method of small capsule of method of preparation of 1 small capsule has physical law and chemical way two kinds big. Physical law basically includes sparge dry method, sparge condensation law, air suspension law, bag is lawful, exceed method of critical fluid law, poriferous centrifugal process, electrostatic union and vacuum to evaporate deposit law, among them dry method is in sparge the application in industrialized production is most, electrostatic union method, vacuum evaporates deposit law and exceeding critical fluid standard is the new method that in recent years ability development rises. Chemical law basically is to use monomer happening polymerization to react, form the craft preparation small capsule that material of high polymer wall rises core material wrap up. According to raw material and aggregate means different, can part chemical way for interfacial polymerization law, interface matchs a law, former a — of aggregate law He Ruikong is caky bath law [3] . Small capsule has a variety of structures, some shows simple bursa bubble structure, some shows bag of multiple wall material to bury a structure, in returning some bursa walls, disperse many bursa core, differring preparation method can be formed not

Keyword:Be not weaving cloth, printing, fiber, textile, textile industry

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