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Of electronic business affairs upgrade at spinning aircraft company network to promote transition

Published on:2013/6/13 19:07:14

Keyword:Spin machine, clothing machinery
Introduction:As we have learned, spin machinery is being changed in progressively trend intelligence, high end is changed, green environmental protection this word...

As we have learned, spin machinery is being changed in progressively trend intelligence, high end is changed, green environmental protection this word also is used in each link. According to forecasting, future spins aircraft company to develop a condition inside 3 years hopeful. In prospective happiness the call of foreground falls, in spinning aircraft company to if where,compete intensely again, show itself? Right now, electronic business affairs arrived to spin aircraft company with respect to development, a lot of spin aircraft company to had carried benefit of electronic business affairs early also quite much. More somebody puts word, henceforth, if you still do not participate in electronic business affairs, you will be washed out by market place. So, what to get after spinning aircraft company to apply electronic business affairs after all? Are they how move?
    Above all, we still should talk to use about the 5 your work of electronic business affairs again afresh:
    1. Electronic business affairs changes electron of traditional business affairs flow, digitlization, replaced objective to flow with electronic shedding on one hand, can reduce manpower, material resources in great quantities, reduced cost; Broke through the limitation of time and space on the other hand, make trade the activity can undertake in any any time, places, improved efficiency greatly thereby.
    2. Place of electronic business affairs provides some open sexes and global characteristic, created more commerce opportunities for the enterprise.
    3. Enterprise of electronic business make sure can enter global electron to influence the market with the cost of close, make medium and small businesses possible have the information resource with big company, increased the competitive capacity of medium and small businesses.
    4. Redefine of electronic business affairs traditional current pattern, reduced intermediate segment, make of generator and consumer trade directly become a possibility, changed the way that whole socioeconomy runs on certain level thereby.
    5. Electronic business affairs did away with spatio-temporal camp on one hand, provided rich information resource again on the other hand, the reset that is all sorts of socioeconomy element offerred more possibilities, this will affect economic layout of the society and structure.
    Pass the knowledge that to electronic business affairs 5 your work use, we see not hard also, apply its spin machine industry to be able to bring how old business chance to the enterprise. Electronic business affairs is in 2008-2009 year already became the mainstream, 2010, if you had not applied electronic business affairs, did then you fall behind?
    As the development that the net purchases, promoted the development of electronic business affairs greatly. Electronic business affairs, beyond question became the mainstream topic that spun machine industry 2009. If use platform of electronic business affairs, not only cost investment is smaller, pace is more lightsome, return completely OK and organic meeting to become big company. Electronic business affairs of future competes to also will transfer individuation and standardization contend for. The occurrence of electronic business affairs, produced serious effect indeed to traditional business. Electronic business affairs is representing a new development trend, it is a kind of tendency that the times develops. Below the pressure of global economy environment, electronic business affairs is to become the traditional company that includes to spin aircraft company to wait inside to break through a tight encirclement, solve a kind of of the crisis good tool.
    Be aimed at brand enterprise, electronic business affairs brings the advantage that spins aircraft company to have:
    Help brand enterprise builds brand website;
    Solve the problem with build a brand shortage of capital of the person that do poineering work, difficult;
    Solve enterprise of raw type of production, devoid brand foundation and cent sell the issue of channel;
    Solve essay card business, devoid capital, expand the problem of the brand;
    Help old brand company, low cost insists to publicize position, prevent adversary to surmount;
    Provide service of overall ” of sale of “ integrated network, implementation opens double redound of ” of source, reduce expenditure to enterprise “ .
    Be aimed at enterprise of type of production, electronic business affairs brings the advantage that spins aircraft company to have:
    Help the company on net of start of business of type of production;
    Solve enterprise of type of production to look for client difficult question;
    Provide service of a coordinated process of the sale on intranet of type of production, the enterprise need not worry about;
    Save company labor power, financial capacity, implementation “ opens double redound of ” of source, reduce expenditure;
    Reduce an enterprise to run a risk, hold an enterprise to manage hundred years good luck.
    Fine counted electronic business affairs to bring the profit that spins aircraft company, how to spin aircraft company to should be on industry website make promotion? Cite an example again, can let everybody see better Hunan, it is with mechanically-laid web of Chinese spin dress exemple:
    Above all, what we look the boldliest on mechanically-laid web of Chinese spin dress is advertisement. Interactive, essence the prospective network advertisement of accurate, fixed position is the inevitable trend that the network reachs future now to develop. Is my website how to give spin aircraft company to bring the result? Website of family status of industry of machinery of clothing of spin of my network fixed position, the professional user that basically faces the domain such as machinery of machine of spin machinery, clothing machinery, leather machinery, shoe, washer instrument, printing and dyeing, found global network sale to serve platform, devote oneself to to be machinery of clothing of domestic and international spin and relevant enterprise to build the bridge with interactive information, realize business chance for the client! The client can pass a website direct with advertisement advocate negotiate directly, master the first-hand data that needs in the light of the client in time. My net offers complete station to search a service to realize website good user to experience, more advertisement advocate, the user offers better service and promotion.
    Next, mechanically-laid web of Chinese spin dress serves to spin aircraft company to offer a member, attract a client through literal information, the product that lets you undertakes: 365 day *24 are exhibited on the net that the hour never rings down the curtain, the company that allows you has: Whole nation of hour of 365 days of *24 runs the sell member of business. In mature industry stands, can get in home page more is literal information is revealed can bring more and immediate effect to the enterprise, and, member service is opposite at picture advertising sexual price is compared taller. Of course, how to let a member serve play to give the biggest effect, still need a few skill and real operation (the service introduces in detail) .
    Additional, dress mechanically-laid web returned Chinese spin to go out to spin loom of machine channel and air-jet loom, rapier two special performance, it is spins what aircraft company offers finer become divided service.