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Are managers of industry of machine tool tool how is look upon current situation?

Published on:2013/6/13 19:07:10

Introduction:CIMT regards China as exhibition of the biggest tool of international machine tool, get all the time of global professional personage reputably, be tr...

CIMT regards China as exhibition of the biggest tool of international machine tool, get all the time of global professional personage reputably, be travelled together by international praise for the world machine tool of 4 big international is exhibited one of. Capital in April, Chun Nuanhua leaves, we greeted thirteenth exhibition of China International machine tool (of CIMT2013) hold, the elite celebrity of each industry assembles in Beijing, share grand meeting!

In face grim trade situation, enterprise urgently below the posture that transition upgrades, CIMT is exhibited can regard machine tool industry as newest development trends and market of Chinese machine tool He Qingyu expresses the vane of newest demand, will build the optimal platform of information of a development of latest technology of understanding world machine tool, communication and commerce for our country manufacturing industry and user.

The business that current ginseng postpones also can express be exhibited this very tall expect, the hope can be exhibited through this can develop new market, seek the fixed position of accurate oneself, quicken the pace that transition upgrades.

It is partial ginseng exhibits an enterprise to this below of the meeting expect the program that develops with oneself.

To the judgement of current condition and analysis

Long Xingyuan of president of limited company of group of tool of machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty: 2013 industry of machine tool tool, I want to generalize with two words: "Macroscopical environment has hard change, difficult talk of machine tool industry is hopeful. " market of whole world of mechanical production industry, the effect that suffers global banking crisis suffers heavy defeat. But at the same time, we should see China structural adjustment of exert oneself economy and the change that develop way, the respect such as aviation, shipping, car, the sources of energy is like in domain of a few keys, machine tool, can efficient to high-grade numerical control cutting tool, nicety estimates the demand with the huge generation such as appearance, in the meantime, what intelligence makes is arisen the development that also is industry of machine tool tool offerred new way.

Current, the situation that our country faces and differ before, I divided situation of home and foreign industry competition 4 phase " be expected to cannot reach → to hope → of its a person's back keeps abreast of → dares to surmount " . Demand of country of machine tool market lasts atrophic, glide serious, but import volume still is in the machine tool to grow continuously, explain demand is existence, really. Look from the product structure that imports a machine tool, all give priority to with high-end product, show the further development as Chinese industrialization, the demand feature of the user has produced change, had risen apparently to the requirement of the efficiency of the machine tool and dependability, this adumbrative also global economy structure is occurrent new change. We should:

(1) seizes the main strategy opportunity that can be able to develop his skill to full closely period, accelerate the deepness confluence that advances manufacturing industry and informatization, increase a property additional cost.

(2) should be in overall the strong point that clear oneself sees in weak force, consolidate for footing with the strong point and enlarge an advantage, preferred arrangement and the technical breakthrough that fulfil domain of good focal point, strategy of aggrandizement technology innovation lays in ability, change adverse for advantageous, change the crisis to be good luck, local advantage is square ability part integral advantage.

(3) stares at core technology closely to make innovation, should enhance own innovation ability to regard the strategy as base point, mix with plan of global eye shot promote innovation, rise primitive innovation, compositive innovation and introduce digest absorb the ability that innovates again, become core competition ability through own innovation hurried, thereby active palm accuses strategic good luck.

Li Bing of general manager of Inc. of cutting tool of cutting of diamond of individual plant continent: Reached 5 years of henceforth 2013, economic situation of international, home will be complex with each passing day and austere. Relevant industry grows hasten delay, demand fall after a rise, the big environment that tool industry grows nots allow hopeful, home market competition is increasingly intense, industry development is increasingly hard. Did not come 5 years, the industry grows demand to will be transferred to high end further. According to statistic of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool, 2012 although tool industry is sold grow to still be in compared to the same period glide posture, but glide actually serious business its are main the product still is medium low end product. This specification is in the trend that changes to high end to the demand of the tool, the demand of high-end tool still maintained exuberant momentum on the whole.

The depression of economic environment, also brought the opportunity of development. If can agree with each industry to change technological process to actor, reduce cost, raise efficient pressing requirement, offer sexual price to compare expensive outstanding product on one hand, offer the cutting tool development that has specific aim and solution of form a complete set on the other hand. Offer for the client reduce cost, those who improve efficiency is efficient all-around service. So we can use good crisis, make the crisis makes opportunity. Win market competition thereby, improve company brand and market position further even.

Group of Dalian machine tool is narrow Ma Junqing of liability company president: Face complex and changeful international situation, continuously low confused home market, dalian machine tool had specific aim ground to adopt " outside pay distribution, inside catch upgrade " wait for a series of answering measure, stable to group company, positive effect arrived since development continuously.

The first, innovation market develops train of thought, had done with all one's strength external layout. Above all, stabilize home. It is to dog cheek by jowl good nation is major eye and project of national emphasis company, establish quick response mechanism, hit out actively; The 2 new products that are pair of development pass exhibition, and come in please, the feed rate that walks out of the means that go to accelerate the market, make new product forms commodity as soon as possible; 3 it is market of survey of user of company leader development; 4 it is a basis industry characteristic, be opposite respectively the industry such as war industry, aviation, spaceflight, car, railroad, education, IT establishs project group to begin the work; 5 it is function of aggrandizement sale network. Next, establish industrial alliance, implement much brand strategy.

The 2nd, accelerate product structural adjustment and rate of new product research and development, raise product numerical control to change rate. Have the aid of finishs national science and technology to weigh chance of big special task, product emphasis to the level the product with advanced, additional high cost develops. In the meantime, accelerate application to machine the speed of research and development of the new product such as the machine tool at data of industry of semiconductor industry machine tool, smooth hot season, quick look puts in the market into batch production.

The 3rd, catch product quality to be breach with firm, overall executive product upgrades with management. Carry out ERP in the round, implementation manages mode change.

The 4th, in recent years, we the means with innovation, made the product line of 4 machine tools such as machining center of numerical control lathe, vertical early or late, changed thoroughly 100 old since the production mode of industry of domestic and international machine tool, came true to manufacture numerical control machine tool with the kind that produces a car, reduced production cost greatly, enhanced the market competition ability of the machine tool.

International trade of Yi Sika cutting tool (Shanghai) limited company combines CEO Li Yupu: Although be below the influence of global economy crisis, growth rate of China puts delay somewhat, dan Yisi blocks the confidence of pair of China markets to did not put delay at this point. China from processing factory of a whole world, development makes an innovation market. Of this kind of innovation and competitive consciousness strengthen those who bring is the enterprise is opposite high-powered, efficient the pursuit of the product. Our machine machines a client to had realized, pursue efficient treatment and the value that reduce cost. This also let the innovation of similar Yisika enterprise have the land of more use force!

Market of tool of global machine tool is in the competition that seeks efficient, feebleminded waste time all the time in. In the meantime, burgeoning domain, burgeoning material also raises new requirement ceaselessly to market of machine tool tool. So, 5 years of future, to supplier of machine tool tool, maintain competition ability to mean, want to pursue the development of deepness in traditional domain already, want to let a product can catch up with the pace of burgeoning domain again.

Hill spy dimension overcomes be apt to of Li Yi of president of division of coke full Asia-Pacific: Regard the world as supplier of banner cutting tool solution, shanteweikekeleman has rich resource, ceaseless development applies at the product of each industries such as spare parts of machine of car, aerospace, project, medical treatment and the sources of energy. Shanteweikekeleman's solution covered turning, milling, auger cut and all domains such as tool system, in the meantime, also provide craft service for machining client, impart applied knowledge.

The development level with each located industries is endless and same, the adult rate of these industries also is different. But current a few macroscopical trends are producing an effect to whole market, for example, shorter product lifecycle asks to narrow production lot, at the same time the requirement manufactures technology newlier quickly. The time that the client uses at optimizing oneself craft is more and more limited, accordingly they need from most early days gets strong support. Have more high strenth, weight compares etc technology of a few new material, also posed comprehensive challenge to metallic treatment.

The development of cutting tool needs to follow these trends, should ensure can catch up with development pace of application. Computer technology change quickly, process designing of new intelligent numerical control makes producer type produces complete change to become a possibility. As technical progress, the machine tool will become more flexible, the function such as the control that discharge bits also will get strengthening. Produce effect to make CAM can sufficient, improve craft to weave the information between branch and manufacturing branch is exchanged, data standardization is crucial. The cutting tool information that uses ISO 133 level makes CAM process designing faster, more agile, easier also. We next market strategy still should continue to be brought for the client efficient with cost managing, the transition that drives Chinese machining line of business at the same time upgrades and the technology progresses.

Waerte is big Lin Gelun of China division general manager: We continue can sturdily to be carried out in the market and push the image of leader of project technology capability. The collaboration that we meet development and big client concerns, also can sell dealer network to build closer cooperation with our technology cent. We can be in short-term inside guide of innovation brand-new website, the network line that continues to develop us hands in easy service. Now, we been owninging the technical center with two comprehensive equipment without stannum and Beijing. Inside these two centers, we offer world-class groom our client, the metallic processing technique from the foundation grooms to what be aimed at specific industry advancedly. Additional, we still will continue to provide professional service, we say for " Waerte is complete to (Walter Multiply) " .

The Bateji that amount to Nuo is round (China) chief delegate Javier Zabala: The Bateji that amount to Nuo is round (the strategy of DANOBATGROUP) is the high-tech product that puts the central issue in specific domain, offer the solution with quantity custom-built body for the client, apply at more extensive industry field, provide complete treatment craft and specific treatment operation.

The group is in Danuobate China developed 20 years, had installed facilities of many 600 production in China. China is a long-term market, we are in continuously all the time this country is all-around investment, the client that invites us trusts us all the time, because we won't make them disappointed absolutely. The group devotes oneself to Danuobate to satisfy the requirement of the user ceaselessly not only, undertake develop and innovating to the product, offer advanced product for the user, the sale that there still is major in Chinese service center and technical service engineer provide perfect, seasonable, considerate service for the user, assure and defend a client the accredit of round to amounting to Nuobateji the oldest rate and satisfaction. "We can be here all the time, be in China, beside the user, provide a service for Chinese user at any time, for Chinese development construction contributes our force.

Nature field (China) Chai Tiangeng of limited company president too man: From the Shanghai that began to move in May new plant will throw production, of the treatment machine that when arriving, sells in China 60% can realize this locality to turn production. After the component center that builds at the same time is finishing, the component of Chinese home furnishs will very rapid, offer to the client very big convenient quality. Additional, as a result of,be in China the mushroom of labor cost, the client becomes tall to the requirement of automation, the machine that AMADA offers, software, peripheral device, mould " ALL IN ONE " the solution will solve these difficult problem, make contribution to Chinese development. The technical center that we will be in Shanghai July will practice, at the appointed time the proposal that we can have project technology to the client.

Liu Gang of general manager of limited company of science and technology of numerical control of Shanghai develop uncut jade: Limited company of science and technology of numerical control of Shanghai develop uncut jade is held to " China equips, equipment China " ideal, devote oneself to to found the modern equipment that has high-end technology service to create pattern, develop an impeller in succession special private plane of 5 axes treatment, general pattern is private plane of 5 axes treatment, large door of 5 axes dragon the seriation equipment such as private plane of education of machining center, 5 axes, own technology of accurate runner shaft coming back, high end whole set of system of special numerical control, craft changes special software, CAD\CAM software 2 times to develop technology, online measure technology, custom-built change a design to wait for a series of core technologies, had undertaken upgrading further to having product structure, increased the investment of high-end machine tool, the industry is outspread at the same time to production service line of business, develop to the two end of industrial catenary. At present business flies to product application Yu Zhonghang big airlines project, long march the domain such as supercharger of turbine of rocket of 5 big thrust, car, the product is achieved or exceed level of foreign advanced product, serve to wait for an industry at aviation, spaceflight, car, high end production equipment line of business and high-end technology service undertake conformity, development is custom-built change a design, realize innovation and industrialization.

Zhao Xianhua of general manager of limited company of science and technology of Electromechanical of Shandong China cloud: The core that the product innovates is technical innovation, achieve formerly model the dream that innovation is all enterprises. A person of extraordinary powers is overcome can a PT technology is exclusive research and development of Hua Yun company advanced metallic surface modified and aggrandizement technology, had won 47 countries patent at present, among them 12 are invention patent. The characteristic of this technology is the effect that can make on general accuracy machine tool the surface of workpiece reachs lens range, return the hardness that can improve the appearance and wear-resisting, corrosion resistance at the same time, make the fatigue function of workpiece lengthens a few times. Treatment can realize a tradition the cold, effect that heats up two respects craft, it is the revolutionary innovation of machining industry!

In current exhibit on the meeting, what emphasis of China cloud company reveals is a delegate most the new generation a person of extraordinary powers of advanced technique level is overcome can PT exceeds extremely + machine tool, what it realized integrality of surface of → of workpiece form cutting to machine → surface modified is one-stop machine mode. This machine tool us current the machine tool times that the most popular numerical control machine tool promoted energy treatment again. To current exhibit meeting, the hope can be overcome to our a person of extraordinary powers action can be publicized to huge since PT technology, enlarge a person of extraordinary powers to overcome can PT exceeds extremely + the influence of the machine tool, make a person of extraordinary powers is overcome can the pride that PT technology and equipment become our country to make equipment truly!