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The market: Spin aircraft company order to be not competitive advantage more strong

Published on:2013/6/13 19:06:53

Keyword:Electronic yarn clearer, automation, cone winder
Introduction:"915 " evening, our country already became international to spin the dimensions in machine manufacturing industry the biggest, crop the country with h...

915 ” of “ evening, our country already became international to spin the dimensions in machine manufacturing industry the biggest, crop the country with highest, most line of the products, homebred ratio of operation is amounted to 78.78% , drove the growth of product of form a complete set at the same time, increase rate is amounted to 65% .

   2011 beginning, china spun machine market to appear more powerful growth momentum. " 925 ” of textile industry “ compendium of progress of science and technology " promulgate carry out the target that raised “ China to spin machine industry to want to realized the world to spin engine power ” 2020 again. According to compendium program, to 2015, spin sales revenue of machine industry product to will achieve 120 billion yuan, year all grow 7.0% , homebred spin engine portion to achieve 85% , basically spin machine product 30% above achieve international of the corresponding period advanced level (among them main product amounts to spinning machinery, chemical fibber machinery 50% above) . Target the more grandiose, we should retain have one's head screwed on the right way more. Although China uses what low advantage passes 30 years to struggle the world that makes be worthy of makes a center, but between global production catenary, still be in additional cost the position that content of low, technology pollutes low, high-energy bad news, high, mode of this kind of development can no more have continued, must transform development train of thought.

   Germany, Switzerland, Japan is the world spins engine power acceptedly, have many world-renowned enterprises and world-famous brand product not only, a certain number of category spin the technical level of machine to precede for a long time, still have multinomial development (world initiate) spin machine and workmanship, chair drafted multinomial the international standard that produces major effect to spinning machine development, and the company of cotton spinning equipment of our country still enters international without the first phalanx.

   Since China spins pilot period, execute on the technology dog course, in order to introduce, copy is given priority to, digest, innovation is not worth badly. Main product is at present backward on technical level developed country 1~1.5 is acting, 10~20 lags behind on time year, additional cost is inferior. Be like spun yarn machine, abroad is in early on rotate speed of 80 time later period already achieved the century 25000rpm(arrives from 18000rpm classics of 25000rpm all previous 80 years of) , the near future broke through 30000rpm, and the rotate speed of machine of our country spun yarn wanders for a long time in 22000rpm. Stand amount to, machine of high-grade spun yarn (1008 ingot) price is as high as 2.5 million yuan / stage ~300 10 thousand yuan / stage, and our price only 500 thousand yuan / stage ~60 10 thousand yuan / stage. With respect to every ingot power comsumption (for 22000rpm) , abroad already was less than 34W, our country is as high as 45W however, difference is very apparent. Stand amount to company set annual and energy-saving fall cost index, drive the technical progress with spun yarn overall machine thereby, accumulative total obtains the energy-saving result of 30% .

   Still have automatic winding machine, granted 2007 come to blessing company roll out automatic winding machine of Autoconer5 of the 4th acting product to had had accurate and winding function; 4 acting machine roll out Saweiaodi shortly, function general prepares higher, if use store gauze component can not stop winding during splice, use ultraviolet light quick stick received splice implement the technology such as yarn of applicable and aleatoric breed can make spinning efficiency rises greatly. Press normal newer cycle, granted 2015 come blessing hopeful rolls out the 5th acting product. And our country is modelled on the product just approached the 3rd acting level (granted 1997 come blessing rolls out the 3rd acting) namely.

   The electronic yarn clearer that regards automatic winding machine as crucial part relies on foreign product completely up to now, domestic manufacturer stays for a long time in the yarn clearer that produces form a complete set for average winding machine, homebred and high-grade online detect sensor is almost blank. As spin machine intelligence to change, of automation degree rise, sensor is occupied overall the proportion of cost is higher and higher, depend on entrance sensor completely to be restricted surely surely homebred the raising that spins machine automation and additional cost, homebred spin machine in high-end domain very difficult get victory.

   Accelerate development automation to spin machine, high yield, efficient, choose and employ persons the little, technology trend that decreasing a platoon will be henceforth not only, also be the inevitable result of transition of instantly economy structure. Should see spin aircraft company order at present temporarily “ is full ” , very big reason is abroad advanced increase suddenly what spun aircraft company not to satisfy requirement for goods ability, not be the sign that our competitive advantage increases.

   Carry out a proof, the difference that China spins advanced level of machine and world is behaved not only go up in 2 dimension (namely) of time, level, still have reliability of more fundamental three-dimensional —— actually. Dependability is the mainest foundation function, leave reliability, high yield, efficient, low cost, little person have no way is mentioned. Equipment automation rate is higher, taller to the requirement of dependability. three-dimensional difference cannot be used at all dog, introduce, digest the mode that innovates again to narrow, change an intention only, additional monarch path uses a technology to span the strategy just goes. Want to enhance the competition ability of Chinese spin machinery, need long-term vision and program. And accomplish this, must abandon the thought of eager for quick success and instant benefit, resist loneliness.

   Well-known trademark enterprise has the technology of 10 years of above and product development program commonly, spin machine product change cycle also is controlled in 10 years commonly. We cannot stare at abroad to have a product merely when establishing a program, the theory that should learn to foreknow with the technology more and method (mode of evolution of patent map, technology and rule) next the standard that studies the developed country is existing, programs and development mode, foreknow with scientific method 5~10 the “ the corresponding period after year is advanced horizontal ” , ability is accurate ground make choice of our breakthrough direction.

   Introduce copy as a result of what come for years, we are used to dog and converse try a project instead, do product development to be able to begin from detailed design only, develop experience without complete product, without the train of thought that the concept designs. Long-term since is China spun machine in dependability respect why rare progress? Its prime cause is wanting to be made from notional design at dependability, and we did not experience this the most crucial phase. So our program project should begin from notional design, tool of applied knowledge innovation undertakes complete technology and market current situation and trend are analysed, decide core issue, fashion optimum solution (include feasibility) , assure the efficient sex of directional validity and development, strive for gain competitive advantage from fountainhead.

   Watch China to spin the current situation of aircraft company instead, exceeding lack is full of the mechanism of vigor and powerful innovation to develop a team, lack the spirit that struggles for a long time, lack beautiful of similar He Min and Ren Zhengfei more such getting military content. In manufacturing industry domain, the competition of China and United States, China and European Union, China and Japan is not had can avoid and grow in intensity. We think what the United States does not have to spin aircraft company prettily, but occupational whole world is the greatest the product that the machine of cloth with soft nap of advanced carpet bunch of portion is American company. The raw material waste with extremely extremely tall treatment precision, tall production efficiency, few translate into of its high-tech content and extremely low the sources of energy are used up. Chinese manufacturing industry faces the national competition with labor lower cost likewise, for instance southeast Asia each country. Does Chinese outlet where? Increase own innovation capacity, transition of stimulative industry structure.

   Henceforth 5~10 year it is the important period that Chinese manufacturing industry is able to develop his skill to full in competition and puts glorious greatly, also be the 2nd long march that China spins machine industry to move toward powerful nation from big country. All spinning machine person needs the promotion on breakthrough, theoretic on the deal with concrete matters relating to work on state of mind, idea innovation, method, be good at the intellectual achievement of shirt-sleeve and other industry, combine a man of insight of other industry, realize what China spins machine industry to span jointly type develops.