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Electromechanical unifinication becomes new trend of pharmacy package machine

Published on:2013/6/13 19:06:28

Introduction:Scan widely whole world, the evolution of world advanced package machine already appeared machine giving market, report, gas, fluid, smooth, magnetism...

Scan widely whole world, the evolution of world advanced package machine already appeared machine giving market, report, gas, fluid, smooth, magnetism, unripe the impetus that is an organic whole, of production efficient change, the product is energy-saving can reclaim change, new and high technology is practical change, intelligence is changed already became a trend, the mainstream that this also should be course of study of our country package machine develops way. Current, the pharmacy package machine of our country already fill the blank of basic category and basic technology, but respect and the international such as the stability of condition of the financing source in product research and development, experiment, product, automata precede the level returns existence difference. In dominate technical field oneself, equipment of medical package machine realized intelligence already basically to change, the design that human nature changes, and package machine of our country medicine is controlled in PLC control, interface relatively backward.

And besides applying PLC to control a technology, must be in at the same time material, design and choice of form a complete set is made on each all and relevant link, just realize the control that intelligence turns possibly. In the meantime, package machine of our country medicine still is deficient in quite in stability, this may cause the problem of product quality respect, affect whole line that pack.

Compare abroad, the difference of rigid production standard basically reflects our country to go up in the technology. The technical force itself of the enterprise depends on namely production, because this undertakes the gender considers to be faced with force of scientific research technology and lab developing,equip the limitation of two respects, and if a kind of new technology is not developed through the early days of scientific research place cannot use production directly.

The development of forward position technology needs the investment on knowledge already, also need the investment on equipment, the enterprise does not wish to throw, scientific research orgnaization does not have force again, if things go on like this, will make our country and international advanced the difference between the level is bigger and bigger. China packs industry should from set out actually, go introduce a technology and the way that ties with own innovation, rely on own innovation completely very hard to develop. The packing course of study of our country is recumbent compare an advantage to be on development viatic.

Package machine is automatic course of technical place experience is numerous, "Some enterprises can be solved by oneself, some must be mixed solve about professional company or academy combination. Tackle key problem as to environmental protection product involve an area wider, be in so these respects, our own innovation consciousness is very insufficient still! " this expert points out.

Electromechanical unifinication is hasten of general trends place. Competition of pharmacy package machine is at present intense with each passing day, pharmacy package machine of future will cooperate industrial automation, stimulative bag furnish has overall level rises, the pharmacy that grows muti_function, efficient, low consumption packages facility.

A whole Electromechanical unifinication system, its slam the door the loaded down with trivial details in groovy package machine and unreasonable part, and it is the advanced technique be in harmony of a variety of course an organic whole, be in to package machine the design, change that make and controlled a respect to bring profundity, from go up at all the current situation that changed package machine.