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Adornment is produced with etched-out fabric engineering technology and catch full treatment

Published on:2013/6/13 19:06:12

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Introduction:The application that etched-out fabric decorates a domain indoors in the ascendant, still own fair share on textile market, development development pr...

The application that etched-out fabric decorates a domain indoors in the ascendant, still own fair share on textile market, development development produces etched-out fabric, can create better economic benefits for the enterprise. The article produces a principle to etched-out fabric, fabric design, of the gauze that wrap core spin make, weaving production engineering technology and catch full treatment to wait undertook treatise.

   Etched-out fabric, call protruding cotton print again, it is a kind of new-style fabric. Should knitting owner to want a characteristic is to have transparent, uneven figure, sodden beautiful share is similar thin silk screen mesh, protruding flower expects approximately partly filament cloth with soft nap, accordingly, it has pattern frivolous and novel, transparent, decorative pattern the exterior feature of Hua Shuang of outstanding, clear-cut, feel, be similar to arts and crafts to taste, the user outside getting home quite and consumer reputably, it is our country spin in exporting a product, get one of breed of international market gay. At present etched-out fabric basically uses as adornment uses cloth, the used tablecloth such as antechamber of guesthouse of the class that be like a star, advanced restaurant, honoured guest, plane, train, ship and bedroom adornment, curtain, seating, bedspread, pillowcase and summertime dress, handkerchief.

   The article discusses as follows with respect to the issue that engineering technology respect concerns in etched-out fabric production:

   One, the fundamental that etched-out fabric produces

   The fundamental that etched-out fabric produces basically is the chemical function that the acid-proof prison that uses two kinds of fiber to differ spends, pass blending or spin the yarn that wrap core, make classics weft weave etched-out fabric grey, working procedure of repass printing and dyeing undertakes rotting spending handling machining in acerbity fluid, make not acid-proof that part fiber is dissolved to rot, make novel and clarity of frivolous and concave and convex and trenchant, transparent, decorative pattern, chic etched-out fabric namely.

   Current, the etched-out fabric that home produces basically is to use two kinds of fiber, polyester fibber and cotton fiber, dacron is spun with fiber sticking gum make Bao Xin yarn and knit make. Accordingly, the technical hinge that produces etched-out fabric is to spin yarn of good Bao Xin above all, knit the good yarn that wrap core to rot the flower machines grey, reentry catchs full sodden beautiful treatment all right, sodden go cellulose fiber, leave polyester fibber filament, form distinctive “ protruding to spend effect ” .

   2, etched-out fabric organization and design

   Etched-out fabric organization uses plain weave commonly, in fabric constituent design respect should notice the following 4 problems:

   (1) the choice that fabric spends closely: Etched-out fabric is spent closely include two ideas, be part of gauze of fabric bag core is close degree, 2 be part of fabric screen mesh is close degree. Fabric is close spend big, weaving production is done harder, fabric is close spend small, criterion screen mesh part causes shift of classics, weft easily. Accordingly, general etched-out fabric always is spent closely it is better to use 71-75% to control, among them classics to spend closely for 48-52% , broadwise is spent closely for 45-48% .

   (2) the option that weaving uses reed name: Arrange even characteristic in the light of etched-out fabric classics, weft, general appropriate uses reed date to count taller reed, the effect that it measures to improving a product to pledge is more distinct. In actual production, when wearing reed best every reed wears a warp, most every reed wears 2 warp.

   (3) the choice of twist factor of Bao Xin gauze: The size of twist factor of the gauze that wrap core and relationship of etched-out fabric quality are very close. Twist factor is too minor, can make rot after the flower, accurate of filament part feel, lack style of thin silk screen mesh; In the meantime, after filament twisting, its product is easy and cottony, influence service life: In weaving process, outer the share that wrap cotton rises tampon because of attrition easily also. If twist factor is too big, produce twist together gauze easily in weaving. Accordingly, in actual production, the twist factor choice of the yarn wrapping core that etched-out fabric uses is controlled in 304-333 relatively appropriate.

   (4) the choice that Fu of a bale of cotton of Bao Xin gauze leads: Fibrous of the cotton on the yarn wrapping core that etched-out fabric uses wraps Fu rate to answer the style according to the product and different utility, will decide the size of the its applicable rate that wrap Fu. If be highlighted from product pattern, stereo sense is strong this angle consideration, white cotton percentage appropriate is a few bigger. Rate of Fu of a bale of cotton of gauze of core of general cleanse a bale of cotton is in 43-48% is relatively appropriate.

   3, etched-out fabric produces technological process (with cotton cleanse etched-out fabric production is exemple)

   (1) the choice of raw material

   Fibrous of the bag outside ① chooses: Cotton wool and man-made cotton are dimension element fiber, it is fiber of the bag outside spinning gauze of the core that make a package to make relatively good raw material. The cotton wool length of the choice shoulds not be too long, puissant and unfavorable exorbitant, but cotton knot impurity wants little, discharge in catching full treatment with alkali purify impurity, lest affect polyester fibber filament,burnish is mixed puissant, such both neither affect the quality of the gauze that wrap core, can reduce manufacturing cost again, also facilitate adjust the scale of packet of cotton. Fiber of the bag outside choosing person cotton to make is better, fiber is puissant low, the scale that include fine adjusts more easily, cotton knot foreign matter is little, coloring function it may not be a bad idea.

   ② includes the option of core silk, the silk that wrap core had better choose polyester fibber filament, if choose polyamide fibber silk although wearability is good, dan Tingshuang is spent poorer. The root of the fibber number of polyester fibber filament and monofilament is counted, and filament bright and without light, want to choose according to the Bao Houhe utility of etched-out fabric. Weaving is thin model etched-out fabric, wait like frontal of dress, handkerchief, sofa, choose 45 dawn commonly the following and fine filament: Knit choose thicker etched-out fabric, wait like tablecloth, curtain, bedspread, can choose the thicker filament of 68 dawn above. Number of root of the monofilament in filament decides the degree of finish at monofilament, the filament of same fibber number, number of its monofilament root is more, criterion monofilament is finer, product softness slippery bright; Root number is less, product tigidity is good and hold out bright, the style of the product has a characteristic each, accordingly, the utility that can inspect a product undertakes choosing; The bright as to filament and without light, burnish of glazed filament product is good, but easy cause aurora; Luster of the product after twisting of the filament that do not have light is dark, but downier. In be produced on the spot. Etched-out fabric swings filament to choose half smooth filament more commonly.

   (2) of Bao Xin gauze spinning the Bao Xin yarn that makes etched-out fabric use is spin on machine of common spun yarn make, it is with using yarn of wider core of cleanse a bale of cotton at present exemple, it is to use polyester fibber filament to make core yarn, the surface includes answer cotton staple. Spin when making, make up in average spun yarn machine a filament introduces device, polyester fibber filament Luo La introduced once upon a time as thick as cotton undertake blending twisting. Polyester fibber filament becomes the axle center of twisting, cotton fiber rotates around polyester fibber filament and form the gauze that wrap core.

   (3) requirement of quality of exterior of Bao Xin gauze

   Knit the exterior quality that makes the yarn wrapping core that etched-out fabric uses, answer to prevent following defect strictly:

   Gauze of ① double core: It is to show two dacron filament feeds gauze of spun double core, the filament that basically is vicinity of spun yarn spindle waves first, cause two very filament is fed, archives did not discover when lathe work connect, or although discover but was not pulled clean and cause. This kind of circumstance, more incidental below the condition that filament does not have yarn tension device.

   ② decorticates gauze: Basically be fiber pointing to cotton the rate that wrap Fu is too minor. As a result of,be cotton of market of spun yarn machine implement the mouth is too small, draft component malfunctions, spindle is serious and askew, bead ring wears away the reason such as overmuch not seasonable exchange causes.

   ③ bead bead gauze: It is to point to in spin in controlling a process, because filament passageway is not bright and clean, if guide cotton of gauze hook, collect implement remove groove, filament is pulled wool is hit, or filament appears collect cotton implement, because filament tension causes intermittence greatly too,hit what wait for a reason to cause suddenly.

   ④ bag Fu is undesirable: It is to point to the gauze wrapping core that has partial length, what polyester fibber filament is in to wrap core gauze by bag Fu is outer, and did not include Fu cotton staple. Basically be spinning process in, empty roving or bright and beautiful fiber part decollations, filament is continued reel-up, and Fu will be not wrapped to undesirable gauze is pulled clean and be caused when spinner connect.

   ⑤ is short of core gauze: It is to point to to there is filament inside the gauze that wrap core, have cotton fiber interfuse only, although this kind of circumstance seldom happens, but once produce its,endanger great. When becoming this kind of gauze end especially, rot through printing and dyeing the flower is handled, cotton fiber is rotted entirely, can cause a large number of is short of classics demote cloth.

   ⑥ wraps cotton not divide evenly: Bag cotton not the account that divide evenly produces, basically be the tension when filament feeds cause not divide evenly, the roving that feeds work not divide evenly causes. Outfit pulling force is increased on filament feeding unit dish, unify filament pulling force, raise roving at the same time dry uniformity.

   4, craft of etched-out fabric weaving

   Etched-out fabric organization is plain weave, the requirement of preparation and weaving craft and general the manufacturing technology of pure cotton delaine believes basically, a few craft that differs its now asks cent narrates as follows:

   (1) craft prepares before knitting

   ① canister yarn clearer and contact quality: Because wrap gauze of core gauze thick division to wait,spin defect more, filament of together with dacron is smoother, on cone winder appropriate is used comb the yarn clearer of needle type, in order to improve efficiency of cleared gauze defect. With 14.5 gauze that wrap core are cleanse bright and beautiful exemple, comb the needle is lain between be apart from with 0.35-0.4mm advisable. Contact form uses weaving form, the requirement knits a head small. Close, firm, prevent a knot. Tension of canister of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy be sure to proper, if pulling force of canister of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy is too large, tube winding is too close. Meeting influence lining twists surely the effect; Conversely, if the canister is winding too loose, meeting influence decides quality of figuration of the tube after twisting, increase warping unreel difficulty. It is with gauze of core of 14.5 cleanse a bale of cotton exemple, when canister of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy uses tube of sth resembling a net of machine of canister of chamfer of 1332M high speed, it is advisable that tension encircles weight to be controlled with 18 grams.

   ② heat finalizes the design craft requirement: The gauze core in the yarn of core of cleanse a bale of cotton that etched-out fabric uses is polyester fibber filament, because polyester fibber filament is stretch better, together with becomes gauze number of turn taller, in weaving process, tension of classics, weft has a bit lax, produce twist together gauze easily, affect fabric quality. Accordingly, the classics that etched-out fabric uses, abb wraps core gauze to be after canister of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, must twist surely through heat processing, ability undertakes warping and abb of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, use for sizing and loom. Twist equipment uses vacuum heat to finalize the design surely boiler, twist craft asks surely: Weight of tube of the gauze that wrap core is 1.5 kilograms (Mm of the tube is small diameter) , heat finalizes the design boiler vacuum is spent for an atmosphere, temperature is 90-95 ℃ , stability of number of turn leads lining to be 70% the left and right sides, outer for 80% the left and right sides.

   ③ warping craft asks: When perversing classics uses warp creel of double entry of machine of high speed warping to change a canister group by group, can determine via tensional side according to perversing the data that appearance determines, section configures the tensional circle of different weight, in order to reduce pulling force not divide evenly rate. Use section to change a canister, because tube diameter is different, tensional difference is bigger, not was necessary to adopt section method to configure tension to pursue. It is with core of 14.5 cleanse a bale of cotton exemple, tension encircles section configuration, can divide paragraph of configuration, before paragraph 7 grams, middle 6 grams, hind paragraph 5 grams; Be like not when section, tensional circle uses 8 grams entirely.

   ④ sizing craft asks: The gauze that wrap core passes size, the bag outside can making already is held in the arms cheek by jowl between cotton fiber and polyester fibber filament close, can wrapping coverture of core gauze surface again a chorion, what raised bag core gauze not only so is puissant, also raised the wear-resisting rate of weaving at the same time. The basis includes the character of core gauze, gauze core is the polyester fibber filament of hydrophoby, the cotton staple of hydrophily is included outside, the number of turn that becomes gauze at the same time taller, accordingly, sizing should use size to permeate develop simultaneously with coverture, before the craft course of size of the light double roller pressing an oar after weighing, high temperature, should carry out small size, low resurgence, Xiaozhang at the same time force, small stretchy craft standard. Surface of the roller that press an oar should have very good flexibility (had better use balata to press oar roller) . Oar makings can use metamorphic corn starch and PVC, CMC to mix an oar, or the chemical oar that collects PVC of in order to, CMC, PAM to give priority to body. Craft of abb of ③ sth resembling a net asks: Bao Xin must pass heat before abb of gauze sth resembling a net twist surely processing, weft shapes standard of close fact of good, density, unripe head. If use the abb of sth resembling a net of machine of abb of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy that spun yarn machine changes his costume or dress, figuration cam had better use 1: 1, spindle rotate speed 2000 turn / cent, steel is gotten board litre fall traverse 45 millimeter, steel is gotten board litre fall frequency 30 / cent left and right sides, achieve alternate requirement. Quantity of tensional regard highly is with gauze of core of 14.5 cleanse a bale of cotton exemple, be like,be in when weft diameter when millimeter, appropriate of tensional ball bearing uses two, gross weight is 72 grams left and right sides, winding density should master 0.75-0.85 to overcome / centimeter 3, this is better to reducing abb effect.

   (2) weaving craft

   Etched-out fabric uses plain weave to be able to be in homebred 1511M, GA611 or 1515M, GA615 change tatting automatically knit on machine make, but have the following demand to the orgnaization of loom and craft:

   ① mouth orgnaization: Knit make etched-out fabric can use sheet to step dish of mouth device, also can be used double step dish of device, but use double step dish of mouth device had better, because use,this is double after stepping dish of mouth device, make the same score put together twice, can stagger appropriately, not only can reduce the attrition between warp and warp, warp and put together silk, the warp when reducing weaving decollations, and to enhancing definition of shuttle mouth mouth, decrease 3 step defect to also have certain effect.

   ② edge maintains an orgnaization: The classics of etched-out fabric, broadwise is spent closely, density of classics, broadwise is more adjacent, broadwise shrinks rate is more average fabric of pure cotton tabby is big.

   And polyester fibber filament is bright and clean, easy drawing, if the edge opens plant to cloth cover extend an action undesirable, cause edge or edge extremely easily in weaving to maintain defect cloth. For this, subtense maintains an orgnaization to have higher demand, the edge maintains thorn roller to use cupreous annulus edge to maintain thorn roller, copper pricks the norms of annulus: Thorn annulus is 14, tooth depth 0.8 millimeter. In addition. Iron sheet of roller of sari thorn wool also asks a few sharper, force of sari roller bedspring also wants a few bigger, in order to assure weaving when, the edge maintains an orgnaization to have to cloth cover extend a power enoughly.

   Line of ③ classics position: Homebred loom weaving is general tabby delaine, bridge of bosom of prep above of requirement the later Liang dynasty, make classics position line tilts, differ in order to form tensional shuttle mouth, when making classics, weft interweaves, have certain inflectional wave, in an attempt to reachs key point of cloth cover level off, plump, not in the proper way. And knit when making etched-out fabric, classics of part of screen mesh of main demand etched-out fabric, weft is arranged even, mesh clarity, reason requirement the later Liang dynasty and park classics wearing position but proper a few lower, raise rate of shuttle mouth clarity thereby, be helpful for clip through decreasing 3 jump defect. With 14.5 cleanse cotton etched-out fabric is exemple, when line of affirmatory classics position, position of discretion of the later Liang dynasty can master in 102 millimeter, curved axis is in on when the heart, the lever after the later Liang dynasty is apart from 16 millimeter are relatively appropriate. ④ workshop temperature and humidity: Yarn woven fabric of core of cleanse a bale of cotton and fabric of cleanse cotton blending are same, very sensitive to the change of workshop temperature and humidity, often the change as a result of the weather outdoor, or workshop temperature and humidity adjusts impertinent, can make production not stable. Accordingly, master and adjust good workshop temperature and humidity is a very important segment. When weaving etched-out fabric, as a result of the gauze that wrap core outer fiber of the cotton that wrap Fu, moisture absorption performance is better, accordingly, workshop temperature and humidity should fabric of blending of cotton of more general cleanse is a few more largish. Weaving workshop temperature is in 23-28% , relative humidity is in 72% the left and right sides is advisable.

   5, etched-out fabric catchs full treatment (with blanching cleanse cotton etched-out fabric is exemple)

   (1) → of technological process grey seams a → of put out a fire of → singeing → to retreat → of drying of → of oar → bath inferior bleach → of drying of → bath → oxygen bleachs → bath → cleanse adds white → to heat up frit to finalize the design → of drying of → printing → the rope washs steam evaporate → → leaves make friends carbonadoes.

   (2) craft point

   Etched-out fabric catchs ① the line seaming a head when full treatment should use polyester fibber to include core line, lest be when char, decollation because of suture and affect production. In craft inferior float, oxygen floats inspect a condition to be able to change twice oxygen floats or chloric oxygen double float. Pre-treatment equipment is used smooth, stringy shape all but, inspect each plant particular case and calm.

   Sodden flower imprints the acid of the oar, have the inorganic sick at heart such as natrium of vitriolic, vitriolic aluminium, vitriolic hydrogen, play sex inorganic is acerbity (wait like hydrochloric acid) although also can make bright and beautiful fiber char, but can cause ooze is changed and take look, make decorative pattern outline not clear, reason shoulds not be commonly use, and in order to use vitriolic better.

   ③ printing thickener passes an alternative with glue of dragon of white dextrin, synthesis and emulsification oar A with 1: 1: 1 dosage is better, after adding acerbity agent, without condense, become rare phenomenon, viscosity moderate, blow easily imprint, line clarity, can make char complete, make part of polyester fibber fiber achieves glittering and translucent and transparent result.

   ④ printing equipment inspects etched-out fabric fabric width and decide, general 99 centimeters the following, machine of usable roller printing, when exceeding this fabric width, divide outside using machine of wide cut roller printing, use commonly (include special wide cut etched-out fabric) the net imprints printing machine undertakes printing.

   ⑤ char is to combine high temperature to bake carbonado those who undertake, with sirocco or vapour all but, use overheat vapour conditionally to be best. Vapour temperature is in 2-3 of 1002 ℃ evaporate minute, temperature is in 1-2 of 102-104 ℃ evaporate minute, can achieve char result.

   General etched-out fabric retreats ⑥ oar, blanch wait for an aftertreatment to use smooth wash machine. The rope is washed use at be being washed after char to remove char matter, corrugation of itself of this kind of method loses status, make char content becomes loose, easily eliminate; And because be wet condition,be operated, char content flies upwards not easily, be helpful for labor protection.

   Craft is being arranged after ⑦ printing is to be in size softness processing undertakes in one bath, make carbonadoing beforehand finalizing the design treatment is arranged after waiting again next.

   6, epilogue

   Etched-out fabric is in abroad popular already and old, still have production of a few a few nations at present, domestic production just develops in last few years rise, output is little, demand exceeds supply. What decorate heat as our country household is arisen, regard interior decoration as used etched-out fabric, demand is sure as gigantic as day add.