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The 5 great progress that sum up international food machinery go

Published on:2013/6/13 19:05:25

Introduction:Standard of food machinery equipment is the base that food industry expands. 925 programs put forward, must issue great strength to promote equipment ...

Standard of food machinery equipment is the base that food industry expands. 925 programs put forward, must issue great strength to promote equipment to be changed independently rate, raise level of equipment of technology of food industry whole. According to world-famous investigation the orgnaization is opposite the whole world each investigation that big provision processes rigid business, ten years industry of food treatment machinery will produce bold and fatidical future to change revolutionarily, this will machine mechanical industry to bring new turning point for whole food.

In recent years, the progress that reviews international food machinery goes situation, basically have these a few sides:

One, new and high technology is practical change

The market competition of current provision machinery basically is technical competition, raising technical content already was the development theme of food machinery manufacturing industry. In food machinery, manufacture efficiency through using new and high technology to be able to rise, reduce specific power consumption, increase rate and additional cost, maintain food nutrition composition, gust to reach make sure provision is safe. Current, foreign developed country uses new and high technology extensively to apply in food machinery, roll out technical content ceaselessly thereby taller, more the new facility that human nature converts, new product, make equipment performance rises greatly. Accordingly, new and high technology is the class on food machinery, sail upstream smooth main component, have wide development application perspective.

2, absorb of technical standard hasten

For the technology between international the consistency chime of communication and trade dealings moves a gender, the food treatment of world each country and standard of food machine technology draw close to international standard or European Union standard in succession, this is the significant move of camp of technology of avoid of domain of global food machinery. Which country does not have such doing, the food machinery manufacturing industry of which country is in international trade inevitable suffocate suffocate, the competition ability of food machine market of which country go up not to go. Especially country of sufficient WTO member, enough international standard serves as the foundation that drafts native technology code, thereby aggrandizement international standard is in code of technology of harmonious each country the action of the respect, consolidated international standard is achieving globalization production and the status in making further.

3, technical equipment safety is changed

Be based on global food safety austere with each passing day, the developed country rolls out the food machinery that accords with quality safety to ask in great quantities, make the security that achieves food treatment from equipment itself. Implementation means has two: It is the equipment technology standard with perfect formulate: 2 it is the design that organizes food machinery strictly according to these technical standards, make and apply. In these technical standards, the mainest is the rigid security of food machinery and wholesome requirement, this is research of machinery of the food on international, development, production current demand. The food machinery of world each country plans to conform with international, must accord with these main demands.

4, quality control whole journey is changed

The provision with contemporary current international processes producer form, it is the key that assures quality by pair of traditional end item examine the crucial reference point in changing pair of treatment process has control, its purpose depends on: It is to reduce the error that processes exercise process to happen, in processing food the process, the person is or the accident of equipment drops lowermost limit; 2 be pollution is caused in order to be on guard in not wholesome condition, likelihood or work below the environment of quality deterioration, because batch produces the loss that rejected product place causes,avoid. Accordingly, the technology of world food machinery develops one of mainstreams, the whole journey that makes food processing technique gets used to quality safety namely controls a demand.

5, equipment height efficiency is changed

The high efficiency that food machines is changed, advocate if use Electromechanical unifinication technology and technology of control of smooth, report, fluid, automation to wait,will come true, by continuous manufacturing facilities replaces intermittent type to produce equipment, by specialization manufacturing facilities replaces generalization to produce equipment, by the person model change manufacturing facilities to replace medium or small manufacturing facilities. Make product line comes true to turn production continuously, specialization exercise, automation adjustment, dimensions is changed manage etc, can show raise manufacturing efficiency and economic benefits. Current, a lot of food machinery are large production enterprise or transnational corporation, expand automation of product line height, scale of production mostly large the manufacturing facilities that change, with efficient the competitive ability that production gains the market.