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Annals of complete 2010 GB and sidelights of metric job conference

Published on:2013/6/13 19:05:09

Keyword:Cotton, moisture determines appearance
Introduction:Fragrant humble in April, just about China earth is rejuvenescent, the happiness that bursts at the beginning of the flower everywhere is seasonal. On...

      Fragrant humble in April, just about China earth is rejuvenescent, the happiness that bursts at the beginning of the flower everywhere is seasonal. On April 23, annals of complete 2010 GB and metric job can be in beautiful rich and popular, the victory of Sichuan the Chengdu City with delightful climate is held. Sun Huichuan of deputy director general of Chinese fiber inspection bereau attends the meeting intercurrent watch speaks. This second conference is pledged by national fiber Director Kong Liping manages check center. The leader that the standard of each unit director that comes from countrywide each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and plan sheet to list city works and the comrade that specific and responsible mark works; Responsible fiber is metric reach HVI to maintained leader of safeguard job be assigned personal responsibility for and specific and responsible comrade to attend this second meeting.

   Firm pays superintendency service, make concerted effort does work of good fine check

   On conference opening ceremony, pledge by Sichuan province inspect bureau leader published ebullient welcoming speech above all. Subsequently, deputy director general of Sun Huichuan of Chinese fiber inspection bereau published serious talk. Bureau of the fine in was being communicated leads the concerned directive of metric to fiber mark and fiber job and ardent hope.

   Sun Huichuan deputy director general says, 11 National People's Congresses on the 3rd conference, the premier is in " governmental working report " in specific requirement: “ promotes a product quality in the round. Guide an enterprise to attach most importance to a dot with brand, standard, service and benefit, sound quality runs a system, responsibility of aggrandizement society configuration. Suit is strengthened actually the market is superintended and sincere letter system is built, improve quality of our country product to new standard hard. ”

   Two a lunar month of 30 days set the mechanism of great quality work that has at present and “ of culture of big qualitative check ” is fiber examine the system carries out scientific progress to watch what put forward in the activity in study, reflected whole system the reform of qualitative to deepening check, will that promotes qualitative check the standard, of level of the theory in also reflecting whole system to carry out scientific progress to observe an activity in study rise. In the job henceforth, each unit must carry out two a lunar month of 30 days of “ effectively to set ” in each job practice.

   In the meantime, he still emphasized “ quality promoting ” activity the value in fine check job. Main content includes activity of ” of “ mass promotion, the level that foundation of the standard that promotes a service development, level that promotion superintends scientificly, promotion ensures 3 main fields. Grandson deputy director general says, mix in the “ quality that has begun in bringing annual ” activity, fine bureau was united in wedlock to develop the activity of a series of rich and colorful actually in. Publicize ” theme around “ quality, we should build atmosphere of fiber product quality, guide an enterprise to say sincere letter, the standard is machined, publicize legal laws and regulations and standard energetically, enhance an enterprise to regard quality as the responsibility consciousness of person of the first responsibility. Want to be in the job henceforth only, we study deploy seriously, fumble effective method, innovation superintends service mode, multibarrel falls together, promote science to superintend kimono Wu level hard. Promote ” activity to give priority to a problem with “ quality at the same time, we can build mechanism of monitoring of fiber product quality, promote fiber product quality competition ability, safety of safeguard people health and the development reserve strength that enhance fine check job.

   Subsequently, grandson deputy director general still pledges in the light of the whole nation that is about to develop check system detects the job is rectified undertook arousing mixing deploy. He emphasizes, fiber examines system detect the job rectifies the major move that promotes ” the activity as “ quality to catch. Should according to the unified deploy of total bureau of national qualitative check specific aim ground is caught rectify, ring noisy alarm bell, solve a problem, one hundred percent, wu begs actual effect. In the meantime, he still detects the job is rectified raised specific requirement. It is to ask whole system improves the knowledge that to detecting the job rectifies above all; Still ask fiber examines next departmental door must want the system to be thrown with all one's strength, all-around had begun detect rectify the job; In the meantime, it is certain to seek departmental door even want aggrandizement to rectify and reform measure, wu begs actual effect.

   Then, grandson the real case that deputy director general still joins to happen recently. The pointed out fiber mark and fiber exist in metric job a few problems of explain the profound things in a simple way.

   He says, at present individual unit returns existence to weigh the issue of amount, heavy benefit, light quality in fiber sign work. Bring about the circumstance that appeared to use fiber to indicate company quality is not stable to happen thereby. The height that needs to cause everybody takes seriously and treat seriously. Grandson deputy director general asks to be in the job henceforth, fiber indicates the job must accomplish the following: It is the concept that should act on rather go without than have something shoddy-put quality before quantity, should hold to an amount to be subject to absolutely without fail the principle of quality. 2 it is each workstation must father to close the examine and verify of use mark enterprise, in principle is adopted to the enterprise catch put small step greatly. 3 it is departmental door must use what the enterprise has whole process supervise to the mark, use a symbol in the enterprise before in later period undertakes whole journey is superintended. The 4 construction that are system of each regulations in wanting to strengthen fiber mark to work, make more standardization, systematization.

   In the meantime, grandson a few problems that deputy director general still pointed out to in fine check at present metric job exists. Above all, the understanding of metric to fine check job does not return unit of the part inside the system and unit leader comrade to reach the designated position, attention level is insufficient still; Next, some units are in carry out executive “ in ” of construction of 3 individual departments specific fulfil a circumstance to be done not quite still; Moreover, the maintains safeguard system normative sex that has a few units is not tall still, still need to promote energetically. Be aimed at fine check these exists objectively problems in metric job, grandson deputy director general puts forward each district departmental door still needs when to accomplish as follows in the following job: The first, want to accelerate HVI to maintain the construction that ensures a system without fail, this construction still must want to insist to maintain safeguard to personnel is built and maintain safeguard system to build the principle that pay equal attention to. The 2nd, still need to increase fine check the system construction of metric job, check of farther perfect a rope for towing a boat is metric the each regulations system in the job. The 3rd, the team of metric job builds fine check also is the problem of negligence, metric without the fine check of a high quality team is to do not have method to make good fine check of metric and specific work. Finally, grandson what deputy director general asks everybody wants to combine this unit to work is actual, had grabbed each job with fiber mark and metric 2010 fiber seriously.

   After the opening ceremony ends, delegate attending the meeting held countrywide fiber to indicate working conference and countrywide fiber examine respectively metric job seminar.

   Conference of work of countrywide fiber sign

   On April 23 morning, fiber indicates working conference victory is held, the conference by in Director Kong Liping manages center of qualitative check of fiber of fine bureau country.

   The conference is begun to “ above all clear the work that checks mark of natural fiber product and zoology fiber mark to use circumstance ” did summary. Bureau of the fine in the basis is sent character [2010] 19 files spirit, chinese fiber inspection bereau indicates to natural fiber product to April 28 from March 5, 2010 and fiber mark use circumstance began zoology to clear, the examination works. The height that the job caused workstation of each district mark takes seriously, spread out a mark quickly after the file of bureau of the fine in receiving to clear, the examination works. And will detect very quickly sample sent national fiber quality to supervise examine center.

   Clearing in the job, 176 enterprises that each indicate workstation uses a symbol to 9 years respectively undertook clearing checking. Each mark workstation, the intelligence that uses a company to the mark above all undertook checking. Basically be to check the business charter of the enterprise, registered trade mark to whether wait for a circumstance inside period of efficacy. Next, the mark that checked a company uses a case. Stress the use case of the number that examined enterprise fiber mark and fiber mark. Checking while, the conduct propaganda that still undertook yield tasting pledging standard of quantity, product, catharsis marks and explain the job.

   In checking the work, the enterprise that ends to had indicated to 176 use fiber on April 22 undertook checking. Because violate compasses operation to was indicated by disuse individual business of the qualification and individual business do not have a product in place 2010,divide current perhaps already of stop production besides, the enterprise that each workstation indicates to using fiber 9 years all had product sampling inspection. Add up to selective examination sample 178 batch, among them pure cashmere indicates 49 batch, the cashmere print of corresponding color date 467.

   Be in this second use a case to fiber mark clear in check out procedure, discover those who assure to major product quality is to have, but still individual business returns existence careless omission and flaw on product quality control, appeared to produce character to measure unqualified phenomenon. Director Kong Liping says, develop to promote mark product health, improve mark product quality ceaselessly, in will work henceforth we still need to continue to strengthen what measure to producing quality to superintend. Each workstation, should take pair of marks seriously to use a company abiding, often pay indefatigable government.

   Conference requirement, want aggrandizement to control government, stress quality of good sign product, normative company action. 2 should improve service quality, offer a standard to groom, seek advice from the information platform that waits for a respect. The 3 conduct propaganda that should fortify pair of relative standard carry out strength, improve the quality awareness of use mark enterprise and quality level of management, stimulative mark produces those who taste quality standard to promote steadily.

   Then, personnel attending the meeting is right still " mark of natural fiber product and brand of proof of zoology fiber mark detect servive routine station runs a system " undertook item-by-item discussion. Join the case that encounters in real work, everybody speak out freely, build character to make suggestions. How does the delegate such as Zhejiang, Beijing make consumer satisfactory respectively, how the better notion that developed the problem such as workstation construction to publish his and view, it may be said is sentence an admonition, word word gem.

   Finally, conference research and deploy mark of product of natural 2010 fiber and work of zoology fiber sign and relevant provision.

   Countrywide fine check is metric working seminar

   On April 23, metric job seminar holds countrywide fine check successfully. Bencihui is discussed by in stationmaster of metric station Han Shiping chairs fiber of fine bureau country. The conference is opposite above all check of 2009 year fine is metric reach HVI to maintained safeguard system work to undertake summing up, check of thorough analysis fine is metric the problem that in reaching HVI to maintain safeguard system to work, exists, thrash out measure. Be opposite at the same time check of 2010 year fine is metric reach HVI to maintained safeguard system work to undertake deploy.

   2009, metric stand aside exhibited fiber of each district major to determine with moisture in cotton labour of appearance strong check regards the fiber of core as special metrological implement metric calibrating reachs supervisory job. Each fiber is metric station, overcame industry measure much, distributing the difficulty with wide, pressing time, below the setting of reduction in production of depression of cotton spinning market, cotton the basis is in the actual condition of unit and area, execute the law with metrological supervision reach cotton to machine company quality to make sure ability qualification test works to rely on, came actively to undertake for the enterprise the calibrating of metrological implement maintains the job, ensured taller strong check gets check rate, ensured cotton to buy notarization of treatment, of all kinds fiber to examine those who reach spin company quality to control the job is successful begin.

   Fiber of each district major is metric the station adds up to examination sale business, buy a station to wait for 2800, examination fine spins special metrological implement many 14000. Among them, moisture in cotton determines appearance more than 4000, strong check sufferred check rate to achieve 95% above. And a bale of cotton of company of treatment of the cotton after transforming is online the device that measure water 600, other fine spins special apparatus to make an appointment with 10000.

   This year, metric station returned each major fiber to perfect fine check further system of quantity value transfer of special metrological implement; Strengthened fine check metric foundation construction, 2009 year change in all HVI spare parts more than 500, the HVI standard sample that the country stood to still purchase about 1 million yuan is used at examination of calibration of each lab HVI and calibration and the color calibration that replace attaint board. In the meantime, the whole nation undertook comprehensive maintenance to 80 HVI in all, disappear runs hidden danger besides the instrument.

   The conference still pointed out check of 2009 year fine is metric at the same time the main problem that the job exists.

   Because suffer 200 tons of cotton to machine company stop production, business economic benefits glides wait for an element to affect, partial area moisture in cotton determines regulations of method standard and calibrating did not get appearance be carried out seriously carry out, promotion job is begun slower. Current, calibrating personnel is the need that still cannot satisfy calibrating business completely to develop on amount or quality no matter.

   HVI maintains the job fulfils a circumstance goodish still, partial lab maintains to HVI sense knowledge of the job is insufficient still, initiative is not tall still. HVI area maintenance ensures central action to be developed inadequately still. ABC of machinery of partial maintenance technician, electron is weaker, lack maintenance to carry out an opportunity, maintenance technology still is waited for rise.

   Be aimed at occurrence problem, the conference is metric to check of 2010 year fine the job made specific arrangement deploy. Ask each major fiber is metric the station should continue to do good fine check to reach superintendency examination to work with metrological implement quantity value transfer only, begin chrysalis silk, hemp stage by stage kind fiber and textile examine business of the calibrating of equipment, calibration. In the meantime, the installation that makes good HVI even checks and accept the job; Strengthen HVI operation to groom the job; Raise HVI area to maintain safeguard center function; Strengthen communication of technology of HVI daily care and maintenance, maintenance, 0 spare parts to supervise the work.