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Tianjin metal treatment is exhibited hold 9 thick accumulate Bao Facheng to be exhibited greatly with respect to national level

Published on:2013/6/13 19:05:04

Introduction:On May 22 dispatch   exhibition of equipment of processing technique of metal of the 9th China International (treatment of metal of Tianjin of “...

On May 22 dispatch

Exhibition of equipment of processing technique of metal of the 9th China International (treatment of metal of Tianjin of “ of the following abbreviation exhibits ”) to will be in Tianjin on August 21, 2013 seaside new developed area is held, exhibit can promote committee by commerce of association of industry of treatment of Chinese nonferrous metal, China International city of society of profession of automation of city of society of appearance of instrument of city of committee of business affairs of city of economy of city of mechanical industry branch, Tianjin and informatization committee, Tianjin, Tianjin, Tianjin, Tianjin solders guild, Zhen Wei, exhibit limited company to undertake solely by Tianjin Zhen Wei.

Through old labor force, metallic treatment exhibits Tianjin to had been become domestic and international famous large equipment manufacturing industry is exhibited meeting. Exhibit meeting in “ China economy the 3rd grow extremely the heartland that economy of Bohai Sea of ” , annulus encircles- - Tianjin seaside new developed area is held, will enable whole house of seaside international exhibition center at the appointed time. Tianjin is the main base of manufacturing industry of our country equipment, the development of equipment manufacturing industry has had nearly hundred years history, ferry equipment manufacturing industry covered 8 kinds of big all industries of equipment manufacturing industry, in terminal unit of appearance of equipment of automobile equipment, project machine, machine tool, petro-chemical equipment, instrument, communication, intelligence the industry domain such as masked equipment has stronger actual strength, tianjin equipment manufacturing industry develops 2013, already had on 1000 to cross 100 million items, the development that is relevant enterprise and nonlocal enterprise garrison Tianjin the market offerred vast space and advantageous condition. By right of Tianjin market rich and generous equipment is in manufacturing industry resource, metallic treatment exhibited Tianjin to had had ginseng of this locality of a big dutiful to postpone a business, enter the business of Tianjin market with partial itch to try. Exhibit meeting development to arrive 2013, the program exhibits an area to will break through 60000 square metre. Courtyard of Dalian machine tool, treasure chicken machine tool, Guilin machine tool, peaceful river machine tool, Beijing Electromechanical, Qinghai one machine, Tianjin collect rises v of machine tool of one machine, Changsha, Tianjin, Tianjin, 100 exceed, machine tool of blessing salary, Ha Si, Ha Ting, contemporary.

As do those who exhibit experience is ceaseless accumulate, tianjin metal treatment exhibits specialization the level rises ceaselessly, dimensions expands ceaselessly, good public praise was formed inside course of study, be joined those who postpone a business all the time reputably.

With a ha hold out a machine tool (Shanghai) gentleman of manage of He Zheng of manager of limited company large division ever evaluated Tianjin metal treatment to exhibit so: “ this is we enter this exhibition the 4th times, this is an extraordinary success exhibit meeting, new developed area of particularly much, seaside regards spot audience as us a in home main market, here us can in time the ground knows the market condition with seaside newest new developed area, also give seaside new developed area more users at the same time provided an understanding the Ha Ting company, the main chance that knows Ha Ting company. ”

Beijing Zhang Zijiang of general manager of laser technology limited company also is opposite Suosite day metal treatment exhibits give height evaluates: “ we are the 3rd attend to be exhibited this meeting. Exhibit meeting comparing previous term or session this to exhibit meeting dimensions to want big, condition is close friends a lot of, this time we added two kinds of products again, one is fiber-optic laser cut, have very big specific aim to Tianjin and Heibei market, still have carbon dioxide, our carbon dioxide is economy practical model, applied field is very extensive, this (exhibit meeting) our circumjacent client came a lot of, the result is very right still, below one still can attend. ”

Tianjin metal treatment is exhibited gather together the bibcock enterprise of manufacturing industry of domestic and international equipment is the same as with 500 strong companies showpiece, the high-end dialogue that promotes this domain and international cooperate, predict to attract the whole world 80000 professional audiences and before buying the home, will look around. Exhibition is achieved with all possible means the target of win-win and ceaseless effort, obtained satisfactory result. Tianjin is defended inspect " Tianjin news " column, heibei is defended inspect " report tonight " column, seaside TV station " seaside news " the media of much home news such as the newspaper is management newspaper of net of column and Xinhua News Agency, people, China, successional tonight to Tianjin metal treatment is exhibited undertake tracing a story.

Be located in Chinese economy the 3rd growth extremely seaside new developed area, 9 are accumulated, 60000 square metre exhibit an area, more than 80000 professional audience looks around purchase, in Tianjin municipal government support energetically, the tripartite confrontation that reachs 10 big guild is sponsorred below, metallic treatment exhibits Tianjin to had ascended body state level is large exhibit meeting, for global equipment production enterprise is offerred more high end, more professional, more high grade reveal platform.

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