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Contemporary spin detects technology, characteristic and development direction

Published on:2013/6/13 19:04:48

Keyword:Yarn, automation, spin checks an instrument
Introduction:Textile detects technical carrier is textile test instrument. Recently a few years, spin test instrument is checking level of unifinication of mechani...

      Textile detects technical carrier is textile test instrument. Recently a few years, spin test instrument is checking level of unifinication of mechanism, Electromechanical, microcomputer application and test the respect such as the sort of instrument of index, test had great progress, appeared big, intelligence changes a batch of sizes, the Electromechanical unifinication with high rate of muti_function, automation is new-style instrument. Of these new-style instruments come out the mark is worn spin detects the technology already reached a new level.

   Contemporary spin detects technology

   The development of IT drove spin to detect greatly technical progress. Computer technology, automation technology, communication technology detects in spin the application of the domain, promoted contemporary spin detected method and capability greatly. Current, spin detects the function of equipment is perfect with each passing day, the intelligence of the instrument is changed, automation rate is higher and higher, use advanced device, people already can by to function of traditional raw material examine change is those who pass property of pair of fiber, yarn to examine reach evaluate the quality that takes finished product beforehand. Review contemporary spin to detect technical development, its present a the following and main characteristic.

   1. Utmost land raised the automation level of the test.

   As ISO1973—1995 " of density of spin fiber line determine say to be mixed again vibratory drilling method " replaced with vibratory drilling method the odd root fiber of version towel was measured 1976 long say to weigh a law, abroad develops a variety of vibration in succession fineness appearance. Oscillatory type is fineness appearance does not need to adjust artificially, do not need to observe fiber vibration maximum with eyesight, with a single bond the operation can offer the automatic test of fiber line density, because do not need factitious judgement, raised the accuracy that fiber line density is worth thereby. Two operations personnel operates cotton fiber high capacity to test a system, complete the test of 180 sample, need 1h only. Result of this system testing does not suffer the effect that manipulates personnel, the result comes from many sample, have more representative, the test has better accuracy and reappearance as a result.

   2. Use new and high technology extensively.

   (The wide application of 1) computer technology: Cotton wool of pilot of a kind of when roll out recently on international new-style computer and abb line density are fast air current law determines appearance, need 3—5g fiber sample only, the time that because control sample to come to be weighed surely,eliminates a plant wastes the error that reachs sample itself. Extend by force in ultimate fibre in spending an experiment, new-style instrument uses the computer to undertake data is collected, handle and show, if lie between,be apart from length and rupture the setting of percentage elongation can adjust beforehand through computer software inside design limits. Current, abroad is using fiber of appraisal of computer center network and mensuration of close red infrared spectrophotometer. What arise by close red infrared spectrophotometer is spectral, through computer center network further analysis generation gives the ASC Ⅱ file that admits spectrum. This method is fast, reliable, centre network can distinguish not only the fiber of similar and chemical composition, and can composition of appraisal fibrous blending.

   (2) number image processes technical application: Analyzer of optical fiber diameter (OFDA) applies digital image to handle a technology to determine abb fiber is average diameter and diameter distributing, minutely can check fiber 10 thousand. The greatest value of OFDA depends on checking fiber diameter and diameter to distributing not only, still can check medullary wool, dead wool and fibrous crimpness.

   (The application of 3) laser technology: Laser scanner of Australia (what Sirolan) uses at abb fiber diameter euqally with OFDA is fast determine, what what differ is it use laser scanning and computer control technology, the quality of work that uses fiber diameter stimulates the linear dependency of light energy attenuation with what detect on silicon photocell, test whole process is completed inside several minutes, value of the average that prints a fiber diameter, CV and effective root number reach his to distributing graph.

   3. Pass feeling means and clamp to get improvement ceaselessly.

   Spin test instrument is passed by capacitance type feeling pass feeling, smooth telex feeling to develop to acoustic frequency. Case of Wei of German at present (the test unit that test meter of the G581 of Zweigle) company uniformity has two independence, every test device contains room of an acoustic frequency, air vibration frequency is 3—5Hz, use the dependency of the acoustic frequency change of fiber gather gearshift and fasciculus uniformity, can measure the line density of sliver and roving and uniformity continuously, the test does not suffer the effect of surroundings as a result.

   Test meter of structure of the G580 of company of pattern of at present Wei yarn uses Buck (Barco) smooth sensor determines the structural sex data of yarn, is not the change of weight, scan every time 2mm. Infrared test does not suffer test data to mix to be affected with environmental atmospheric as a result, raised the accuracy of the experiment.

   4. Fiber and yarn test instrument develop to direction of light type, low cost.

   Manufacturer of foreign large instrument handles the work in consciousness while the environment is transformed, develop the low cost instrument of light type hard, in order to get used to the need of the market. Law of fast air stream determines appearance RMl070Compunaire is instrument of a kind of light type, do not need to configure another air current device, carry convenient.

   Contemporary spin detects development direction of the technology and foreground

   1. Forecast to finished product imitate and quality with assess directional progress.

   The fundamental trend that instrument of foreign spin experiment develops is, use a test to be opposite as a result the treatment process of the product and finished product quality undertake be forecastinged reliably quickly. Development of company of pattern of at present Wei gives system of a kind of imitate, according to the test result of test meter of G$80 yarn structure, maneuver considers machine imitate woven or knitted fabric, had not begun in this fabric undertake to its quality before weaving beforehand evaluate, the time waste that avoids weaving galley proof to arise because of inferior quality and cost cost. Academy of Australian federal science and technology (the whole set of equipment of Sirolan yarn detector of CSIRO) can forecast yarn quality from sliver property, narrowed to fabric from fiber quality is forecasted with quality pilot difference.

   2. To high speed, efficient development.

   Wu Si of · of plan Er Wei Ge is special the rapidity of test of Tensonjet of appearance of high-powered tensile test of the company is as high as 400m / Min, can complete tensile test 30000 times hourly; The abb that CSIRO develops bundle fiber instrument SirolanTensor, have muti_function collet, can finish pair of fasciculus to comb, add apply add tension to keep abreast of beforehand a tensile test; The computer that SDL company manufactures controls yarn attrition and Mao Yu to combine test meter, can experiment with aleatoric speed in 50—300m / Min; Test meter of structure of the G580 of company of pattern of at present Wei yarn does not suffer test data to mix as a result except the test outside reaching atmosphere environment to affect, still can provide very extensive yarn not divide evenly leads information, include to classification matrix, can judge some to approve yarn exterior qualification by this matrix, raise sex of quality pilot effectiveness for a given period of time.

   3. By single function to muti_function develop.

   Examine to cotton fibrous, 50 time just introduce 20 centuries instrument assess, and conventional device function force of onefold, take time, bad news. High capacity appearance (what HVl) uses at performance of cotton fiber quality is integrated determine, the line density that needs 10min to be able to finish a sample only, length, puissant, rupture percentage elongation and colour and lustre classification test; Tensojet excel is other and congener tensile test appearance, depend on its high rate, high capacity not only, still indicate 5 kinds of 100 cent values in Yujike, some 100 minutes of values and loom stop a secret to cut because of what some kind of reason causes relevant, to user choose and buy and the port with use different yarn to have principal; System of control of quality of one Cyros yarn can treat the G580 of company of pattern of at present Wei realistically not only the opinion that measures yarn have reliable yarn structure and property, and the analysis that can offer a lot of potential and relevant quality, test meter of uniformity of optics of have the aid of and three-dimensional fabric image, one Cyros system can replace G580 machine of fabric galley proof, state of fabric of bona fide emersion.

   4. By the test lab develops to network.

   Manufacturer of a few large instruments, company of pattern of the Wei that be like at present and Wu Si of · of plan Er Wei Ge are special the experiment instrument data that the company already was based on computer network technology in development analyses a system. Use this system to be able to realize experiment instrument and central computer couplet net, get number to be handled according to hand-in-hand travel from inside the instrument of all couplet net by central computer, want place to gather together to go up in sheet of report of a piece of lab as a result finally.

   The window Texdata of company of pattern of at present Wei is a such systems.
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