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Cloth of weaving of water thorn blame passes adhesive consolidate and hot frit consolidate to promote grade (2)

Published on:2013/6/13 19:04:24

Keyword:Be not weaving cloth, fiber
Introduction:2. 3. 3 adhesive processing is not weaving cloth to have taller water proofing property when the requirement, defend solvent sex and more expensive me...

2. 3. 3 adhesive processing is not weaving cloth to have taller water proofing property when the requirement, defend solvent sex and more expensive measure when stability (like ceiling film) , conserve agent should be added in adhesive, the adhesive effect that because be in,added conserve agent at fibre web, can obtain afore-mentioned these function. Adhesive can finish mutual cross-linking through oneself (like) of adhesive of amine of acyl of N- methylic propylene, the conserve agent that also can contain through them finishs mutual cross-linking (be like 3 get together) of cyanogen amine formaldehyde. The conserve of adhesive can be finished in the liquid, also can disperse in bubble adhesive finish in fluid. Conserve handles need for some time. The accident of time basically depends on the discretion of temperature and the air current speed that cross fibre web. Temperature is higher, processing time is shorter. But, the temperature of set must not cause loss to fiber. Hot flash dryer can offer an appropriate air current rate normally; This is why the penetrable gas of hi-tech is dry (the conserve processing division that TAD) place needs is less than dry shade or be dry canister. Air current is penetrable model turn bosomy operation principle has two kinds: Apply at frivolous model the sheet that is not weaving cloth turns bosomy product line, its are turning the dry part installation that rouses upper part has fixed conveyer belt; Apply at cloth of massiness blame weaving turn more bosomy product line, be like fibre web of bitumen felt base material. Finishing dry hind, fibre web is heated suddenly to heat up air temperature through shedding the hot air current of classics by pump action, the processing time that needs according to place keeps period of time below this temperature. 2. 3. 4 adhesive migration depends on dry process in, adhesive be heated produces migration to have very negative effect to be not the character of weaving cloth. Water is divided and adhesive can produce mobile phenomenon in dry process, they can move gradually from fibre web interior the fibre web surface of be heated, here exterior moisture content gathers ceaselessly evaporate. Not deliquescent or not dispersive adhesive grain produces as same as moisture motion trend, then the adhesive of fibre web surface gathers ceaselessly. Migration phenomenon can cause a lot of and adverse effect. The serious consequence that migration phenomenon may cause is as follows: The adhesive in fibre web, dye and chemical auxiliary distributing not divide evenly; Because the product is statified, fibre web interior is puissant reduce; Feel is rough hard; Function of physics of fibre web two sides if wearability difference is notable; The surface is hygroscopic reduce; Because fibre web surface forms adhesive film, dry time increases. Control and the method that reduce migration phenomenon are as follows: Drop dry temperature, but this kind of method is not good, because of dry rate also was reduced while thermal drop is small. Raise air current rate, add wash-and-wear dry, can limit the time that migration phenomenon produces. Why is this compared namely at other and dry system, have fast air stream to penetrate the air current of rate is worn