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In recent years technology of development of equipment of our country high end scores certain gain

Published on:2013/6/13 19:04:01

Introduction:The 04 special —— with 16 in compendium of program of development of long-term science and technology great special science and technology...

The 04 special —— with 16 in compendium of program of development of long-term science and technology great special science and technology in the country " machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment " since was being started 2009 oneself, mechanical science studies total courtyard takes the lead assume special in the research of multinomial task and tackle key problem, break through multinomial core technology and crucial technology, prop up me aerospace, shipping, car and generate electricity multinomial foundation production equipment and major equipment realize the domain such as equipment homebred change, investment of multinomial research achievement is used, economic benefits and social benefit are distinct.

Machinery total courtyard is in 04 in tackling key problem specially, take the lead in all assumed more than 30, the research that still participated 40 tasks at the same time, direct the development that completed 10 to cover major equipment, the research of 18 foundations craft and general character technology, 2 foundations make the construction of platform of ability of innovation of equipment technology domain; Participate in finished large the development of a research and development that combines extruder of 36 thousand tons of press of 80 thousand tons of heat treatment equipment, die forging, black to wait for sex of 3 great symbols to equip and multinomial foundation workmanship and equipment key technology; The ” of equipment of casting of broken bits of “ large report of development, “ is big large wall is narrow clearance solders the research achievement such as craft of hot punch of strong steel of freeboard of equipment ” , “ and equipment ” already was in industry of national major project, key throws manufacturing application.

Up to in April 2013, machinery total courtyard shares unit of 8 directly under plan many 600 brainpower, more than 10 research organization such as institute of material of more than 90 enterprise of more than 40 college such as associated Tsinghua university, China such as company of the first heavy-duty and rigid group, Beijing aviation is being cast, v, solder, the many foundations workmanship such as project of heat treatment, surface, mould and positive drive and. Capturing special technology and high-end equipment are developed while, developed deepness “ adequately to produce, learn, grind, use ” innovate in coordination advantage, drove the promotion application of extensive innovation activity and special gain, made important contribution to be carried out specially greatly again.