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Regain of XJ130 cotton wool determines appearance uses medium note

Published on:2013/6/13 19:03:44

Keyword:Cotton, determine appearance
Introduction:Regain of XJ130 cotton wool determines appearance is report of each model tradition is measured implement change product, be to get used to GB1103-200...

       Regain of XJ130 cotton wool determines appearance is report of each model tradition is measured implement change product, be to get used to GB1103-2007 " pily medium staple cotton " reach GB/T6102.2-2009 " report of method of experiment of cotton wool regain is measured implement law " carry out and of research and development. This instrument is based on " temperature and humidity measures influence and new-style report to measure to pily resurgence implement " the research achievement of the task, be in accurate and affirmatory the research and development on function of cotton fibrous electric conduction and its moisture content and the foundation with the relation between temperature went out to have own intellectual property, those who fit our country national condition is bigger accommodation of lukewarm, humidity (temperature - 50 ℃ of 30 ℃ ~ humidity 20% ~ 90% ) new-style regain determines instrument. Solved regain of our country cotton to determine the problem that the instrument solves urgently, regain of our country cotton technology of fast, accurate test raised a new standard.

   Since GB/T6102.2-2009 is carried out, new-style report is measured implement already was in unit of cotton of countrywide each experience wide application. The author is trying repeatedly check and undertake in countrywide each district report is measured implement the issue that Baconian summary gives to be ignored easily in the operation below in after service job, the hope can be right the accuracy that raises this instrument further and the good performance that carry an instrument can be helped somewhat.

   (1)XJ130 report is measured implement in control error respect made pressure be improved apparently, use digital pressure sensor, make pressure error limits reduces ±30N by original ±49N, and pressure is not inside this limits when, cannot enter the test order of the instrument, also do not show regain. The person that use first did not react easily when giving regain, continue in the instrument pressurization, till exceed the limiting value of pressure sensor (1000N above) , make pressure value beats repeatedly besides the limits in instrument requirement thereby, such not only do not measure give true regain, can injure pressure sensor instead, make the instrument cannot be used normally. Often use this instrument or seasoned handlers to be when pressurization, achieve the due and certain feel when 735N. Because new instrument is divided no longer go up, medium, lower level, when regain is inferior (5% the following) , to assure accurate test, the instrument needs to increase sampling time, reason handlers should maintain pressure continuously (left and right sides agreement 4s) till reach,check a result.

   (When 2) lab checks, from sample is taken out to check inside container flourishing type, answer to make the best of time to check as far as possible. Compare big case to fall in environmental temperature and humidity and the difference of temperature and humidity of the sample that be measured especially, the moisture absorption of sample or put wet process the meeting is very quick, count the regain deviate female parent that can make check inside minute. Same, when buying examine, the random sampling inspection on workshop product line, the suction in also answering to avoid sample to check as far as possible puts wet appearance. For instance, inspector of some cotton processing factory is mirrorred, regain of same cotton appearance appears to measure smaller phenomenon more in checking a process. The environment when via understanding its deep detailed test measure reachs a test (instrument itself can monitor temperature and humidity) , confirm instrument itself and operation method do not have apparent misgivings, and test environment as it happens is the circumstance with lesser humidity of at noon air. Because cotton fibrous is sucked,put wet performance, sample is measured via ripping pine hind repeatedly, certainly will causes what water divides to volatilize. Conversely, drier cotton sample is surveyed in humidder air, when sample is placed not classics is sealed, also can have the appearance that measures bigger more. Additional, the chunk impurity in handlers hand sweat and cotton appearance can affect report to measure implement the voltaic size that tests circuit, those who bring about test data is not stable.

   (3) is measured the measurement of sample temperature the compensation that accuracy affects regain directly. Report is measured implement what feeling lukewarm parts of an apparatus feels is environmental temperature, accordingly, sample, environment, report is measured implement 3 person temperature should achieve balance ability to make compensation accurate. Report is measured implement when the move in different environment, the environmental temperature with very can fast new perception (need 15min to control about) , and sample falls to should not be less than 4h with the balance of different environment temperature in encapsulated situation, because cotton appearance temperature is monitored very hard directly usually, balance time weak point to will not ensure the difference between them is not more than the requirement of 2 ℃ , bring about the generation that measures an error thereby.

   (4) notices the uniformity with the hydrous sample that be measured. Report is measured implement fundamental is resistance standard, 50g cotton appearance is by countless cotton fiber is comprised, if among them very small one part fiber is hydrous bigger, also can make report is measured implement electric current of whole test circuit increases, the test is worth on the high side. And when be being measured again via rearrange cotton appearance, because wet fibrous position changes, can make the result appears retest error. The cotton that water of the mix into when this phenomenon and cotton grower sell cotton or other reason bring about is hydrous inhomogenous about, the person that use should not think by accident is instrument stability poor be caused by.

   (If 5) is machining the sample that the spot cuts automatically to packer to undertake metrical, must arrange to sample even hind measure again, if be opposite,kind of cotton of original shape condition tests directly, measured value will be reduced 0.5% the left and right sides. Producing an account may be the sample that packer cuts directly submits a form or layer shape distributings, distributing again after sampling not all, put report to measure directly implement in two plate, can cause with the contact between plate the area is reduced, bring about measured value on the low side.

   (6) opens the draw-out sample when the appearance that include a short slender pointed piece of metal to the spot, after bundle up pressure is released sample bulk expands quickly, suffer easily at that time the influence of environmental humidity, bring about sample regain to change and generation measures an error. This kind of phenomenon also has report on product line of cotton ginning factory, seed cotton is in same battlements below the manufacturing environment with bigger difference (for instance down period of time is mixed next midday period of time) treatment, can appear different online regain is worth. Additional, the article (the appearance that mentions in 3) examines in appearance of spot a short slender pointed piece of metal in be ignored easily also and the influence measures an outcome, undertake including appearance of a short slender pointed piece of metal and test below the condition that because this should avoid as far as possible,changes quickly in environmental temperature and humidity.

   (7) new-style report measures appliance to have the self check function with voltage breakdown and unusual regain, when working voltage deviate (90±1) the instrument when the limits of V will reject to enter measure, show AAA clew symbol; When regain < 3.0% when accord with of indication LLL clew; Exceed when regain when measuring range, the instrument shows AAH clew symbol, the phone that before these clew accord with and new standard are carried out, uses is measured implement differ somewhat, handlers should bring to sb's attention.

   Anyhow, pily inspection man is made is a meticulous and complex job, all sorts of issues that be in are put in analysing inspection man objectively to make, be helpful for advancing an instrument correctly to change examining development. The reason that moisture report measures a law to check regain to produce an error involves a lot of aspects, the point of view that the article offers also includes the experience of a few person of the same trades and view, the hope can be right the person that use is helped somewhat.