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Thirteenth the metal machines equipment exhibition

Published on:2013/6/13 19:03:19

Keyword:Automation, can extend a service, accessory, fittings
Introduction:Exhibit meeting area: Chongqing city sponsors an unit: Association of industry of nonferrous metal of China of Chongqing municipal government undertak...

  • Exhibit meeting area:
  • Chongqing city
  • Sponsor an unit:
  • Association of industry of nonferrous metal of China of Chongqing municipal government
  • Undertake unit:
  • Business affairs of flourishing age of the annulus in Chongqing city can exhibit limited company Heibei to achieve great to be able to exhibit service limited company
  • Support an unit:
  • The United States combines Trade Association flower in trade association east guild of v of Chongqing of chamber of commerce of investment of trade of allied country border
  • Exhibit house title:
  • Chongqing international reads extensively center (Yue comes)
  • Extend meeting time:
  • 2013-03-28 comes 2013-03-30
  • Exhibit meeting site:
  • Chongqing international reads extensively center (Yue comes)
  • Exhibit meeting content:
  • Thirteenth the metal machines equipment exhibition


    In March 2013 28-30 day international of Chongqing of · of two rivers new developed area reads extensively center (Yue comes)

    Sponsor an unit

    Association of industry of nonferrous metal of China of government of Chongqing city people

    Sponsor an unit jointly

    The United States combines Trade Association flower in trade association east commerce of allied country border invests chamber of commerce

    World China business invests peace of stimulative meeting China to use energy-saving cartel of China of association of war industry technology to meet

    Undertake economy of unit Chongqing city and committee of business of town of informatization committee Chongqing assist do Chongqing of guild of unit Chongqing v to cast project of guild Chongqing car to learn Chongqing shipbuilding project to learn to carry out an unit

    Business affairs of flourishing age of the annulus in Chongqing city can exhibit limited company Heibei to achieve great to be able to exhibit service limited company (appoint the unit that enrol business)

    Postpone meeting introduction

    Chinese metal machines equipment to exhibit is the national level grand meeting that in be being mixed by government of Chongqing city people, association of industry of state-owned lubricious metal sponsors, previous term or session is exhibited can exhibit an area 35000 smooth rice (plan 1600 more than standard exhibits a) , organize professional personage 68 thousand person-time (abroad audience 827) . Current exhibit meeting general in March 2013 28-30 day is in western international of the biggest the Chongqing that exhibit a house reads extensively the center is held, predict the amount that postpone business will break through 1000, reveal an area to will be achieved 60000 smooth rice, the organization the car is created, autocycle is made, equipment is made, component treatment, machinery is made, war industry, shipping, petro-chemical, mineral products, mould is made, the industry such as light course of industry of hardware Electromechanical, metal treatment, material treatment, aerospace, Gao Tie the 10 professional personages of more than attend a meeting look around, exert oneself makes the industry distinguished gathering that a metal machines.

    Chongqing serves as western exclusive municipality directly under the Central Government, in global industry move spring tide is driven, attracted 500 strong companies of 200 worlds and on 1000 the eastpart part to develop settle of region industry business, formed the move of on the production value such as garden of Taiwan industry garden, industry of the Yangtse River one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two garden area. Chongqing industry gross will achieve 2.5 trillion yuan 2015, the base of modern manufacturing industry with will become China main and western region industry grows extremely. In the meantime, chongqing is one of base of 6 big old industry, 4 old cars produce one of base, the oldest equipment creates base, the manufacturing base of the whole nation's main internal-combustion engine and instrument appearance, steam rub quantity of produce and sale ranks the whole nation the first. In the near future Chongqing will be in the “1+6+1000” industry group that the compose inside ” of two rivers circuit establishs “ to be 6 delegate, car manufacturers to be factory of component of 1000 a general name for arteries and veins, cars to be a backbone with Chang'an car, construction production value exceeds 600 billion yuan car to produce base. And Chongqing also is developing industry of pen cable industry, aviation energetically (helicopter is made) , the high-end industry such as machine tool of orbit traffic, rigid numerical control creates a field, because this is right the rate that metallic treatment equipment asks is higher and higher, formed more than 100 billion yuan component to purchase the demand market with huge order.

    Time and place cloth extend time: In March 2013 26-27 day 08:30-17:00 opening ceremonies: On March 28 09:30-10:00 exhibitions negotiate: On March 28, 2013 10:00-16:30 3 month 29 days of 09:00-16:30

    On March 30, 2013 09:00-16:00 remove extend time: On March 30, 2013 16:00 places: Chongqing international reads extensively center

    Limits of item on display

    The metal machines a machine tool: Lathe, milling machine, sawing machine, drilling machine, grinder, punching machine, boring machine, machining center. Report machines equipment of machine tool, line cut machine tool, laser beam machining to wait.

    Machine tool accessory: System of tool of built up fixture, machine tool, numerical control and other fittings.

    Standard component of of all kinds mould, mould, mould bases, push rod, hot flow path, fixed position sells lock, big mouth to cover, rolled steel of material of component of stretch component, oriented machinery, pneumatic, mould, mould, report board, electrode copper makings.

    The mould shapes equipment and device: Engraving tool, polisher, machine combining a model, knife (blade) , card (clip) , software of 3R system, CAD/CAE/CAM, measuring instrument implement, weighing apparatus, grind agent of fluid of an abrasive, cut, lube, drawing of patterns to wait.

    Industrial control automation and instrument appearance kind: Transducer; Spot bus line; Labour accuses machine; Instrument appearance.

    Appearance of system of automation control, robot, electron application, instrument, weighing apparatus and solution of informatization of equipment manufacturing industry;

    Other equipment manufacturing industry: The product equipment such as machine of all sorts of equipment of environmental protection, energy, current equipment, project, food machinery, agriculture machinery and special purpose vehicle.

    Ginseng extend the price

    A extends a service:


    Standard of norms home industry is exhibited (/ of RMB 6800 of 3m*3m) home company special exhibit (smooth ground, 36 smooth rice rises) M2 of / of domestic company RMB 700

    Special clew: The standard is exhibited include to exhibit a field and 2.5 meters tall wainscot, lintel board to make, negotiate desk one piece, electrical outlet of power source of chair, 220V, shoot the light two; Smooth ground is divided outside providing field, security personnel, clean service, configure without other;

    B proceedings of a conferences and other serve: Black and white inside the page exhibits a newspaper 3000 yuan two period 5000 yuan / advertisement / (the electron pressworks each first phase) gift bag: 15000 yuan of / 1000

    Aerate column: Building of face each other of / of exhibition period of 4000 yuan of / : Door of 20000 yuan of rainbow (16m) : 6000 / visiting certificate: 20000 yuan of / invitation card 10 thousand pieces 5000 yuan / belt of 1000 pieces of condole: 20000 yuan / exhibition period

    Target audience

    The car is made, autocycle is made, component treatment, equipment is made, machinery is made, war industry, shipping, petro-chemical, mineral products, the sources of energy, home appliance production, environmental protection, mould is made, industry of appearance of treatment of hardware Electromechanical, metal, material treatment, instrument, aerospace, Gao Tie is light course,

    Organizing committee office

    Address: Couplet of area of stage of clump of city of Dan of Heibei province Han is spun east road 4-4-13 of 269 Teng Yuyuan

    Phone: 0310-7081388 fax: 0310-7081388

    Contact: Tang Yan 13703205114 network address: