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Total bureau of national qualitative check lifts next neat assurance more fiber quality

Published on:2013/6/13 19:03:02

Keyword:Cotton, determine appearance
Introduction:Total bureau of national qualitative check " about the whole nation qualitative check system is begun " quality and install annual " mobile announceme...

      Total bureau of national qualitative check " about the whole nation qualitative check system begins “ quality and safety year the announcement of ” activity " after allotting, chinese fiber inspection bereau (bureau of the fine in the following abbreviation) established “ quality and safety quickly year group of ” activity leader and “ quality and install office of annual ” activity, work of check of combinative towing tie is real, the organization makes mobile plan, developed the activity of a series of rich and colorful, obtained remarkable result.

   Publicize ” theme around “ quality

   Build atmosphere of fiber product quality

   Cotton of combinative state reserve closes store the job, fine bureau the beginning of the year begins orgnaization of check of deploy major fine to guide an enterprise to say sincere letter in, the standard is machined, fulfil quality safety responsibility, have exposure to violating compasses enterprise, half an year faces an enterprise to organize propaganda more than times 60. Combinative group purchases quality of area of quality monitoring, key to supervise, ” of cotton of black heart of punish of rework fiber quality, “ hits country of quality of product of false special operation, towel to supervise after selective examination and selectiving examination rectify and reform the job, publicize concerned law laws and regulations and standard energetically, enhance company quality the responsibility consciousness of person of the first responsibility. Fine bureau returns what hold actively through relevant industry to exhibit meeting, seminar in to nearly more than 100 large and medium-sized quality of “ of conduct propaganda of backbone of the manager of spin enterprise and partial business company, business and bring annual ” activity.

   In fine bureau from go into town Wu work staff uses fiber quality with garrulous proceed with of special inspection circumstance, build quality caution system, be themes of pair of quality conduct propaganda deepen. Violate plan treatment to enter to breaking the law store pily enterprise, classics country hair changes appoint, in fine bureau jointly with in store cotton of cotton head office, whole nation trades the market releases blacklist quickly, strong awe illegal treatment is entered store the impetus of cotton.

   Promote ” the subject around “ quality

   Build mechanism of monitoring of fiber product quality

   This year the beginning of the year, fine bureau started cotton to machine company quality to assure to ability is examined and check in the round in the job, father to close market admittance. In counterpoise place area breaks the law violate plan treatment cotton to enter store while behavior undertakes severity is hit, forge bar code in existence of the bulletin on the network first label, forge regain, adulteration to make 13 cotton of the serious quality problem such as the holiday process a business, effective keep within limits the impetus that the enterprise violates treatment. the whole nation 23 are not cotton fiber advocate the key that city regards 91 ground of area yield a province as to be not cotton fiber quality this year checks area, production of the cogent and normative fiber that be not cotton is machined and trade current order.

   “ quality and after installing annual ” activity to begin, fine bureau pushs reform of system of pily quality inspection quickly in, the whole nation plans a lab 90, provide HVI446 station, examine ability amounts to 3.5 million tons. Since this year, the new system company that enlists cotton to pledge check system is reformed is close 2000, 80% what already achieved reform goal. Half an year comes, fine bureau is emphasized in inspection man of notarization of the fiber that be not cotton to make effectiveness fluctuation effort in, chrysalis silk trades the notarization of market segment examines the amount promotes considerably. Fine bureau returns innovation garrulous to execute the law with fiber in system of the job that make a holiday, strengthen and the standard supervises the work with fiber quality to academical garrulous, drive a group to buy garrulous to be in with system of fiber quality monitoring nursery school, go into town of the domain such as Wu work staff extend.

   Serve ” theme around “ quality

   Promote fiber product quality competition ability

   Standardize demonstrative area construction to advance cotton, build system of standard of cotton of medium staple cotton, long fine hair, organization of fine bureau half an year examines level of system of standard of cotton of medium staple cotton, long fine hair in 70, offer cotton freely to compare pair of services, groom pily identifier member. The fiber that be not cotton advocate the agricultural standardization of product of key yield a division also gets be drivinged energetically, flax of goat breed aquatics, Heilongjiang grows Inner Mongolia white fine hair, work of valuation of chrysalis of Zhejiang combination carry out, fair check gains certain headway.

   Exert oneself of each district of fine bureau organization boosts level of fine check science and technology in outspread servive routine, one's job of exploration base oneself upon serves the way that the industry develops, face fiber product to produce organization of demand of enterprise, business company and unit of hotel school user to groom, those who get local government mix reputably the welcome of the enterprise.

   Around theme of ” of “ quality punish

   Safeguard people health is safe

   After case of ” of cotton of black heart of “ of Shaanxi male county happens, in fine bureau hits out quickly, decorate for a short while investigate. Below the joint efforts that concerns orgnaization of check of fine of branch, place in city of salty in relief municipal government, province, investigate problem company 6, seal up for keeping lawfully manufacturing facilities more than 20, distrain confiscates problem product 84 packets add up to 8 tons, experience case personnel is detained by administration 4 people, criminal detains 1 person. In the light of the whole nation the likelihood puts the congener issue that be in, in fine bureau expedites two superintend group quickly, right before rework fiber and garrulous use fiber issue more or place of problem of existence of near future report undertakes superintend, the problem allotted the hidden trouble that waits for province existence in the light of Hubei, Shandong, Henan, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Guizhou to supervise and direct announcement, bureau of check of Guizhou Province fine is opposite jointly with branch of local qualitative inspect inferior batt production undertook the Gong Shan austral city of abide by justice investigate, bureau of Fosan city qualitative inspect is hunted down be suspected of problem product 15914, semi-manufactured goods 900.

   In March, fine bureau organizes 5 provinces in (city) fine check orgnaization, to going into town Wu is versed in personnel used fiber organization to begin special inspection with garrulous. Check a farmer to be versed in in all relatively centralized construction site 34, industrial and mining enterprises 36, include Shanghai world gain the building site of priority discipline construction such as subway of meeting, Hangzhou and part are large enterprise of colliery, spin.

   In April, fine bureau organizes orgnaization of check of countrywide professional fine to use fiber quality with garrulous to nursery school in special inspection, driving what nursery school uses system of fiber quality monitoring with garrulous actively to build jointly with concerned branch at present.

   Build ” theme around “ quality

   Enhance fine check job to develop delayed effect

   To strengthen macroscopical management research, fine bureau is released first in " quality of dry chrysalis of 2008 year silkworm analyses 2007 ~ report " and " quality of 2008 year cashmere wool analyses 2007 ~ report " , promoted orgnaization of local fine check to develop the fiber that be not cotton fixed quality analysis. Made " the measure opinion that strengthens work of technology of fine check system " , " the opinion that pushs construction of ability of innovation of technology of fine check system " reach measure of form a complete set, ability of innovation of technology of system of check of the fine that start is built, began “ 925 ” science and technology and standardization demand survey, coordinate the technical issue in solving Shu Jiangyi of wool cloth with soft nap to develop. Participate in draft resolution of ISO sample standard to discuss, drive materiality to share the work of internationalization stage by stage.

   The moisture in cotton that fine bureau organization drafts in determines regulations of calibrating of appearance nation capacity familying livelihood already entered a newspaper to approve a program, returned an organization to hold countrywide fine check metric job seminar, fiber of major of requirement each district is metric station, had done new-style moisture in cotton to determine seriously the compulsive calibrating of appearance works.

   Fine bureau finished fiber to examine in the work out of the technical system that prop up, establish expert advisory system, supervisory censorship. Fine bureau still passes a variety of examining that the technology grooms and detect in technical test and verify works than be opposite, strengthened fine check to detect ability construction.