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Development of estate of automation of our country machine tool industry appears besides analysis

Published on:2013/6/13 19:02:58

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Introduction:Through 50 old effort, industry of tool of our country machine tool had very great progress, offerred many fundamental tooling for national economy an...

Through 50 old effort, industry of tool of our country machine tool had very great progress, offerred many fundamental tooling for national economy and national defence construction, make important contribution for modern course of the country. Entire industry is cut machinery of machine tool, v by gold, cast cutting tool of machine tool of mechanical, carpentry, quantity, abrasive to grind, machine tool accessory contains scroll function electric equipment of component, machine tool embodies numerical control system 8 small industries comprise. The product that each small industries produce is a certain number of types and numerous breed, norms by different feature cent, had formed class breed to compare all ready, lead plane and form a complete set the production that has certain base makes a system, have have quite the place of scientific research courtyard of technical force and business of mainstay of a batch of keys.

Our country already entered world machine tool to produce big country, consumption big country and the range that import big country. According to international model assist secretary-general survey, business of industry of tool of our country machine tool shares 2023 to belong to state-owned company category among them 959, the 47.4%; that holds sum total civilian battalion enterprise 758, occupy 37.5%; 3 endowment enterprise 306, occupy 15.1% , entire industry total assets amounts to 117.5 billion yuan, have from employee of course of study 520 thousand person.

As the development of reform, the pattern that a variety of economy component coexist has been formed, industry of machine tool tool appeared the nice topological features of rapid development, had begun to enter development speed and the new level that synchronism of economic riding quality increases, make big country made powerful nation stride create good base to the machine tool by the machine tool for our country. Competition ability of industry of machine tool tool analyses specific progress to behave is: 1, high speed of production value crop grows, economic benefits rises apparently. 2, the expands trade of speed prep above average growth rate of numerical control machine tool.

Macroscopical economy is stagnant, profit of machine tool company is compressed ceaselessly, work especially concentrated model the enterprise is facing unprecedented pressure. Strengthen equipment automation to transform, raise manufacturing automation rate, reduce labor intensity, improve work environment, had become the general consensus of manufacturing industry.

Look from international environment, worldwide inside pattern of economic society progress is changing ceaselessly, already be pregnant with is worn tremendous opportunity, also accompanying grim challenge, upgrade to transition of our country machine tool industry brought profound influence. Look from domestic environment, the fundamental condition that our country machine tool industry develops, inherent power and did not change for a long time at all to good trend, but traditional development mode faces a lot of challenge, structure of machine tool industry is optimized and transition upgrades imperative.

Be in " 925 " in the program, change economy grows mode to remain a focal point, raising automation to make a standard is implementation way, did not come 5 years, automation will welcome great progress. Point out, develop as the prosperity of industry of automation of machine tool industry, structure of our country industry upgrades and technical progress will have more enough power and more multivariate choice, the new-style industrialized way that the traditional industrialized way that realizes to grow by main support dimensions quickly thereby progresses to main support technology and can develop continuously transforms.