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Science and technology spins in: Product line of cloth of compound blame weaving appears on Argentina

Published on:2013/6/13 19:02:39

Keyword:Be not weaving cloth, fiber, chinese spin, textile industry
Introduction:Recently, limited company of Chinese spin technology (the SMMS(that ”) of science and technology spins to develop production in abbreviation &ld...

Recently, limited company of Chinese spin technology (the SMMS(that ”) of science and technology spins to develop production in abbreviation “ is spun stick, frit gush, frit gush, spin stick) product line of cloth of compound blame weaving finished a project smoothly to check and accept in Argentina, product requirement of contract of each index excel, the user is well-content. This is science and technology is spun to count many model head to spin gush sticking frit in afterwards compound product line is after put into production of equipment of domestic and international market, in South-American market again wonderful appear.

By in spin science and technology the much model head that own research and development produces spins gush sticking frit product line of cloth of compound blame weaving is national spin the project that special fund emphasis supports. To promote spin trade innovation upgrades, change grows way, the country established spin 2006 special fund, the project such as public service platform and ” of own brand construction gives the innovation of key research and development to technology of “ spin key, equipment, industry support. In November 2006, national treasury department, hair changes appoint the unit promotes foreign trade of spin industry transformation to grow way in the center of appropriate special fund, 16 projects of company of group of Chinese constant day are obtained aid financially. Among them, two projects such as equipment of cloth of weaving of online and compound blame and engineering technology ” obtain the “ that science and technology spins to assume in support of 3 million yuan of capital. The spin of this nation emphasis that starts 6 years ago is special technology, already writtened guarantee nowadays a great achievements of again and again, changed spin frit equipment of compound blame production cloth counts an import, the market by the situation of foreign business monopoly.

With own core technology occupational domestic and international market

Science and technology is being spun in is a science and technology of subordinate of group of Chinese constant day enterprise, limited company of subordinate and baronial academy is engaged in technically be not weaving equipment and engineering technology research and development and “ to hand in key project ” . Equip in blame weaving cloth research and development produces a field, assumed project of national technology innovation, country more than 10 countries such as 863 plans project and province ministry degree are large project project. The company has a company workstation of postdoctoral scientific research, formed the scientific research group that with teaching course senior engineer, senior engineer is core. Up to 2012, the company wins first prize of progress of national science and technology 1, award of progress of science and technology of the class that visit a department 4, own national patent more than 10.

As people standard of living rises ceaselessly and worldwide population comes agedly, taller and taller to be not the function of weaving cloth to ask. SMMS is not weaving cloth to basically be used at producing material of sanitation of high-grade medical treatment, like one-time guaze mask, defend take, the product such as pants of make water of towel of hole of operation garment, operation, sanitary towel, paper. Investigation shows: 2010, north America market is one-time medical the market application rate that is not weaving cloth is 87%(among them the market application rate of towel of one-time operation hole already achieved 90%~95% , one-time operation garment achieves 80%) , and our country is only 6% , market development potential is tremendous.

Current, domestic and international market defends material demand to high-grade cure exuberant, production coils this kind the much model head of material spins gush sticking frit compound product line represented equipment of current world's most advanced blame weaving cloth to produce production standard, but this technology is long-term by Euramerican company monopoly, import a such product line at every turn a few yuan, a lot of our country dimensions do not have company of the production that spin cloth smally to suffer fund place to be restricted, flinch to its. The much model head that the sexual price of research and development of science and technology spins to compare excel abroad congener product in spins gush sticking frit complex equipment, have greater market competition ability undoubtedly.

The researcher that science and technology spins in is bold breakthrough tradition, be brave in to innovate independently, in domain of technology of equipment of blame weaving cloth, the trial takes a line of new technical research and development, appliance has the core technology of own intellectual property, occupational equipment of cloth of weaving of the blame that spin frit is domestic and international the market. Especially the SMMS of this company pioneer spins frit one machine of “ of equipment of compound blame weaving 3 with ” technology (already but online production SMMS and product of gush of frit of production leaving a line, at the same time producible SS is spun stick product) , have international Promethean, the flexibility that came true to produce much breed product and the breakthrough that design, have very strong competition ability in the market.

Filature model head is cloth of weaving of the blame that spin frit the core component in whole set of equipment, immediate impact is not weaving cloth to become network quality, also be homebred cloth of weaving of the blame that spin frit the updating equipment replacement, technology difficulty that overtakes abroad wants to solve in process of advanced product line. The copying method simulation that used in the past machines a method, affect the uniformity of the product and consistency, cannot satisfy high-grade cure to defend material to be opposite product uniformity, pliability, permeability, cut off sexual requirement. Accordingly, want to solve the problem such as uniformity, must offer the balanced and consistent filature fuse-element inside limits of complete fabric width, ask to want to uniform flow, pressure falls in a bit more aleatoric fuse-element, flow path passes time to wait, filature model head makes crucial part. The high polymer character that how can just make sure each nod fuse-element and the condition that become silk agrees completely, acquire the product of blame weaving cloth with complete even width of cloth then. Home can follow without relevant technology data and product, brainpower is spun in with to overtaking foreign advanced technique, make homebred equipment realizes own development at an early date, the volition of occupational international market and confidence, combine school of domestic scientific research, go produce learn to grind combinative way, on the crucial technology of modular head item-by-item tackles key problem, the filature model head that got according with a requirement completely does not have curve of contact single clothes tree smooth flow path. To assure the unity that design and carries out, CAM system is adopted in treatment, input enumerated data directly in 4 coordinate machining center, assured the treatment precision of modular head, lay next solid foundations to solve problem of the uniformity that spread a net. Last year in October, “ bull spins frit equipment of cloth of compound blame weaving and project of engineering technology ” passed national appraisal. Appraisal committee thinks, the project came true to spin stick the online high speed that is not weaving cloth with frit gush compound production, integral technology achieves international advanced level.

Make core competition ability

Come a few years, company of science and technology is spun to be on the basis that completes development of innovation of multinomial country spin in, use own technology, improve ceaselessly, rise, produced many SMS, SMMS to spin frit answer to combine product line, export country and the area such as Turkey, sand spy, Egypt, India, Korea, Indonesian, Argentina. This year, in spin frit market environment domestic and internationally general low below confused condition, this company relies on core technology, in intense market competition, obtain middle east continuously SMMS of 3.2 meters of fabric width spins two countries frit is compound the contract project that is not weaving cloth product line.

He Suyi of president of science and technology is spun to think in, our country has entered the interval that labor cost promotes generally. Rise ceaselessly as the cost that use worker worker, when Chinese textile relies on labour force bonus to prop up the extensive that rise economy to develop mode to had passed, enterprise must transition upgrades. Should develop to the high end of industrial catenary on one hand, the technical innovation process that develops originality and sale link; to want to accelerate manufacturing segment on the other hand energetically, the additional cost of the product raises in producing production course.

The reporter understands in interview, science and technology is spun to develop the strategy for a long time to spin base oneself upon frit at “ bull in the technology of ” of product line of cloth of compound blame weaving innovates. The near future, the SSMMS of 5 models head that new development of science and technology spins in spins frit answer to combine product line (baronial Ⅳ ) had finished blueprint, craft to design, those who rectified a product line to realize an advanced technique is compositive. Be like from on expect cent is cut those who pack whole technological process to turn technology control, accurate equipment subtly is modular first-born of design, much model produces stability to assure measure etc, make this product line has producible low gram heavy, ultrathin model the ability that is not weaving cloth, manufacturing rate can be amounted to minutely 400 meters. In addition, they still developed a variety of product line of much constituent superfine fibber, solid knot method aggregate is compound the product such as technological equipment, these projects had included Chinese textile industry union directiveness planned 2012, in what develop on foundation of frit gush product line facilities of filature of bitumen radical carbon fiber also will try at the beginning of next year car.

Zhang Jie of president of group of Chinese constant day arrives recently in when spinning survey of firm of science and technology, point out, industry of cloth of current blame weaving is in the phase of rapid growth, rapid change, body of science and technology is spun to be in in among them, should be well worth doing. Regard Heng Tian as the platform of hatch of science and technology of the group, future of have sth in mind of general of science and technology is spun in, obtain new positive result ceaselessly on innovation of science and technology, make the company creates a field in equipment of cloth of weaving of domestic and international blame to taller summit summit ascend.