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Approach metric science seeks fiber mystery of fine check instrument

Published on:2013/6/13 19:02:21

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Introduction:Metric station established national fiber 1991, inspection bereau of attributive China fiber is led, supervise with national fiber quality examine cen...

Metric station established national fiber 1991, inspection bereau of attributive China fiber is led, supervise with national fiber quality examine center (” of center of qualitative check of fiber of “ of the following abbreviation) office closing office. National fiber is metric the station is in charge of assuming the fiber inside countrywide limits to examine the metric calibrating of professional metrological implement, management and supervise, quantity value transfer and trace to the source, if code of weights and measures technique is metric corrective standard, metric detect of regulations make edit wait for the job.

   National fiber is metric Han Shiping of vice director of center of qualitative check of fiber of station stationmaster, country is a “ ” of old fine check, be engaged in fiber metric job also has a lot of years, he introduced fiber with the reporter above all the setting of metric station, fiber is metric belong to professional and metric category, major plan measure has the professional specialty that crosses a branch to cross a trade, have the problem that metric branch cannot solve some of place, involve the trade that be less than, be about to rely on professional and metric station to solve, the microtherm metrological implement that when for instance marine and metric station, antarctic makes an on-the-spot investigation, uses belong to professional and metric limits, the whole nation has many professional and metric stations, metric station also belongs to national fiber this cavalcade. To ensure fiber to examine the value of a quantity of equipment traces to the source, metric station established national fiber 1991. Current, the whole nation has major of 19 places fiber metric station, main and responsible fiber and fine spin the calibrating of the instrument, test, and of code of fiber weights and measures technique make edit the job.

   Say it is orgnaization of “ small ” , not be to say its function is small, however the number is little. The reporter comes to national fiber the office discovery of metric station has a few places only, zhang Baoguo of vice director of center of metric station deputy stationmaster, qualitative check tells national fiber the reporter, fiber is metric the member that the station has 6 famous person. so orgnaization of “ small ” is leading major of fiber of 19 places of countrywide however the job of metric station, assumed the work that makes the laws and regulations of current weights and measures technique inside fiber industry. In recent years, national fiber is metric station already formulate measurement Law of more than 10 branch compasses, organize formulate regulations of calibrating of national capacity familying livelihood and country are metric and corrective standard. Current major servicing range is in fiber especially the calibrating of the metrological implement of pily major and calibration, in the country store of cotton examine and industrial and commercial main effect was produced in the trade close an account in joining a course.

   Speak of the calibrating of pily metrological implement, the strong check that has to mention instrument of moisture in cotton works. Metric station is in each place fiber carried out respect of metrological implement of strong check cotton to do a large number of works, in last few years the workload of strong check is in instrument of moisture in cotton annual many 10 thousand above, enclothe rate amount to 97% . According to Introduction Han Shiping, metric job can be in countrywide fiber to was held every year in May, each are metric after the meeting the station begins in those days the strong check of pily metrological implement works, should last commonly ability of a few months is finished entirely. Especially Xinjiang, pily crop and treatment amount are large, district area is vast, a certain area has the possibility only 9 instruments, because journey is distant, the time that metrological personal goes back and forth between needs two days, but also must want to go, because this is compulsive calibrating, an instrument cannot leak. If the professional metrological implement of a lot of fiber respects is hydrous, contain miscellaneous wait to want calibrating, the metrological implement that regards commerce as settle accounts especially must want check more.

   The meaning of the strong check of instrument of respecting moisture in cotton, zhang Baoguo calculated brushstroke Zhang to us: Have 6 million tons cotton suppose, according to 15 thousand yuan / ton trade price computation, so these pily value 90 billion yuan; If because cotton is hydrous,cause weight of every tons of cotton,differ 1% , it is 900 million yuan discrepancy. In fact, the pily price of some year and trade the hypothesis that the quantity wants to be more than us, the amount that involves in that way is far more than 900 million. Accordingly, the calibrating that strengthens fiber major metrological implement is mixed to safeguard cotton grower, processing factory each square legitimate rights and interests such as cotton spinning factory has important sense. The pily instrument that carries out now is changed examine, it is to ask the instrument is changed more metric accurate, the value of a quantity of metrological implement is unified, accurate the safeguards each legitimate rights and interests with nicer gift.

   Metric management job is national fiber the foundation of metric station works, its content includes “ quantity to pass systematic ” perfect and metric execute the law two parts. In last few years, national fiber is metric the station edited national moisture in cotton determines the national calibrating regulations of appearance, formulate online the branch that measures water is metric detect regulations, groomed for the place many metric calibrating personnel, research and development metric standard implement the tall block standard that examines with fiber implement, developed plan the foreign matter appearance of serious way, right of HVI software and system of our country information match a gender to undertake transforming. Metric execute the law respect, metric station regards national fiber as technical orgnaization, itself does not have the power that execute the law, but the metrological implement to assure a company is effective, can use normally, metric station encourages national fiber metric station obtains local fiber the accredit of local technology supervisory bureau, undertake metric execute the law, offer technical support and guidance when necessary.

   HVI maintenance guarantees a system: Open the HVI“4S” store that is in China

   2005, of give an official of the State Council " system of pily quality inspection reforms scheme " carry out, indicating cotton is qualitative check system reform pulls open big screen. Advance as reform ceaselessly, pily instrument changes fair check to spread out stage by stage, the grow in quantity of HVI equipment year after year that our country imports, at present countrywide HVI achieved many 400. Arrived especially cotton examines seasonal, the maintenance safeguard of many 400 equipment of countrywide became the one catastrophe that is placed before to inscribe. This difficult problem makes fiber metric at that time the station feels pressure, for this, they did not think less, after the experience that learned USDA of American Ministry of Agriculture, the decision establishs HVI to maintain safeguard center. Han Shiping is recollected, “ ensures a center to prepare this, I go to the United States twice early or late, basically be the experience that with Wusite the company talks about this thing and study draws lessons from American respect. Later, we the CEO of the company of Wu Si spy of 12 countries reachs a whole world please Suzhou, held special meeting, the Fang Weixiu in my representing ensures a center to be in charge of ginseng meeting, lend this conference us learned a whole world other the experience of 12 countries. Later, we discuss research through relapsing, considering Chinese national condition, the decision builds safeguard system the 3 class area that with national fiber metric station is a center to manage mode, be equivalent to HVI“4S” inn ” of China.

   Pattern of government of 3 class district ensures HVI maintenance systematic cent to be national fiber namely cent is center of safeguard of metric station, area and each specific HVI lab 3 administrative levels, also can saying is 3 class. Metric station regards national fiber as this core of individual department, the organization that basically is in charge of building regulations system and job of countrywide HVI safeguard is harmonious; Area safeguard center is a basis of HVI lab distributing build, be in charge of the maintenance inside this area guaranteeing the job coordinate and attemper; The center of HVI maintenance safeguard of each lab is this system most the branch of basic level. Each lab deserves to special maintenance ensures personnel, it is OK to should encounter inextricability technology difficult problem up the safeguard center of one class appears in the newspaper, 3 class area managed mode to raise an instrument effectively to maintain the efficiency of safeguard and effect.

   Safeguard of maintenance of ——HVI of construction of “ software ” sees scale at the beginning of talent team

   The tentative plan that 3 class area administers had, does HVI maintenance ensure personnel where to come? At that time to a lot of fine check people HVI is a new thing, the maintenance of the instrument and maintain the job is a blank, often equipment occurrence issue appeals Yuwusite (China) the technical personnel of the company, this cannot satisfy the maintenance requirement of hundreds of equipment apparently, the HVI maintenance that fosters oneself ensures a team to become the issue of extremely urgent. Then, metric station organizes national fiber regularly HVI maintenance grooms, ask company of Wu Si spy groom the teacher gives lessons, student comes from HVI lab of the whole nation, groom class cent is mixed for the primary class in the light of new personality be aimed at what already was engaged in HVI servicing old student of the job to increase a class, content arrives from the academic knowledge such as the working principle of HVI equipment is simple eliminate and solve of the problem. A lot of student are to taking a problem to come to those who groom to attend, they are met work at ordinary times working problem puts forward to groom together teacher and classmate communicate together; Return some labs to examine at ordinary times the job is little, examine the frequency that the instrument uses is not tall, the problem that maintenance technician encounters is little also, annual grooming is the opportunity that they are familiar with HVI further. such, HVI grooms the job from 0 begin, hold every year, already held successfully 6 times to this year groom class, groomed the maintenance that dimensions amounts to 220 more than person ensures a rank. Had these just about year groom uninterruptedly the job, just built this supports an army today.

   Not only such, the HVI maintenance last year grooms on the class, student people the assistant that discovered a few face are familiar, so these assistant come out from the choose in the maintenance technician of fine check system, and before a few years groom Wu Si specially appointed comes to assistant. We have reason to believe reoccupy the two time that arrive 3 years, HVI is primary groom the instructor of the class also can be held the position of by the personnel of fine check system. Besides interior groom, metric station is in national fiber every year 5~7 of countrywide limits choose the HVI unripe enterprise that backbone maintenance technician goes to the United States attends groom.

   These year come, this HVI maintained a team to basically ensure an instrument to change the success that inspection man makes, will a few years did not produce instrument large area to break down, influence inspection man makes the appearance that have. The fact is the most convincing: Growth of countrywide cotton inspected number is rapid 2008, and the amount of machine stage, examine ability still cannot be satisfied completely, especially the each cotton lab of Xinjiang is 3 turn, although be below this kind of circumstance, also assured the normal movement of equipment, ensured the success that pily inspection man makes.

   Library of sample of standard of cotton of —— of level of “ hardware ” and HVI spare parts library are progressively and perfect

   The room next door metric station office is sticking “HVI to maintain the brand that ensures central ” on the door, this is the storage facility for reserve purpose of HVI spare parts, see into the door orderly a few put cabinets, in every partition of the cabinet and drawer replete various HVI spare parts. Zhang Baoguo introduces to the reporter, these greatly small spare parts amounts 1000 near 1, value amount has 100 much. Below the case that uses normally, the part of HVI has loss, need changes regularly, and spare parts is American production, if every time the machine encounters a problem to go to the United States purchasing, undoubted meeting delays a lot of time, also can affect examining process, and scattered purchase the value tall. The means lot that purchases through concentration now buys HVI spare parts, the spare parts that purchase is put in HVI spare parts library unified and custodial, when the equipment of a certain lab maintenance needs to change when spare parts, can find need spare parts to send a lab from inside spare parts library. Reduced cost already so, managing also the time of maintenance.