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City of Heibei zoology clear river: Make cashmere " the county that clean out treasure "

Published on:2013/6/13 19:02:16

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Introduction:International is online message of zoology China channel: Clear river county is located in Heibei to visit the southeast ministry, deputy center town ...

International is online message of zoology China channel: Clear river county is located in Heibei to visit the southeast ministry, deputy center town that is Xing stage city, enjoy " of Chinese cashmere " beautiful praise. In Qing Dynasty of the 20th China river international cashmere reachs downy goods Fair and the 4th clear river during cashmere yarn and goods exhibition, reporter of zoology China channel is changed around cashmere industry modes of life and relation to their environment with local economy the pertinent question such as development covered county of vice secretary of clear river county Party committee, clear river Li Guoyin of acting head of a county. Zoology environment improves: The index promotes dweller happiness

"Zoology environment is the people's livelihood this, of development this. " ask about when the reporter when zoology builds the value to a place, li Guoyin's head of a county is blurted out. Plum the head of a county expresses, zoology civilization is built is a country not only " 5 an organic whole " the main component of total position, be local common people more is eager expect.

Clear river is located in catchment of harbor of black dragon of southeast of look forward to, land salt is alkaline barren, rich deficient. In recent years, height of government of clear river county Party committee, county takes zoology civilization seriously to build, insist to be a target with course of study of fitting room, appropriate, take the route of scientific progress, zoology development. On one hand, on industrial development, clear river county insists to expand circular economy, make green industry, introduce in the project on father to involve the environment, pay attention to introduce low carbon to pollute a project; On the other hand, around establish town of gardens of trade of middle east labour, insist to do sufficient make text of good light green, the organization was carried out " 3 canal pay off " " 4 water circle a city " wait for a series of aquatic state projects, be judged to be provincial gardens county early or late; In the meantime, river county returns Qing Dynasty to be a target in order to establish national park town, increase afforestation strength, make clear river hard the city of gardens of new-style labour trade of business of You Yi of appropriate of course of study of Cheng Yiju appropriate. The happy index of local dweller also promotes with each passing day as the progressively improvement of zoology environment. Zoology changes: The transition of stimulative industry develops

Plum the head of a county to reporter introduction, the pillar industry that cashmere industry is clear river county, enrich the people industry, main strategy is had to support action in the economic progress of clear river county. In recent years, clear river county is being built " the city of gardens of burgeoning labour trade that is characteristic with cashmere spin " in, stress the development of characteristic industry single-handed, catch municipal construction single-handed, exert oneself makes the beautiful environment that urban appropriate ranks, make whole town appears piece " zoology good, culture full-bodied, characteristic bright, glamour 4 shoot " flourishingly posture.

"Cashmere industry is the industry of the biggest pillar of clear river county, how to adjust cashmere industry structure, the economic structural adjustment to this county and the change that develop way are very significant " plum the head of a county expresses, "For this, the breach that clear river county holds to to regard society of entire county economy as to develop cashmere industry structural adjustment and exert oneself are nodded. It is to push equipment revolution energetically, guide an enterprise actively to introduce advanced equipment; 2 it is to advance area to change position energetically, built economic developing zone and cashmere goods market, the developing zone has been entered at present be stationed in a hunderd schools on the enterprise; 3 it is to implement brand industry strategy energetically, current, already 24 enterprises enter countrywide cashmere industry 100 strong, 10 enterprises obtain Chinese dress to grow model brand " .

Around the development of cashmere industry, government of clear river county Party committee, county holds to " consolidate, expand spinning, make strong product, prosperous market " train of thought. Hold to informatization to aid on one hand push industrialization, guide an enterprise to update equipment technology to raise level of research and development energetically; On the other hand, hold to corporeal market and aeriform market to develop simultaneously, develop electronic business affairs to extend market of sale in domestic market energetically, clear river already became the throughout the country's biggest cashmere product network to sell base, be named to be by Department of Commerce " transition of national foreign trade upgrades demonstrative base " , become the throughout the country famed " the county that clean out treasure " , great the zoology that pushed this county industry is changed. Green enrols business: Implementation economy can grow continuously

Capital attraction is implementation of clear river county drives the advanced unit, important grasper that accelerates development. So, how had involved development of economy of this county region " bovine nose " , plum the head of a county expresses: "Clear river county regards the core competition ability of capital attraction as zoology environment, government affairs environment all the time, increase strength ceaselessly, aggrandizement measure, make the capital attraction of entire county presents a good development the look of things. In capital attraction process, change ' the project that enrol business ' for ' send an item ' , the area of industry of county of clear river of active base oneself upon advantage, hold to ' out of thin air ' and ' in having, be born new ' two tactics is caught. Hold to ' out of thin air ' and ' in having, be born new ' two tactics is caught..

In recent years, clear river county encourages an enterprise actively on capital attraction to introduce intelligence model, automation equipment, force closes to traditional industry achieves progress of green low carbon. On one hand, introduce content of science and technology, high additional cost energetically, the market develops the project with wide perspective, perfect structural industry chain ceaselessly; On the other hand, development of base oneself upon is burgeoning industry, introduce the new-style industry such as medicine of new energy resources, new material, biology energetically; In the meantime, give aid to evolution appears acting content to shed the tertiary industy such as electronic business affairs to serve industry, for the abidance of entire county healthy progress extended a space, offerred continuously new power.