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Shanghai of 7 old series product are bright sword

Published on:2013/6/13 19:01:17

Keyword:Yarn, instrument, cone winder, electronic yarn clearer
Introduction:On the exhibition of textile industry of international of the 13rd Shanghai that ended a few days ago, shaanxi grows limited company of science and te...

      On the exhibition of textile industry of international of the 13rd Shanghai that ended a few days ago, shaanxi grows limited company of science and technology of mountain spin Electromechanical to extend scope with the ginseng of 135 square metre, exhibited 20 products of 7 old series, recieve the person that look around in all 3000 much person-time, extend data example 2500, sign a contract many yuan 200, reach intent contract nearly 40 million yuan.

   As we have learned, this company is in this second exhibit the product that exhibits on the meeting to cover laboratory of testing instrument of fiber of instrument of lab of digital electron yarn clearer, yarn, cotton, chemical filament instrument of lab of instrument, fabric, spin machine form a complete set electronic-controlled the product of 7 old series such as product of equipment, network and software. Among them fabric of detector of gauze of act on one's own judgment in an emergency of doubling of yarn clearer of electron of gift of YG156A yarn year, DQSS-28, DQSS-25 electron yarn clearer, DJ-1, YG067A is puissant fine of different of cotton of machine, CS801 is cleared 6 products such as machine all head second appear.

   First cleared machine suits the fine of CS-801 cotton different that objective exhibits all sorts of Qing Dynasty comb couplet or open scutching product line, introduce camera of CCD of two groups of high speed double-faced detect, resolution is high, can analyse detect the different minute that gives 1 centimeter of above, top yield amounts to 1000 kilograms / hour. Use this function the opposite sex fiber in effective cleared cotton, have important sense to rise and assuring the product quality of spin enterprise.

   YG156A is full automatic appearance of yarn number of turn is home exclusive full automatic appearance of number of turn, apply to the test of all sorts of yarn number of turn. This instrument shows for big screen liquid crystal, can have direct counting method, retreat twist twisting law, retreat 2 times twist twisting law, retreat 3 times twist the test of twisting law, pincers rotate speed most be as high as 2500 to turn / minute, can have a test according to set number every time and change a canal automatically.

   CT2000 dry uniformity instrument is used full automatic working mode, yarn drawing speed achieves 800 meters / minute, have at the same time work to check a function with Mao Yu, contain a dry expert to analyse diagnostic system and advanced couplet net function, its high speed checks a technology to be domestic initiate.

   Series of exhibiting electronic yarn clearer is applied to respectively average winding machine, automatic winding machine and turn a cup of spinning machine. Product function level of rich, technology tall, class is all ready, can satisfy the different requirement of the user.