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Manufacturing industry of brief analysis our country is existent the main show of the crisis

Published on:2013/6/13 19:01:13

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Introduction:Occurrence crisis of Chinese manufacturing industry is not already, the expert is being told, economist is in forecast, as world economic situation qu...

Occurrence crisis of Chinese manufacturing industry is not already, the expert is being told, economist is in forecast, as world economic situation queasy, chinese manufacturing industry appeared all sorts of predicament. According to the viewpoint of economist Lang Xianping, the crisis of Chinese manufacturing industry basically behaves for the following:

1, screwy glacial fire is double day. On one hand, hypostatic economy is stagnant, town of stock market building is all small fan, what form sharp contrast with this is, high-grade building dish, artwork of car of a person of extraordinary powers, high-grade luxury, high-grade antique however hot, false prosperity and actual fatigued and weak and collateral its.

2, Chinese manufacturing industry is changed by further edge, product research and development and innovation transform inadequacy. China although with manufacturing industry big country pose as, losing a dominant position ceaselessly however, its international speech counterpoises more hasten type is small, the most crucial price in cannot mastering international market regulation counterpoises, the profit of manufacturing industry is reduced further.

3, duty expends cost of overweight, capital advantage of cost of tall, labor no longer. Each district raises minimum wage level frequently, manpower cost rises quickly, only advantage also not answer exist.

4, management environment is exasperate, produce can superfluous. As world economic situation glide, foreign trade demand is decreased greatly, the yield that brings about home can be superfluous, the investment climate of manufacturing industry worsens further.

Be aimed at above problem, the way that Lang Xianping offers is development " wisdom industry " , by " wisdom industry " come to facilitating China the industry of manufacturing industry upgrades.

Wisdom industry is called again " the 4th industry " , serve for enterprise and other industry. In modern development, wisdom industry belongs to pyramid the high-tech of top end and tall originality industry. Its action criterion can compares loco, can pull directly move national economy to fly ahead sail.

Current, be badly in need of adjusting the setting that upgrade to fall in structure of Chinese manufacturing industry, wisdom industry changes before mode of the extensive with billow of big plant smother, plangent machine factory, acting with low cost can, efficient, agile, compact for the feature, become an enterprise to reduce the key that cost, stimulative manufacturing industry develops. The following example the delegate that can calls wisdom the industry:

1, the production enterprise that does not have a factory -- " apple " . It produces Iphone, do not have a factory however. It is innovation of science and technology industry, provide a lot of after service again, if Applestore(apple experiences inn) wait. It is not traditional manufacturing industry, also not be high-end service line of business. The IPad of 499 dollars includes a value merely the production cost of 33 dollars, and undertake in China acting labour is assembled (need to spend 8 dollars to ask Fuji only) of health generation labour.

2, " 3D printer " -- 2011 European mould is exhibited on most a kind of when appear first new machine. The occurrence of this one machine, the job that allows production part need not be knocked again beat dozen, make a product through building coating directly. Exhibit in the mould on, 3D manufacturer prints a hammer directly with 3D printer -- metallic peen and clean wood handle, the hammer with the tradition exactly like.

3, custom-built detect -- as product line final quality detects link, detect facility is huge to the influence of manufacturing industry. Be in at present home, the business of new and high technology that gets state apparatus to be a delegate with Beijing is the person above average of this one domain, it advocates " by need custom-built " : Product line of user of 100% press close to is actual demand, with the intelligence of innovation research and development automatic equipment replaces many qualitative check worker, ground of deal with concrete matters relating to work reduces manpower cost, improve qualitative check efficiency. Accordingly, can be production enterprise detect the integral cost that link reduces 20%~50% , enhance its market competition ability.

Enterprise of this kind of innovation is civilian battalion enterprise more. Because state-owend enterprise system is manacled, hard efficient research and development, and the research and development of college and institute breaks away from market demand mostly again, the cycle that the industry changes is too long, bring about aftereffect inadequacy, because this is right manufacturing industry understanding is deeper remain an amount to occupy than most civilian look forward to people, the country encourages civilian look forward to to make research and development just is a key.

Review power of a few big machine tool, japan, Italy, beautiful national capital has taken machine tool safeguard, the support of policy has very big positive effect to the development of the machine tool. Now nowadays, numerical control machine tool is included country science and technology great and special, 18 put forward greatly " executive innovation drive develops the strategy " all without exception makes clear, machine tool of prospective numerical control will have great progress!

60 time Japan and Chinese machine tool industry are in 20 centuries coequal level, but after this Japan promulgated 4 machinist job to promote a doctrine, this huge promoted the development of Japanese machine tool industry, total production value of Japanese machine tool industry exceeded the United States to make the world 1982 the first. Italy of machine tool powerful nation also is having similar experience, this shows, industry of numerical control machine tool wants to expand the support that must win a government quickly. Be in our country, " long period science and technical progress plan are schematic in the country " pointing out high-grade number controls machine tool and foundation to make equipment is great and special one of, the government also increased supportive strength to manufacturing industry, these express to be in did not come 30 years, numerical control machine tool will have development greatly!

A real problem is placed before the enterprise, it is to capture the east wind of policy to go in the front of the industry to lead tide, be still follow the general trend? Believe far-sighted industry metropolis choice is former. So enterprise of numerical control machine tool wants to win good cheer head, what preparation should make? Machine tool enterprise should formulate the following strategy:

The brand is an enterprise of long-term development essential

It is very easy to think on the shoe the picture is ticked off, but the affirmation that this can not get customer however, what is the reason? The product can be imitated, but brand however cannot, the brand is in user heart little is modelled rise. The brand is Chinese machine tool all the time most missing element, machine tool of Chinese numerical control wants to walk out of his way, must cast off the figure of the person that counterfeit, this should be made from the brand that builds this. Understand the current situation of our country machine tool just about, put forth effort of network of golden standard machine tool reachs promotion job at helping machine tool enterprise undertake the brand is modelled.

Innovation is the core that machine tool enterprise retains competition ability

The 18 big reports of the party point out clearly, accelerate change economy to develop means to be about to carry out innovation drive to develop the strategy, exert oneself compose is built it is for main body, market with the enterprise oriented, produce the technical innovation system that learns to grind to be united in wedlock, in order to enhance the core competition ability of our country manufacturing industry. Because innovate,western country is, took new approach, increased the competition ability of the product, ability will be occupational international market. Manufacturer of numerical control machine tool wants to recapture the market, must undertake innovating for the center with client demand, research and development gives the numerical control machine tool that market need, client likes.

To answer 18 big calls, net of golden standard machine tool helps machine tool enterprise freely undertake the line on the line issues promotion, let an enterprise put more time and fund on innovation!

The talent is the fortune with a the most precious company

21 centuries what is the most expensive? Talent. The development of the enterprise relies on a talent, but the difficult problem with the at present biggest company of our country machine tool is not to keep a person. Once someone says, the machine tool is manufacturing industry is medium " agriculture " , because gain is too small,bring about talent pay just about inferior, this also from explained on the other hand, enterprise of numerical control machine tool wants to obtain great progress, must make great efforts in respect of brand, innovation, ability gains usury benefit, provide favorable environment to numerical control talent, at the same time the talent also can make more contribution for the enterprise.

The country had debutted for numerical control machine tool " green passageway " , how will industry of machine tool of prospective China numerical control grow, depend on finally enterprise of every machine tool.

Regard central segment as innovation of science and technology

Strategical the competition of burgeoning industry, core is the competition of crucial technology. " Luo Baihui points out, our country is at present strategical the outstanding problem that burgeoning estate development faces is crucial core technology masters rarely, the product enters the market to face a lot of obstacle, and should accelerate breed and development is strategical burgeoning industry, must regard central segment as innovation of science and technology.

Since 2010, the produce and sale of machine tool industry is added fast already all was in 40% above. Major analyses an orgnaization to predict, future compound increase rate is industry of the machine tool inside 5 years 25% ~ 30% , machine tool of high-end numerical control will become growth main force apparently in.

And growth momentum comes from on one hand at having a product upgrade ceaselessly, acquire international market share; Come from on the other hand innovate at carrying technical research and development and product, enter the product field that national emphasis supports, form new point of growth.

OK and affirmative, no matter which come from on one hand, technical innovation is indispensable link. At this late hour, the importance that the technology innovates already by sufficient acknowledge, reach an industry from the industry, increasing strength to have technical research and development. "The investment on ongoing now hair is very larger than having before change. " according to saying, "The funds of each research allocates funds previously very few, and be in ' 925 ' during, the state allocates funds the research funds total dimensions of numerical control machine tool or will achieve one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan.

In fact, besides capital, we still need time. Technology of industry of our country machine tool lags behind for a long time, advanced nation of respect and world waits to be put in bigger difference all the time in craft of design research and development, material, component. This kind lag behind for a long time the situation that create is, domestic company auxes would rather spend more price to buy foreign product, those who cause our country is medium the self-sufficient rate of industry of machine tool of high-end numerical control is serious on the low side.

And should change now such situation, need at least tens of year accumulate. Develop up to now, industry of tool of our country machine tool had maintained high speed of near 10 years to send exhibition period, huge of this one period abounded the technology of the industry to accumulate, because had such accumulating,be, "925 " or the fastigium that will greet a technology to innovate.

At present, the demand with machine tool huge trade also is the activator that quickens technical innovation. As the country equipment manufacturing industry is revitalized bring unprecedented industry to upgrade, had comparatived to the requirement of machine tool of high-grade numerical control pressing. Especially the special material of the equipment domain such as traffic of track of inside of city of report of war industry of aerospace, national defence, nucleus, wind report, car, high speed, ultrathin put forward high speed, high spirit, much axis with spare parts of abnormity curved surface the requirement of compound treatment, the market rises to the demand year after year of machine tool of high-grade numerical control.

Found alliance of technical innovation strategy

Enhance ability of innovation of technology of industry of our country machine tool and core competition ability as soon as possible, had made current and first job. Below such big setting, machine tool industry, enterprise founds alliance of technical innovation strategy in succession.

It is close below come two years a few case that the industry establishs technical innovation alliance.

Shenyang particular kind is special alliance of innovation of technology of industry of numerical control machine tool is by federation of machine tool of Shenyang special type 54 members unit is the same as the unit such as university of industry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, northeast university, Shenyang to be initiated jointly establish. Allied meaning is in through special type machine tool of design of special machine tool, numerical control detects, the service such as design of machine tool mould and treatment and digitlization design, the technology of stimulative enterprise, university and scientific research orgnaization is compositive, make particular kind machine tool of special numerical control is common platform of research and development, implementation resource is shared and use effectively.

Machinery of college of industry of grain of guild of machinery of province of Inc. of machine tool of Kunming of Shenyang aircraft group, Yunnan, Kunming, province studies the 16 director unit such as the designing institute signed cooperative agreement jointly, establish established Yunnan to save alliance of strategy of innovation of technology of machine tool of efficient and rigid numerical control, the technical innovation strategy that started Yunnan formally to visit territory of key of industry of machine tool of efficient and rigid numerical control cooperates.

Jiangsu saves mechanical Joint Industry Conference to take the lead advanced " strategy of innovation of technology of industry of tool of machine tool of Jiangsu province numerical control is allied " prepare to construct the job, attend this to have alliedly provincial machinery of college of business of mainstay of stress of industry of machine tool tool and Nanjing aerospace university, Nanjing grain industry, Jiangsu university, China studies total courtyard, Jinan casts report of institute of forging press instrument, Suzhou to process the 30 Yujia units such as machine tool institute scientificly. The group of force of raise of bibcock enterprise Jiangsu of industry of machine tool of countrywide metal processing is elected for alliance first director.

Alliance of strategy of innovation of technology of industry of machine tool of numerical control of the Gansu Province is by machine tool of day Mercury fire finite liability company sponsors a proposal, machinery of college of associated Tsinghua university, Tianjin university, Lanzhou grain industry, the Gansu Province is scientific institute of limited company of machine tool of v of water of academy, day, electric drive is finite machine tool of limited company of liability company, 213 electric equipment, Lanzhou is limited machine of experiment of hill of bright pink of liability company, day limited company, hold water jointly, aim the research of equipment of the technical innovation level that exert oneself raises industry of numerical control machine tool, technology and relevant product, development, production, engineering capability.

As the addition of amount of technical innovation alliance, the constituent form of technical innovation alliance also is innovating ceaselessly.

Recently, shenyang manage is versed in institute of university application technology and label of group of Shenyang machine tool are made an appointment with, plan to recruit partial major student to hold water from inside 2010 class student " class of Shenyang machine tool " , the talent of group of combinative Shenyang machine tool asks, specific aim ground undertakes foster and be educationaled to the student, the exercitation after with shortening the student reachs an industry period, implementation school look forward to does not have seam course.

Since 2006, shenyang manage is versed in institute of university application technology begins collaboration of school look forward to with group of Shenyang machine tool, begin " order pattern " education. This the autograph makes an appointment with collaboration to hold water " class of Shenyang machine tool " , it is bilateral in on mode of technical innovation alliance another new exploration and attempt.

The purpose of alliance of technical innovation strategy is very clear, want to combine specialty of respective industry technology and advantage namely, produce power of industry technology elite, establish special subject to tackle key problem, bottleneck of technology of key of with a view to, in the light of user industry technology development and crucial technology difficult problem begin technical collaboration, develop technology of forward position innovation, promote industrial technology innovation capability.

At present, alliance of innovation of machine tool industry still is developing steadily in, each district still also is accelerating development ceaselessly, innovation of industry of hope machine tool is allied can exercise is good its duty, the technology innovation has after all.

Recently, automation of Luoke Wei Er is bought 9 continent business of transducer of the high pressure below electric division ends. That day, automation of Luo Kewei Er and 9 continent transducer business held electric high pressure to trade ceremony of complete a business transaction, established Luo Kewei at the same time Er automation control is compositive (Harbin) limited company. Luoke Wei Er is opposite apparently potential of market of transducer of Chinese high pressure is in must.

See not hard from this, what foreign capital enterprise increases pair of Chinese market share is occupational. As the rise of indigenous industry, competition of high-pressured transducer market is being entered turn white-hot.

Foreign brand still becomes dominant

The way that wins Chinese market with Luoke Wei Er is same, in recent years foreign capital brand obtains the practice common occurance of the market with buying the way of domestic brand.

Last year, shi Naide buys Lidehuafu successfully. Lidehuafu regards home as enterprise of transducer of high-power of famous high pressure, very large market share is owned in the industry, its sale can is famouser than international old brand. Shi Naide is right of Lidehuafu buy will not only special be helpful for its market of transducer of high-power of fast and occupational high pressure, and conduce to product of its all fronts the market share of fast and occupational energy-saving domain.

At present brand of foreign capital of Chinese transducer market still takes dominant place, shake its position still is not easy thing, the supplier still is given priority to with foreign capital brand, hold the market share of 80% .

Look from brand amount, foreign capital brand already had more than 40, the majority is medium, low-pressure transducer, minority holds high-pressured product concurrently.

Current, domestic low-pressure transducer has 200 about from estate firm, from the point of the contrast of foreign capital brand and native land brand, inside endowment brand cent is two kinds, one kind is to orgnaization of his research and development throws resource to be used at product and technical development, this kind of enterprise is occupied inside endowment the brand is made an appointment with 30% , another kind is be engaged in be modelled on or OEM business.

Although the respect waits in management, capital, technology, inside endowment the brand is put in certain difference, but come nearly two years, this difference is narrowing stage by stage. Companies of a certain number of lead native land brand, had been in product sales volume, research and development, and the respect such as product quality and foreign capital brand are adjacent.

The expert thinks, below current market condition, compete through intense market, be sure to one part manufacturer is washed out. Put in certain trade barrier as a result of transducer industry at the same time, short-term inside have a large number of new entrant hard, market share is sure to live the industry concentration that come down, the industry spends centrally rising will be inevitable trend.

Market demand is increased ceaselessly

Aggravate of competition of market of high-pressured frequency conversion basically results from the market demand that country increases with each passing day.

Arrive " 925 " period end, dimensions of high-pressured transducer market or will achieve 12.1 billion yuan. Press high-pressured transducer market in recent years growth is characteristic, in the near future growth of transducer of our country high pressure will still maintain in 15% above.

As the ceaseless development of brand of mainland of transducer of our country high pressure, product fault rate decreases ceaselessly, product sex value is overter than the advantage, the entrance replaces a space to expand, the sources of energy of second birth of together with whole world still has with transducer market very big appreciate space, the potential market of transducer of our country high pressure makes an appointment with 120 billion ~ 180 billion yuan, field of application of high-pressured transducer industry will be more accordingly extensive, the market also is met more active, future will develop to diversity.

As the development of contemporary electron technology and microelectronics technology, high-pressured transducer industry matures ceaselessly. The field that high-pressured transducer involves is very wide, include electric power, metallurgy, coal, petro-chemical etc, among them the industrial place such as electric power, metallurgy, cement holds proportion year after year is increased.

High-pressured transducer is the component with essential project of a lot of large automation. In the meantime, high-pressured transducer serves as energy-saving the main force that reduces a platoon and daring vanguard, future has huge market demand. 2011, oil natural gas, mining, cement and petrifaction course of study hold dimensions of market of transducer of domestic high pressure about 50% , among them the market dimensions of cement line of business achieves 1.201 billion yuan, it is the market with the biggest dimensions in 4 industries, occupy than amounting to 16% .

These industries are high cost more can industry, the energy-saving task that decrease a platoon is major. The effect that suffers economic cycle as a result of high-pressured transducer is lesser, suffer related the country the impact of policy is bigger. Be in our country ' 925 ' energy-saving below the enormous pressure that reduces a platoon, high-pressured transducer market opened appreciating space. " some production business shows.

According to introducing, at present high-pressured transducer is in the equipment such as fan, water pump, compressor, rolling mill have use, can improve technology not only, lengthen service life of equipment, raise work efficiency to wait, the most important is OK implementation is energy-saving fall bad news.