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Collagen albumen changes body spin material becomes among them parvenu

Published on:2013/6/13 19:00:57

Keyword:Yarn, appearance of coefficient of friction
Introduction:In recent years, the research of collagen albumen domain is very active, progress is very rapid. Be opposite of collagen albumen use a field, wait for...

      In recent years, the research of collagen albumen domain is very active, progress is very rapid. Be opposite of collagen albumen use a field, wait for a respect except main medical, hairdressing, new use is developed ceaselessly. New use is main the macroscopical physics function with distinctive albumen of collagen of with a view to, namely fiber function, use at the domain such as the spin, papermaking, material that pack.

   Compose setting

   Collagen albumen weighs collagen again, it is a kind of natural protein, in the skin of animal of extensive consist in, bone, cartilage, tooth, tendon, ligament and blood-vessel, it is protein of structure of the epochmaking in connective tissue. Collagen is the fiber form protein that twists helix by 3 titanium catenary, have very strong tenacity, thermal stability and mechanical strength, and the collagen in different organization, have difference again, have distinctive function.

   In recent years, the research of collagen albumen domain is very active, progress is very rapid. Be opposite of collagen albumen use a field, wait for a respect except main medical, hairdressing, new use is developed ceaselessly. New use is main the macroscopical physics function with distinctive albumen of collagen of with a view to, namely fiber function, use at the domain such as the spin, material that pack. Be opposite domestic and internationally at present the research of collagen albumen, center in domain of cosmetic, medicine more, in spin yarn manufacturing domain has not see relevant research reports. Be opposite at present collagen albumen fiber very be necessary to undertake study.

   2011, be versed in by spin of Henan project institute Cheng department is declared, via approval of bureau of Zhengzhou city science and technology, science and technology of establish Zhengzhou city tackles key problem project " function of spinning of collagen albumen fiber studies " . The our country that to Shanghai science and technology of Quan Yusheng content is stationed in equestrian inn to make the same score limited company to produce then has this research task the synthetic fibre of collagen albumen modified of completely own intellectual property undertook spinning function studies.

   Below the guidance that fastens Mr. Su Yuheng in spin, the experimental instrument of lab of spin of institute of use Henan project and Henan engineering machine of experiment of cotton spinning of center of courtyard solid example, in lab everybody by Zhao Yongqi's classmate the teacher's help falls finished fiber of pair of this collagen albumen experiment of the test of each function, spinning and the test analysis to place spinning function, reach this fiber has the verdict of spinnability.

   Easy degradation of albumen of tall purity collagen

   Collagen protein structure is comprised by helix of 3 peptide catenary, its peculiar structure and chemical composition make its have a lot of distinctive functions, if the biology degradation sex, function that become fine, hemostatic function, immunity function, ion is mixed,macromolecule combines function, electrostatic function to wait.

   The function with collagen distinctive albumen makes collagen albumen has application in the respect such as medicine, cosmetic, food, industrial chemicals, spin. From the ossein albumen fiber that gets in animal skeleton, the intensity of collagen albumen fiber that if bend the fluid of ossein in suspension of tendon from the ox,makes is high, can serve as medical sutural, this kind sutural can be organized to absorb after human body enzymatic solution, biology adaptability is admirable, without antigen sex, organism is absorbed good.

   The cosmetic that collagen albumen makes, can promote cutaneous metabolism, enhance a loop, achieve moist skin, maintain skin moist to wait. In food treatment, collagen albumen can make banger casing; Classics size mixing, shape, the working procedure such as dry, deepfry makes collagen snack. Because collagen fiber is had sound-absorbing gender, small flexibility, wearability, japan uses synthetic fibre and collagen fiber, plant fiber to mix production to give special type wallpaper with certain proportion. Collagen albumen is in spin domain basically is application of pair of other fibrous modified.

   Collagen albumen fibrous is produced, in waiting for raw material, the skin that wants driven thing above all, cartilage extracts collagen albumen. The means that collects collagen albumen at present basically has acerbity law, alkaline law, salt law, enzymatic law, synthesis. The collagen albumen of some special purpose is passed even farther rarefied.

   Material of fiber of albumen of pure natural collagen cannot satisfy the need that people lives actually completely commonly, the collagen albumen fiber with tall purity is easy produce degradation, and spin the filar strength that give too low. Accordingly, collagen albumen fiber is to use collagen to albumen undertakes modified to fiber and be become more. If collagen albumen and polyacrylonitrile are different proportional mix filature in all, the quality of collagen albumen and propylene nitrile is compared for 2 ∶ the condition of 98 falls, aggregate solution has good spinnability. The depart in using driven content peltry or leather industry litter gets collagen albumen, the polyvinyl alcohol of 18% is with quality mark after classics quality mark is the modified of acrylic monomer graft of 20% mix, mix leaves 2 hours in 70 ℃ , undertake mixing filature in all below the caky bath of 40 ℃ , classics is wet filature, caky, drawing and shrink after aldehyde changes processing, make so that have good hygroscopic the collagen albumen with coloring function / PVA compound fiber.

   Optimal recipe and main technique condition

   The fiber that this task place uses is by Shanghai science and technology of Quan Yusheng content satisfies smooth limited company to develop production, it is our country those who own own intellectual property new-style fiber, its raw material is high polymer of animal albumen and hydroxyl, cyanogen radical. The method that producing a principle is the hydrolyze that use acid extracts collagen albumen, change collagen fiber what dimensional structure makes to be mixed with hydroxyl below proper condition graft of cyanogen radical high polymer, through wet filature production gives silk of collagen albumen fiber. In filature process, draft makes fiber macromolecule achieves certain orientaton to spend, next tiny bit bundle of course is curly, hot finalize the design, cut off the collagen albumen fiber that waits to become spin to use, determine via leaving factory, its amino acerbity total content is 12.35% . Whole production process is right the basic free from contamination such as environment, air, human body, soil, water quality, fiber itself gives birth to content degradation easily, belong to fiber of green environmental protection.

   Collagen albumen fiber suits to spin in fine special gauze

   To change function to have to feature of configuration of collagen albumen fibrous, manage one compares the understanding with comprehensive system, this task undertook to this fiber overall performance checks.

   Experimental instrument: Microscope of balance of Y171 fiber amputator, electron, biology, LLY - 06B electron fiber is puissant YG747 of appearance of appearance, Y151 fiber coefficient of friction, YG362 curly and stretch appearance, magnifier ventilated style is quick oven of 8 basket constant temperature, YG321 fiber compares resistor instrument and its accessory to wait.

   Compare resistor, regain, oil content through factor of length, fineness to collagen albumen fibrous, puissant, attrition, curly function, quality, and analysis of fibrous heat function, if make conclusions,reach:

   Fibrous length, fineness moderate, in suiting to spin fine special gauze; Rupture puissant and opposite taller, place yarn and its fabric strength are better; Wet condition intensity does ratio of voice intensity photograph to be apart from together not quite, the relative humidity in the workshop in spinning process is lesser to the influence of this fiber intensity; Factor of attrition of collagen albumen fibrous is relatively other fiber on the low side, and move, poor value of static friction factor is lesser, make spin the yarn that go out cohesion is poor, break easily loose, yarn number of turn should be increased in spinning process or add the oily agent of certain amount appropriately; Curly number is more, because fiber chafes,can make up for factor is minor and gauze the weakness with poor cohesion; Fibrous regain is relatively chemical fiber is bigger, and quality is lesserer also than resistor, added more oily agent again in filature process, it is better to have antistatic function; Heat-resisting learns function to had been compared, but the heat with can appear certain below high temperature is contractive.

   Collagen albumen is helpful for raising gauze dry

   Make up the gauze of 14.6tex and 21tex now mix 2 groups for 1 group, 8 cop number is A1, B1, C1, D1 and A2, B2, C2, D2. Extend gender, Mao Yu by force to mixing spinning to undertake respectively, dry test.

   Experimental instrument: YG061——1500 odd gauze is puissant YG135 of instrument of Mao Yu of yarn of instrument, YG171 dry uniformity checks analyzer.

   To mixing the test of spinning to be able to see as a result, the grade level of these a few data of gauze and yarn has certain difference, this basically is the machinery inside the small-scale test machine that uses because of spinning and factory workshop has very big discrepancy, the quality of place spinning was affected on certain level. But through fineness to differring, different mix compared gauze comparative analysis is not ugly piece:

   It is gauze of same group blending, as the addition of content of collagen albumen fiber, of blending gauze rupture intensity increases gradually, of gauze rupture percentage elongation is bigger.

   2 the Mao Yu that is pure bombazine is more than blending gauze, in the gauze of same group blending with online identical density, can see collagen albumen fiber is mixed bigger than jumping over, and the Mao Yu index of gauze is smaller, can see collagen albumen fiber is mixed at the same time than identical, and when the line density of blending gauze is big, the Mao Yu number of gauze is more.

   3 it is from fibrous test analysis reachs each function is opposite collagen albumen fibrous a dry even rate that raises blending gauze it is advantageous, but what spin these a few kinds of yarn that make work and did not rise apparently, because on small-scale test machine collagen albumen fiber opens a pine,this may be poorer thereby fiber depart spends difference, what mix difference of used cotton wool function at the same time, and machine the reason such as craft and mechanical function to cause.

   The collagen albumen fiber that from above analysis of 3 tests data can reach this laboratory is used is the fiber with very good spinnability. The blending yarn that makes is puissant bigger, rupture stretchy bigger; Collagen albumen fibrous is mixed bigger when, become the Mao Yu of gauze to be improved somewhat; Each good performance of collagen albumen, be helpful for raising gauze work.

   Collagen albumen fiber has hemostatic function

   Collagen albumen fiber has a lot of distinct advantages to make its have special use, have hemostatic function, can produce with its medical urgent and bandage, hemostatic belt. Fiber softness is suitable at the same time slip, the skin with have better closes in person gender and the certain sex that fight bacterium, can produce close-fitting clothings with its. But considering collagen albumen fiber manufacturing price is compared tall, choose other raw material to mix with. Collagen fiber and plant fibrous are natural and linear high polymer pattern is similar, and general medical fiber of commonly used also cotton produces bandage, underwear, reason chooses collagen albumen fiber and cotton fiber blending.

   The machine of cotton spinning galley proof that uses production of university of the Dong Hua inside school lab undertakes spinning. Galley proof machine has 4 mechanical composition: DHUA202 Qing Dynasty combs →DHUC01 of machine of experiment of →DHUA301 of galley proof machine drawing cotton roving experiments machine of experiment of machine →DHUX01 cotton spun yarn.

   Principle of each process technology reachs craft parameter

   It is Qing Dynasty combs working procedure: Use “ draft of light ration, low rate, sharp move, little damage, small pulling force, putt combs more the craft principle of ” . Because Peng of collagen albumen fiber is loose the gender is good, ration is unfavorable and overweight, jam easily otherwise horn mouth; Fiber length is orderly degree of good, short fine hair is little, do not contain foreign matter, cohesion difference, lower the rate of hatchet man of cotton razor blade appropriately; Path husband speed is reduced appropriately, can reduce comb bear, between Xi Lin and path husband lie between be apart from slant appropriately small control, be helpful for fiber be being transferred smoothly.

   2 it is drawing working procedure: Use low rate, heavy pressurization, medium mensurable, big lie between the craft principle that be apart from. Mix to ensure blending ratio is exact mix even, use after be being mixed beforehand first 3 are mixed and, in all 4 drawing craft. Will arrange cotton and collagen albumen carded sliver to undertake mixing according to different blending ratio.

   3 it is roving working procedure: Use “ heavy pressurization, slow speed, proper slant the craft principle of ” of big number of turn, magnify Luo La is lain between appropriately be apart from.

   4 it is spun yarn working procedure: With “ small lie between be apart from, in pressurization, low speed, small hind area draft, big hind Luo La is lain between be apart from, ” of hardness rubber roll is craft principle in.

   According to above craft principle and craft parameter, spin on experimental machine make a 14.6tex and 21tex density of two kinds of lines, content of collagen albumen fiber is respectively 0% , 10% , 20% , 30%4 is planted the 8 cop of different blending ratio.

   As people living standard and quality rise ceaselessly, collagen albumen fiber regards sex of a kind of new-style function as fiber, its research and application will be more wide. Collagen albumen resource will be more reasonable be used by people.

   Medical sutural

   Medical sutural it is a kind of line that is used at suture of human body operation material. From material qualitative development looks, its experienced silk thread, catgut, chemical synthesis line and albumen of pure natural collagen are sutural. According to the origin of raw material, medical sutural can divide for natural sutural (animal tendon suture, catgut, silk and pily silk thread) with man-made sutural (nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, PGA, stainless steel silk and metallic Tantalum silk) two kinds.

   As people living standard rise stage by stage and the ceaseless pursuit to the United States, now more apt is chosen it is better to absorb the effect, pulling force is more powerful, the albumen of pure natural collagen with better integral performance is sutural. Albumen of pure natural collagen is sutural take organize from tendon of special type animal, have a lot of character with collagen albumen simple material, and other sutural photograph absorbs the effect than having good, tensile the particular function such as heal of strong, stimulative cut.