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Pump valve tycoon marchs advantage of trend of future of nuclear report domain is clear

Published on:2013/6/13 19:00:31

Introduction:The nucleus in the enterprise of a few big tycoons of valve domain revive a powerful person, Dalian tall a powerful person, 5 continent in the list th...

The nucleus in the enterprise of a few big tycoons of valve domain revive a powerful person, Dalian tall a powerful person, 5 continent in the list that valve and line of business of deep blue pump had entered supplier of equipment of valve of nuclear report pump, obtained right order result, business effect got certain promotion.

Our country has 14 nuclear power plant to moving, 27 nuclear power plant are being built. And regard nuclear power plant of the 3rd acting AP1000 as nuclear class pump, the country is at present immanent the unit of 4 AP1000 nuclear power plant that build is abroad to import completely with pump, be worth what carry is, line of business of deep blue pump already broke Dalian this kind of situation, this company finished the more than heat in pump of class of the nucleus in island of nucleus of 1 billion made of baked clay aircrew of eduction pump homebred change, achieve international advanced level passed national appraisal. In the meantime, the condensate pump prototype that the nuclear island that this company design makes is not nuclear class pump to start prototype of water supply pump, groovy island to use also passes national appraisal, reach domestic advanced level.

Our country already formed the 2 generation that have own brand to improve model technology of cable of nucleus of the caboodle that press water, beginning AP1000 and EPR3 acting technology to bring at present disappear is sucked and innovate again the job, the technology of cable of 3 acting nucleuses of the ACP1000 that organizes development to have completely own intellectual property, ACPR1000 and CAP1400.

As nuclear safety " 925 " of the program announce formally, the restart road of Chinese nucleus report strode again one pace, nuclear report of home still is maintaining more powerful development momentum, the nuclear cable industry of our country is welcoming new development chance, rise abruptly quickly. To it a powerful person of associated nuclear report pump and product of its form a complete set, also enter group of nuclear cable industry. The pump valve product of region is gotten in nuclear report form a complete set, our country still has a few enterprise to be able to furnish only, still count an import for the most part.

The nuclear phone equipment to answer a country is homebred the appeal that turn, fulfil the indigenous chemical industry of valve of nuclear report pump to make, on May 10, sponsor by bureau of national energy resources " valve of nuclear report pump and conference of work of quality of product of form a complete set " hold as scheduled in Shanghai, conference spirit aims to communicate the quality question that how raises valve of nuclear report pump and product of form a complete set, what improve valve of pump of report of our country nucleus and product of its form a complete set further is homebred influence ability.

Nucleus of limited company of wide nucleus engineering, country is electrical engineering in attending the unit of this conference to basically have Cheng limited company, and the 16 pump factory such as group of Apollo, Shen Gu and in nucleus revive the 13 valve factory such as a powerful person, valve of the pump below banner of pump valve medium trades the net is attended as media orgnaization. Session, each unit with respect to pump valve product homebred the quality problem of the generation in changing a course exchanged an opinion adequately.

Sui Yongbin of chief engineer of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference speaks on the meeting. He points out, the quality problem that reveals valve of exposed nuclear report pump and product of form a complete set at present is shocking, nuclear phone equipment is homebred change production enterprise to want " 4 always " nuclear report catchword falls on real objective quality. He asks company of engineering of each nucleus cable wants to include at the same time nuclear phone equipment is homebred the inadequacy in changing a course, with production enterprise a joint efforts, advance nuclear report equipment is homebred the strategic course that change.

Do a data to show according to report of nucleus of sea salt county, nuclear report affiliated enterprise conforms nuclear report consciousness increases ceaselessly, allied team and growth of company production value are apparent, 24 from 2010, development already had 66 nucleuses report up to now affiliated enterprise, nuclear report affiliated enterprise production value from 2010 annual 2.6 billion yuan, break through 4 billion yuan to complete 2011 annual produce, experience nucleus production value breaks through 400 million yuan. Among them, include 5 continent take offense of report of valve nucleus report moves control valve project inside.

The nuclear cable industry of our country is in rapid development period, seat of nuclear power plant of hill of the Qin Dynasty -- county of Zhejiang province sea salt " city of Chinese nucleus report " lay a foundation formally a few days ago, save by Zhejiang government and in nuclear group collaboration is built in all. 2013, zhejiang province government is official print and distribute " city of Chinese nucleus report plans " , the program puts forward 2015, city of Chinese nucleus report wants 10 billion yuan to realize nuclear report to serve property production value, production value of manufacturing industry of nuclear phone equipment 5 billion yuan, strive production value of property of nuclear report correlation achieved 50 billion yuan goal 2015.

2009, inc. of big tall valve and company of engineering of Chinese nucleus cable signed Dalian Cheng of electrician of nucleus of hill of Home Qin Shan square and Fujian report of blessing clear nucleus of valve of class of nucleus of first phase project order goods contract, contract amount is more than yuan 6000. So far, big tall a powerful person or family has carried on to be versed in in the report that build a nucleus Cheng valve of report of 23 thousand nucleus, add up to 200 million yuan supply agreement. This is indicating, in the strategy that the equipment of nuclear cable technology that carries out in the country changes independently, big tall a powerful person or family obtains major breakthrough.

As a result of the characteristic of nuclear power plant, the requirement of nuclear report valve is different from common valve, want to have good performance characteristics not only, have very high reliability even, need to strict quality assures more in design and making a process at the same time, belong to the high-end product of class of a powerful person. In the nuclear power plant that at present our country is running, of nuclear class valve homebred change rate is only 4% , many nuclear report valve still counts an import.

Say additionally according to the report, line of business of pump of Jiangsu sea lion is company of production of pump of a class that be not a nucleus, its grind independently the nuclear island that sends production uses underwater aspiration device, fill home is blank, broke foreign monopoly. During mountain bay nuclear power plant is built, company of valve of Jiangsu Asia-Pacific pump participates in the invite public bidding of all pump valve beyond the pump that divide a nucleus, avoid check and famous brand of Chinese science and technology by right of the country 500 strong brand dominant positions, with one action takes many yuan of 700 order form.

Academy of appearance of Shanghai industry automation revealed this courtyard to detect in key of appearance of nuclear power plant innovation sex achievement of the technology; The island gives the convention of nuclear power plant of first homebred AP1000 of our country that limited company revealed total factory of build and repair of Shanghai electric power to offer money by this company whole set outstanding achievement of water pump group.

Be versed in through report of a lot of nucleus Cheng project makes clear with a variety of evidence, our country reachs domain of its correlation industry in nuclear phone equipment, own own intellectual property, replace entrance, homebred the product of valve of nuclear report pump that turn is occupational already and particular proportional market. Product of valve of pump of report of equipment of phone of nuclear cable technology, nucleus, nucleus also conforms with international gradually.

Our country has the world the most large-scale in machine of outfit of the report that build a nucleus, according to relevant personage analysis, to 2020 installed capacity will break through report of our country nucleus 70 million kilowatt, occupy our country to generate electricity 6% of portion, this means the nuclear power plant that should build course of 60 1 million kilowatt at least, need direct investment to will exceed 500 billion yuan, this was valve of pump of report of our country nucleus and company of product of relevant form a complete set to provide good luck and vaster market space.

This year Beijing is dozenth an exhibition of industry of China International nucleus go up. "Shanghai nucleus report " showed equipment of phone of our country nucleus adequately also homebred the actual strength that change. Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to include limited company of equipment of phone of Shanghai electric nucleus, Shanghai the place of Shanghai electric group such as limited company belongs to factory of the first machine tool enterprise, and total factory of build and repair of electric power of academy of appearance of Shanghai industry automation, Shanghai limited company this city enterprises of 10 Yu Jiashe nucleus, concentration revealed Shanghai to be in nuclear report research and development, design, make the newest gain that waits for a respect to obtain.