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Published on:2013/6/13 19:00:17

Keyword:Dress, yarn, in illuminant box
Introduction:Summary: The vision of fabrics obstructs a gender to depend on configuration of ambient light source and fabric are right of light-wave absorb as char...

        Summary: The vision of fabrics obstructs a gender to depend on configuration of ambient light source and fabric are right of light-wave absorb as characteristic as reflection, with the reflex of fabric structure parameter and fiber material the structure is concerned. The radial reflex in raising fiber and scattering scale, increase the light between fiber to reflex the eyelet between opportunity and setting bent yarn, good to obtaining visual sense obstructs function to have positive result. Existing test method has light transmittance test, haze test, pervious to light sexual test, diaphaneity test, opaque degree of test, covering power test, visibility test result from the test method of plastic, paper, coating and index, and the vision that is fabric technically obstructs what function designs to be based on grey card and the judge method that are based on absolute scale, can apply actually. But still have the place that need studies further and perfects.

   Keyword: Textile; The vision obstructs a gender; Test method; Evaluate index

   1 foreword

   The intention with the most original textile is “ drive ” of cold, my body. Cold ” of alleged “ drive is the heat preservation function of textile namely; ” of alleged “ my body is the visual sense that people offers to textile covers a demand, or say show a demand to prevent. Accordingly, the vision of textile obstructs a gender is one of the basiccest functional requirement that people raises to textile. Average crowd all asks in public circumstance dress has better prevent show the result. In formal circumstance, especially professional group, obstruct a gender to have higher demand to the vision of dress. Normally brunet dress can't well put massiness in the vision to cover the issue with insufficient sex, but what use to the summer is frivolous model, especially light color fabric, widespread presence exposes the phenomenon of underwear or feature of human body outline, sight of be a hindrance to. At present already dress of a few professions realized good visual sense to block the effect, for example naval white mufti and formal attire, already research and development have the fabrics equipment unit that prevents clairvoyant effect, popularized application to arrive thin model suit fabrics. But, the aspect of test assessment technique of the effect is covered in the vision of fabrics, have not establish good method. On the foundation that the article should be nodded in the design that discusses a vision to obstruct dress and the influencing factor, science that fabrics vision obstructs effect judge to involve asks problem and influencing factor, sum up and contrasted existing test method, established the judge method with feasible forthright. Still pointed out the content that need continues to study deep.

   2 fabric vision obstructs the basic idea of the effect

   The vision of fabric blocks the effect, it is the my aspect effect that points to fabric, prevent person eye to see the performance of human body or underwear through fabrics namely. The vision obstructs a kind of visual perception that the effect is person eye, it is by ambient light wave illuminate arrives after the system that is formed by the dress of observer and human body, radial classics reflex, absorb after waiting for attenuation incident go up to the human body of fabrics the reverse side or underwear, reflex again come out, pass this fabrics again or 2 reflex, absorb after waiting for attenuation, incident produce telegraphic number to the retinal cell of observer, conduct cerebrum via nerve, a kind of visual perception that makes observer is experienced.

   Apparent, if mirror fabrics the optical signal strength of rear human body or underwear feature is enough small, small to retinal cell (staff state cell and awl shape cell) cannot become aware, criterion this fabrics will have enough visual screen effect; If reflect the optical signal strength of the human body of fabrics the reverse side or underwear feature enough, and the area is small arrive to cannot differentiate to retinal cell, criterion this fabrics also will have enough visual screen effect; Although mirror fabrics the strength of the optical signal of rear human body or underwear feature is enough big, dimension also is achieved can be inspected the cell differentiates, but if be compared with the reflex intensity photograph of fabrics front, can be squelched by reflex intensity place, do not have enough contrast namely, criterion this fabrics also will have good visual sense to block the effect.

   Still can see from this, the vision obstructs the light-wave transmission function of the effect and fabrics to concern, but depend on not completely of the light-wave energy of fabrics understand ability fully, still with into concern like ability, all influences also will affect the vision of fabrics to cover property into the element that resembles ability.

   Vision of 3 influences fabric obstructs the element of the effect

   The factor that affects fabric vision to block the effect includes factor of property of composition of material of environmental element knead dough two respects [1-2] .

   To environmental element (external cause) , above all, the intensity of illumination with the environment and distributing about. If in fabric appearance the face configures stronger illuminant, criterion light intensity of reflex of the surface outside fabric will be very strong, and incident arrive at human body to the surface inside fabric or underwear, reflex again come out (what fabric still passes in road is mutiple level reflex and absorb) light intensity won't exceed normally be in directly light intensity of catoptric of fabric appearance face, thereby face reflex can be opposite appearance to carry human body or squelch, cause a person soon not clear human body or underwear feature, it is better to make fabrics is had prevent show the result. The intensity of illuminant is taller, shorter from the span of fabric, the vision obstructs the effect to also had been jumped over. A lamp is configured outside guesthouse curtain, made illuminate arrives on the curtain, rise to make the pedestrian sees the effect of the picture inside quiet room not easily. Next, if be inside fabric configuration illuminant, and stronger, illuminant is apart from illuminant to be observed the span of content is shorter, and knit object distance to be observed the span of content is shorter also, be observed content is exposed more easily, namely the vision of fabrics obstructs the effect to jump over difference.

   To the oneself element of fabric, above all, the coverage coefficient of fabric is bigger, smaller, hole jumps over the aperture hole between yarn not direct, be helpful for realizing good visual sense to block the effect more; Next, the ply of fabric is thicker, the structure of meantime is more complex (increase reflection administrative levels for instance, make the light increases reflection and scattering) also be helpful for preventing fully; Again, the color of fabric is deeper, incident and piece shoot the light during transit absorptance exemple is taller, prevent it is better also to show the result; In addition, the dimension of hole of the aperture between yarn and repeat a structure to bring about light-wave diffraction, destroy picture, the vision of ameliorable also fabric blocks the effect.

   4 implementation fabric defends the technical way that shows the result

   As a result of the dry goods that uses actually cannot pure from prevent appear the effect to design fabrics, the dress make it that uses a summer impossibly namely very massiness and close not leak; White fabrics covers a demand because of the vision and also cannot convert even to light color brunet; Illume is installed more impossibly outside dress, the technical way that reason realizes the vision of fabrics to block the effect is finite. Current main method has:

   In fiber level: Research and development is had mutiple level of structure of reflection, scattering prevent show thread, bring to bear on the high refractive index such as TiO2 powdery body, make have through fibrous light-wave bigger realize scattering quite, reduce a light intensity in shooting observer key point.

   In yarn level: Use ultimate fibre fineness slant fine filament or short staple are fineness slant fine yarn, chance of the reflex of light-wave, scattering increases in yarn level, reduce a light intensity in shooting observer key point.

   In fabric level, use special fabric organization, make the aperture hole between yarn is not edge law to direct be well versed in, appear however for a kind of inflectional hole, achieve breathe freely and not pervious to light action, prevent light-wave to penetrate directly fabric.

   5 fabric vision obstructs the assessment technique of the effect

   Material all keeps a record such as fabric, paper, coating, glass in shading or the vision covers an issue. Obstruct the effect to evaluate to fabric vision and character, the test assessment technique that can draw lessons from has a few kinds as follows, analyse as follows now.

   (1) measure light transmittance with spectrophotometer. This is one detects from energy angle light-wave energy passes through proportional method and index, namely the scale that transmission light-wave energy takes incident total energy (express with percentage) . The light transmittance inside the little removed scope that method of this one test and index can reach different inside visible light limits wavelengh falls, if consider the spectral and opposite apparent brightness of person eye (or weigh relatively spectral efficiency) [3-4] , undertake light transmittance curve integral with be weight relative to spectral efficiency, attainable the index of the spectral apparent brightness that considered person key point, have certain rationality. But what cover effect report as a result of the vision is the image clarity after removed fabric degree, include optical like the geometry such as the element part, capacity of pure Cong Guangbo is evaluated through degree prevent show performance, the consideration is not comprehensive still, and majority of general spin enterprise also does not own the similar facility such as spectrophotometer, popularize promotion the gender is poorer;

   (2) with integrating sphere type haze plan measures haze. Haze calls turbidity again, it is through sample deviate the compare percentage of the scattering light of incident smooth direction and incident luminous flux, with will measure the level with translucence transparent or unsharpness or muddy material. When the test deviate incident smooth direction the scattering luminous flux of 2.5 degrees of above plan make haze of scattering light computation. The contrast that defines through haze and light transmittance can think, material is in likely have taller light transmittance while the haze with taller generation, cannot think light-wave knows the stuff with appear a gender good namely its prevent transparent effect to be differred certainly. Because haze index basically uses the clear rate that evaluates transparent or translucent data, its accommodation lies deflection at transparent data a side, and fabric itself is in more opaque a side, reason haze index differentiates hard different prevent the fabric that shows performance, do not agree with the evaluation that the vision of fabric blocks the effect [3] ;

   (3) measure fabric with visible light spectrophotometer pervious to light quality. Of method of this one test and light transmittance determine similar, but the relatively spectral function that considered to reflect illuminant spectrum character distributings and the spectral light of person eye inspects efficiency (namely relatively spectral efficiency) , more scientific than light transmittance index. But existence and (1) same question, popularize promotion sex to differ namely [5] ;

   (4) with what take integrating sphere photometric measure diaphaneity. Diaphaneity is material of directional light transmittance and total light transmittance than, it is an as similar as haze index, with the amount that will evaluate light of scattering of transparent or translucent material. Accordingly, also not be very agree with compare deflection to block the effect at the vision of not quite transparent fabric [6] ;

   (5) the method that uses line to check reflectivity with absorbing the to 550nm wavelengh green light after black gasket completely is measured opaque degree. This is judgement sheet piece the judge index of paper sample transparency, with sheet piece when paper carries line boldface on the back diffuse reflectivity and back line are white board when diffuse what the rate of reflectivity will describe paper is opaque degree. Have appropriative paper opaque degree determine appearance, in every case can measure the instrument of reflectivity. Because tissue specimen is put in the aperture hole between yarn, the fluoroscopy that passes aperture hole to cause than can existing with paper photograph and diffraction are disturbed, reason is opaque spend index not to agree with the vision of textile obstructs effect token;

   (6) covering power, belong to index of coating transparency judge, it is paint besmear is brushed at base, when making the cover result of film layer and boundless thick coating same, the smallest dosage of coating (G/m2) . Apparent, coating and paper are same, nonexistent as fabric the hole between in that way yarn, nonexistent also the diffractive effect that these hole cause, reason also does not agree with the vision of judge fabric obstructs a gender, especially fabric cannot undertake those who be similar to coating determine operation;

   (7) visibility is to be on aerography or military affairs a physical quantity of appraiser eye visual range, its definition is: The person eye of standard eyesight is in weather condition falls at that time, can see from inside celestial setting and make out (the perspective is 0.5 ~ 5° about) the largest space of boldface target content calls atmosphere visibility. Apparent, the judge object of this one index is atmosphere condition or the evaluation that pretend the effect to smoke screen on the military affairs, to fabric character, object content has bigger difference;

   (8) the fabric cover function that is based on gray scale checks a method. This is our country navy first equipment prevents the assessment technique of function of shirt fabrics cover when appearing a shirt. Particular test operation is in illumination 400lx (lumen) below the D65 illuminant of above, make the same score fabric the GB/T250 assess that is put in enlarge becomes angry the quality of level of one class chromatism in getting stuck with ash gets stuck on, the grey card off color that observation shows through fabric place comes the cover function of assess fabric. The level of grey card chromatism that shows according to passing through fabric place contrasts GB/T250-1995 standard comes the cover function of assess fabric. The unit of fabric cover function is class.

   (9) the fabric cover function that is based on grey card checks a method. This is equipment of military uniform of our country sea prevent appear a shirt to arrive via improving development the 2nd acting product, equip first officer is thin model the assessment technique of fabrics cover function when summertime formal attire. Particular test operation is in illumination 400Lx (lumen) below the D65 illuminant of above, vision of fabric of the line below fabric obstructs function judge scale, place the 45° standard bleachers in illuminant box to go up, the breach way that the alphabetical E below grade blocks each in observing the scale that shows through fabric place. Just can sentence in the scale that shows according to passing through fabric place read obstruct grade to come the vision of assess fabric covers property. Namely lower the breach direction of one class all can be sentenced read, taller the breach direction of one class all cannot be sentenced when reading, this class covers property social estate for the vision of this sample (the unit is class) .

   6 fabric vision obstructs the follow-up of the effect to study a trend

   Although use absolute scale to be able to judge the vision of uniform and fabrics of common and civil clothing effectively to obstruct character, but return existence flaw. Follow-up research will devote oneself to the research of following a few respects:

   (1) be based on experimental psychology, visual difference is equidistant the development that fabric vision blocks function judge scale. Although had been developed,divide successfully now for 5 class the fabric vision of 9 archives obstructs function judge scale, but it is equidistant that the visual difference between each archives had be notted confirm by the experiment, the visual perception difference that creates each class difference thereby may be unequal;

   (2) as a result of not only vision of white fabrics existence is penetrable phenomenon, coloured, brunet even fabrics is put possibly also in underwear to reveal a problem. Accordingly, the vision that should study different color textile obstructs a gender, the method that finds out the vision that improves all sorts of color fabrics further to block the effect from this and the visual sense that reflect different color fabrics obstruct the test assessment technique of function;

   (3) the fabric vision that studies different wavelengh light-wave falls obstructs gender and corresponding test assessment technique;

   (4) the impact that studies the deformation of stretch fabric and vision cover property and corresponding test assessment technique.