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2013 China (Shanghai) cast exhibition

Published on:2013/6/13 18:57:35

Keyword:Sewing machine, automation
Introduction:2013 China (Shanghai) cast 2013 China of exhibition   (Shanghai) cast product extends time: 4-6 day ground nodded in June 2013: Shanghai new internati...

2013 China (Shanghai) cast exhibition

2013 China (Shanghai) cast product is exhibited

Time: 4-6 day ground nodded in June 2013: Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Long Yang road 2345)

Was the same as a stage with distinguished gathering of industry of metallurgy of MTM - year again in June 2013 wonderful perform!

Make Hua Dong area cast industry brand grand meeting

In June 2013 4-6 day, china (Shanghai) international casts exhibition of industry of metal of international of the 9th exhibition and exhibition of metallurgical industry of international of the seventeenth Shanghai, Shanghai (MTM+F EXPO 2013) will be in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center is the same as a stage once more wonderful perform. This second exhibition got your kind effort supports saving city to cast a society each, milan exhibits Han Nuowei (Shanghai) Shen Shi of limited company, Shanghai exhibits service limited company to be sponsorred jointly. Exhibition will hand in friendly ” to give priority to a problem with “ commerce • , the program exhibits an area 60000 square metre, it is integral dimensions or internationalization degree will strive to be broken through newly no matter.

Sponsor unit —— Han Nuowei to show a company - one of the world's lead exhibition companies. The 300 thousand square metre of dimensions of exposition of Han Nuowei industry that held every year in Germany in April, the barometer of so-called industry group. The history that organizes exhibition in China 20 old, its motivation drive is exhibited, content shedding is exhibited, the machine tool is exhibited, automation is exhibited already developed the exhibition that makes an industry precede. Join in as Han Nuowei 2013 cast exhibit, we expect more international the participation that well-known company and international buy the home.

Sponsor unit —— Shen Shi to exhibit – metallurgy, cast, the professional conference of metallic industry domain exhibits an organizer. 2011-2012 year, metallurgy exhibits the Shanghai international that Shen Shi exhibition makes to extend alive gain with Shanghai international metal meeting theme house is wonderful perform, reveal an area to exceed 40 thousand square metre, recieve global professional audience nearly 30 thousand person-time, the corresponding period of conference of forum of much field height is held, can calls an industry the important vane of development, had become the platform of year business affairs with the indispensable enterprise inside travel.

Reviewing of previous term or session

19-21 day MTM+F EXPO 2012 was held in exhibition of Shanghai world rich in June 2012, show an area 25000 square metre, attracted include: ALD vacuum furnace, Gaolvke, one steam is cast, should amount to industry, north to weigh course of study of furnace of iron of labour, SPCO, new day, China and foreign countries, MARCEGAGLIA, IHI, EMSS, SDA, Fujian De Xin, De Weizhu is built, Hangzhou. Recieve global professional audience 12057 person-time, attracted look around purchase a group 15.

Origanization construction

Sponsor an unit: Milan exhibits Han Nuowei (Shanghai) Shen Shi of limited company Shanghai shows service limited company

Abroad support unit: Association of equipment of metallurgy of Europe of EUnited- of federation of manufacturing industry of equipment of VDMA- Germany machinery

Home supports an unit: The Anhui province casts institutional Henan province to cast institutional Fujian Province to cast a society

Heibei province casts institutional Jiangsu province to cast institutional Jiangsu to save die-casting to learn Shanxi province to cast a society

Jiangxi province casts institutional Hunan Province to cast institutional Tianjin city to cast institutional Dalian city to cast city of institutional Han Dan to cast a society

Current extend meeting program

2013MTM+F EXPO plans to show an area 60000 square (N1-N5 house) , the scope that 800 actual strength extend 35000 business, professional audiences is mixed for metallurgy cast company creation to trade effectively directly platform.

The industry swims to exhibit with the stage up and down

Current cast exhibit will exhibit the corresponding period to hold with metallurgy of international of the 17th Shanghai, perfect those who present an industry to swim up and down is integrated reveal. Purchase those who attract large quantities of high quality business to show up look around, create more opportunity to postpone business.

Orgnaization of domestic industry authority is sponsorred

Han Nuowei is exhibited (orgnaization of international famous exhibition) , 12 provinces city casts a society (cast orgnaization of industry major learning) collective organization.

Country and area exhibit a group

Sponsor the trade group that just comes from the organization international and the area such as Taiwan of Germany, Italy, United States, Australia, Japan, China with forming a delegation the form looks around current exhibit meeting.

Show range

◆ cast domain

1. Cast of the coloured alloy cast such as cast of cast steel, cast-iron, stainless steel, aluminous, copper, zinc, ball Chinese ink, wear-resisting cast (nicety is cast, fusible pattern is cast, disappear the model is cast, centrifugal casting, gravity is cast, the) such as die-casting.

2. Car, autocycle, machine tool, shipping, wind-force generates electricity, machinery of project machine, orbit traffic, heavy machinery, mine machinery, spin machinery, printing machine instrument, medical treatment, current mechanism; Be defeated become valve of pump of hardware of communication of report, electron, petro-chemical, building, conduit, pipe fitting, municipal project, city is artistic kind wait for cast and die-casting.

◆ casts installation

Cast machinery and installation, cast a factory equipment, mould, deferent technology, measure technology, finishing technology, forge, solder technology,

Environmental protection technology, of all kinds cast a mould; Casting cleaning equipment, cast repairs equipment of ooze of machine, dip.

◆ casts material

Ferroalloy, nonferrous metal, cast agent of agent of anxious, fine, be pregnant with, ball to change agent, squirm to change the agent, agent that divide broken bits, quartz arenaceous, laminating arenaceous, chromite arenaceous, treasure bead agent of earth of embellish of arenaceous, Peng, coal fines, carburet, cast use agent of colophony, solidify.

Target audience industry

Report of car, autocycle, oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipping, railroad, aviation, spaceflight, war industry, pressure vessel, boiler, mine, sewing machine, mechanical, diesel engine, electric power, nucleus, wind-force generates electricity, pump valve, hardware.


Indoor light ground: International area 350 dollars / area of the home since 36 ㎡ of ㎡ 1100 yuan of RMBs / ㎡ 36 hire

The standard exhibits a stage: International area 3500 dollars of 9 ㎡ / 4600 dollars of 12 ㎡ / 5800 dollars of 15 ㎡ /

Domestic area 9 ㎡ 11000 yuan of RMBs / 12 ㎡ 14700 yuan of RMBs / 18 ㎡ 22000 yuan of RMBs /

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