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Cloth of weaving of water thorn blame passes adhesive consolidate and hot frit consolidate to promote grade (one)

Published on:2013/6/13 18:57:23

Keyword:Be not weaving cloth, fiber, printing
Introduction:Arrive from 1995 2000, whole world water pricked the crop that is not weaving cloth to break up one time; The crop 2000 and the photograph is more fou...

Arrive from 1995 2000, whole world water pricked the crop that is not weaving cloth to break up one time; The crop 2000 and the photograph is more fourfold than increasing 1985; Arrived 2000 between 2006, its crop still increased one times much. Cloth of weaving of water thorn blame is rate of the growth in product of all blame weaving is the rapiddest. Although a lot of water prick the performance characteristics that is not weaving cloth to prick craft decision by water, but after additionally a few water pricked blame weaving cloth to pass, be arranged and additional consolidate craft these final to its performance characteristics are influential also, this kind of craft basically has: Chemical adhesive is permeated, arrange after chemical auxiliary, coloring or printing and hot frit or heat finalize the design. Working procedure is arranged after these are additional but online implementation, also can come true from the line. Independence installs after cloth of weaving of a lot of blame produces business to prefer to prick product line in water hind arrange flow. From hind a lot of working procedure that arrange and thickness of fibre web face will consider, before after fibre web is undertaking adding, be being arranged by dry it is a main demand. If additional online hind the cost that trims working procedure to be able to realize specific power consumption of economic and dry technology, that will be very significant. Of course, deploy online hind the installation of whole product line that arranges working procedure has most the design of careful. What still need to mention here is, the product line of a few already devoted and actual production increased craft of consolidate of online fibre web after water pricks working procedure, and include the dry process among, the effect is arranged in order to obtain after first-rate.

2 after using chemical adhesive and chemical auxiliary to undertake consolidate mixes, arrange use chemical auxiliary to come normally cent is the method of consolidate two measure: Above all, add adhesive, have heat treatment; Next, blame weaving cloth carries agglutinate action, adhesive and matrix fiber are stuck to form an organic whole be able to consolidate. Cloth of weaving of water thorn blame is to carry conglutinate power be able to the blame weaving cloth of consolidate. Adhesive nods the fiber in consolidate fibre web through the consolidate of proper form. When fiber undertakes agglutinate by adhesive action in all and mutual crossing, those who rectify a blame weaving cloth is puissant achieve the biggest. This offerred the excel in power that needs through the blame weaving cloth of adhesive consolidate to use property, the wearability, stability after washing and dry-clean meet an emergency also can be reduced. 2. The liquid adhesive that 1 adhesive and the function of blame weaving cloth that suffer adhesive effect can have some kind of specific structural formula by requirement preparation in order to get used to special product requirement. Use different adhesive recipe, identical blame weaving cloth is attainable disparate function. Besides a few monomer and oligomer, the material that a few have special and luscious group also includes like cross-linking agent among them, it will affect the quality of polymer, the performance that affects blame weaving cloth subsequently is mixed like mechanical function fight dissolvability. Through adding