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Home of ecbolic bamboo fiber spins weaving craft diversification. . .

Published on:2013/6/13 18:55:27

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Introduction:Fluctuate considerably as what the home spins raw material price, labor this, financing cost rises ceaselessly reach the each element influence such a...

Fluctuate considerably as what the home spins raw material price, labor this, financing cost rises ceaselessly reach the each element influence such as electric power insecurity, "Catenary of get through industry, develop new product jointly, promote a product additional cost " had become textile industry catenary to swim up and down the consensus of the enterprise. This among them, bamboo fibrous comes out, spun course of study to offer for the home undoubtedly prop up strongly.

To dimensions above according to national statistic bureau 1514 homes spin the statistical data of the enterprise to show: Industrial sale was worth growth to exceed 23% first half of the year 2011, exit delivery value increases 24.87% compared to the same period, gain index shows grow 31.64% compared to the same period. Our country home spun this shows first half of the year 2011 the momentum that the industry is maintaining growth. The fiber that occupy bamboo joins in the net understands, from June later, the home spun the market to appear low confused trend, it is sale in domestic market did not present the situation with exuberant demand of the corresponding period of in former years; 2 it is to export an amount to drop, the high cost of factor of production brought about manufacturing cost to rise quickly, product value is conducted not free. Pily price fluctuated considerably 2011, manufacturing cost rises ceaselessly, be based on above current situation, put forth effort of cotton spinning company develops new fiber, new fabrics, new technology, develop new product hard, spin business start market to offer more alternative for the home, promote a product additional cost jointly.

Apply new-style fiber and technology to promote a product additional cost

The fiber that occupy bamboo joins in the net understands, to the end of 2010 market of domestic cotton spinning has many tons 70 thousand new-style thread about, among them the production that the fiber such as bamboo fiber uses extensively already at the home to spin a product, those who got broad customer approbate, other if day silk, carapace gets together,more fiber of sugar fiber, corn copy silk, milk fiber, soja fiber, new-style fiber such as wood fibre are in in be being applied at the home to spin a product to produce practice gradually by research and development.

Bamboo fibrous cross section was bestrewed greatly small elliptic hole, of height hollow, can be absorbed for an instant and evaporate a large number of moisture, gift the moisture absorption permeability with bamboo good fiber can. This fiber has a day to fight function of bacterium curb bacterium like that, can resist bacterial multiply; But biology degradation, can be in soil by microbial with sunshine complete degradation, this process that decompose won't cause environmental pollution. The dry goods that this fiber produces has an unit fineness and fine, feel is silky, tenacity and wearability are stronger, reply sex, drapability is admirable wait for function. At present bamboo fiber applies extensively already in the development that the home spins a product and production, got the favour of consumer.

In recent years, the application of new-style spinning technology and promotion obtained remarkable result. Especially corresponding to undertaking on machine of annulus ingot spun yarn spin cheek by jowl with contest subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy is spun transform, make Mao Yu of bamboo fiber yarn little, wear-resisting, construction is tight, satisfied the home to spin the product demand to fabric style greatly. The fiber that occupy bamboo joins in technical spun is spun through surpassing subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy before mesh bamboo fiber yarn got acceleration popularize and be used.

Bamboo fibrous exceeds soft close together spinning is in last few years a kind of of research and development new-style yarn, differ with traditional spinning technology, super and close together yarn has twist together to count the characteristic with Xiaohe minor twist factor, withheld bamboo fiber already so of close together yarn bright and clean degree reach good puissant spend with lubricious prison, also need not add at the same time softening agent can obtain the ingot that compare annulus to spin softer effect with the agent that remove hair. Outside be being tightened inside super and close together yarn, loosen, relatively fleeciness, feel softness, withheld bamboo fiber at the same time the character of close together spinning, but purify the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics and the working procedure that remove hair, more environmental protection. With softness of the bamboo fiber towel that exceeds soft close together yarn to be made, bathrobe comfortable, hygroscopic strong.