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Industry of reed hill spin is sufferred inflict heavy losses on the enterprise saves oneself in order each other is saved

Published on:2013/6/13 18:54:59

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Introduction:County of Sichuan reed hill 20 earthquakes of 4 · make local spin enterprise is sufferred inflict heavy losses on, this is opposite the 4th day after ...

County of Sichuan reed hill 20 earthquakes of 4 · make local spin enterprise is sufferred inflict heavy losses on, this is opposite the 4th day after shake reed hill county spins Zhang Delin of industrial association chairman gently in interviewing, get confirming. According to Introduction Zhang Delin, in last few years reed hill county is carried out energetically " industrial strong county " the strategy, cultivate industry of water and electricity, Gao Zaineng, common treatment hard 3 big pillar and spin, new material two keys industry. "925 " during, reed hill county plans to build western of the greatest the most influential power contemporary spin base gently, do make strong spin industry greatly. At present reed hill county shares 19 to spin a business gently, 40% what total production value held local economy gross, solve obtain employment post for place several. And these spin enterprises are affected in this earthquake.

Another identity of Zhang Delin is general manager of limited company of spin of adjacent of reed hill Hunan, his Hunan adjacent textile mills is located in road of north of city of old the city zone of reed hill county 37, of this county spin association gently to also be set over. In a few days after seismic happening, zhang Delin saves oneself in busy move everyday, find a place for many 200 worker in the factory. Earthquake that evening, zhang Delin assembles came the necessaries of life of two minibus, distribute every employee hand in, if have in employee home stricken be hit by a natural adversity, he sends a person to drive send them to come home, participate in what did not come home with Zhang Delin aseismatic provide disaster relief. Should ask about when having worker casualties, zhang Delin tells a reporter, "Only a few get flesh wound, already found a place for now appropriate. Already found a place for now appropriate..

Additional as we have learned, partial proprietor of an enterprise had spread out to save oneself. Area of concentration of industry of reed hill county is in charge of appoint meet some chief introduction, these enterprises come from provincial move. They although oneself sufferred a loss, but still assist local government to be begun in order save oneself, each other is saved. "The government is helping a person in rush to deal with an emergency now, our enterprise not incommode, can solve what oneself think way with respect to oneself. " Mei Yubin of factory director of cotton mill of bag of new silk road says.

Area of concentration of industry of reed hill county is reed hill county a bigger industry collects an area, collected elegant An Baisi to get county of the limited company that wrap gauze, reed hill limited company of spin of the limited company of spin of understand of county of hill of limited company of Qing Yijiang spin, reed, elegant Hua Rui that bring city, Sichuan limited company of auspicious cloud spin, Lu Shanhua is beautiful the limited company that wrap gauze. Through be informed to partial company investigation, in the earthquake, these textile mills are damaged entirely almost, among them scale is larger spin company loss gently to amount to 10 thousand yuan thousands of. The workshop that Zhang Delin is pointing to the collapse below hill sobs unceasingly, the workshop of 10 thousand much square metre became a dangerous house, many pillar by shake crooked, among them of the cave in had had thousands of square metre.

According to Lu Shan Feng Jinhua of factory director of textile mills of limited company of prefectural understand spin introduces, this factory is had spin machine many 300, annual produce amounts to 70 million ~8000 10 thousand yuan. Dormitory of its production workshop, worker, financial room and Fang Jun of storeroom and other places appeared the marring of different level. Among them, manufacturing workshop circumstance particularly serious. Feng Jinhua says, one is added play the value of machine to be in 3 million yuan, 8 are shared in the factory; The cost of canister machine is 500 thousand yuan, share 6; The cost of the machine that wrap gauze 200 thousand yuan, in all 270. "Rough estimation, corporeal loss is as high as many yuan 3000. If increase aeriform client prediction of a person's luck in a given year, this number is higher. This number is higher..

Sichuan province is expensive all chief of spin limited company says: "We were 2009 capital attraction of government of reed hill county is garrisoned a cotton spinning that Lu Yang presses down industry to center an area knits an enterprise. In this big earthquake, cause 50 people flesh wound, damage of large area of foundation of company production workshop is serious, cause housetop of steel of roof collapse colour to tear off, workshop ground level ground and equipment are out of shape badly shift, geosyncline of together with cable, barrel-drain breaks down badly collapse, employee dormitory tilts badly collapse, cause dormitory of equipment of company structure, machine, employee, dining room to lose its to use a function entirely. Company production is managed get deadly concussion, short-term inside cannot rebuild resume production, caused loss of ninety-two million three hundred and fifty-five thousand four hundred yuan a huge sum to the company. Caused loss of ninety-two million three hundred and fifty-five thousand four hundred yuan a huge sum to the company..

Face the earthquake of arise suddenly, as the Zhang Delin of chairman, return future to must reach the damage situation that visits the company below association banner one by one. Zhang Delin says: "These two days of enterprises make a telephone call, signed up for loss circumstance, calculate come down to have 900 million yuan. Calculate come down to have 900 million yuan..

Reed hill county is a typical a mountainous area county, traffic is very disadvantageous, besides traditional agricultural production, industrial production project is few. The enterprise of great majority spin of reed hill county comes from the province such as Zhejiang, Shandong.

Feng Jinhua expresses, when building a plant at the outset, his capital is pressed in textile mills entirely, if rebuild,capital preparing does not arrive, this yard can go broke probably.

Feng Jinhua says, current worker comes home fight calamity, come back hard temporarily, the factory wants production of go back to work again, be forced to save loan outwards so, come so, company cost is met taller.

It is reported, in a few days after seismic happening, sichuan province classics is believed appoint, the elegant classics that bring city is believed appoint wait for concerned unit to come round in succession the stricken be hit by a natural adversity circumstance that survey spins a business gently. Nevertheless, those who make Zhang Delin disturbed is, need rebuilds after calamity a large number of capital, the member that spins association gently is main it is civilian battalion enterprise, how is financing of civilian look forward to solved, how to reduce its financing cost again, especially electrovalency whether reduce etc, these return unknown up to now.

The elegant classics that bring city is believed appoint piece surname vice director also says frankly, still transfer at present period, main task is rush to deal with an emergency provides disaster relief, had not involved the matters concerned that rebuilds after enterprise calamity, future will the real difficulty of mature company, give stage by stage solve.