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Thermal spraying technology maintains medium representative application in machinery. . .

Published on:2013/6/13 18:54:38

Keyword:Roller, printing and dyeing, times twist machine, fittings, spin machine, without spin cloth, chemical fibber, textile industry, guide roller, groovy canister
Introduction:One, power system: 1, coal of canal of wall of water-cooling of boiler of igneous power plant, superheater canal, reheater canal, section (or oily) im...

One, power system:

1, coal of canal of wall of water-cooling of boiler of igneous power plant, superheater canal, reheater canal, section (or oily) implement canal, abbreviation " boiler 4 canals " spray is anticorrosive wear-resisting coating;

2, crock lid combines turbine of igneous power plant rehabilitate of face leak spray;

3, igneous power plant is sucked, platoon fan impeller and rehabilitate of solder of gush of system of the engine that grind coal and exterior aggrandizement;

4, hydroelectric station hydraulic turbine sheds place to guide too annulus of canal of decompression of carapace of medium, gate, catchment, runner, guide vane, case fight cavitation erosion to erode gush solder layer;

5, the rehabilitate after derv dynamo crankshaft wears away;

6, wind-force generates electricity the spray of base.

2, metallurgy system:

1, all sorts of roller rehabilitate and aggrandizement;

2, the top of compound make friends that seamless steel tube produces an enterprise to use gush solder craft to make replaces cast steel make friends to support, raise life 4-5 times above;

3, raw material of mouth of blast furnace broken bits, a place with a draught is able to bear or endure for red copper character melt molten iron is caustic poor, use plasma spray red copper + Ni-cr-al+ni/al2o3 pottery and porcelain and oxide, improve life one times above;

4, silicon steel piece aircrew of successive decarbonization anneal, black lead carbon is held in the palm to cover bottom roller inside furnace operating limit temperature is 950 ℃ , silicon steel of tall brand of one-time cold rolling cannot be produced below higher temperature piece, the new-style hearth roller that uses pottery and porcelain of spray of blaze of plasma, supersonic speed, explosion and cermet coating is in service life of 920 ℃ above amounts to 3 months above, average service life is more than 6 months under 920 ℃ , the longest achieve a year many, new-style hearth roller replaces benefit of on entrance, managing foreign currency, creation 100 million yuan great and indirect economic benefits and society;

5, RMB of a value picks up even casting machine roller tens of thousands of yuan, because be in high temperature activity in series, be oxidized ceaselessly by high temperature and feet is out of shape, the unit such as steel of our country treasure, fierce steel absorbs foreign advanced experience, bury Ni-cr-al+ of spray of spray of arc solder, plasma or supersonic speed blaze, explosion burning gas automatically to using even casting machine roll rehabilitate of coating of compound pottery and porcelain and aggrandizement; 6, repair and aggrandizement all sorts of axes kind, entrance car crankshaft.

3, system of nonferrous metal industry:

1, coloured, metallurgy, petrifaction is water press of thousand tonnage above, oily the large extruder force plunger such as press use oxygen acetylene blaze from method of solder of gush of fusibility alloy powder, 850 × of successfully repair φ 5500 force plunger a cost price 280 thousand yuan, be considered as " national treasure " large force plunger hundreds of, received good economic benefits;

2, cupreous processing factory is all sorts of roller, aluminous the rehabilitate of chew of extrusion of electrode of factory carbon element.

4, coal system:

1, colliery pit shaft is equipment gush zinc, aluminous, plastic anti-corrosive coating; 2, mid chamfer, force plunger uses machine of coal mining scraper coating of wear-resisting of alloy gush solder.

5, oil system:

1, refinery uses M of μ of 100-150 of ply of thermal spraying aluminous coating inside large steeliness oilcan, coating of inorganic rich zinc closes layer ply is 50-80 μ M, anticorrosive fixed number of year can amount to 15 years of above;

2, connect of oil field drill pipe uses plasma gush solder 1 times taller than life of connect of former 35crmo drill pipe above;

3, all sorts of pump kind, force plunger rehabilitate;

4, repair and aggrandizement all sorts of axes kind, entrance car crankshaft.

6, chemical industry:

1, metallic coating: Canister of lay aside of tower of fertilizer plant carbonization, gas ark, brew, beer ferments coal tub, evaporate sneaks away all sorts of tower, chemical industry container inside rehabilitate of the preservative coating such as exterior gush aluminium, zinc, stannum, lead, stainless steel and large brake a powerful person;

2, coating of pottery and porcelain: Enterprise of pharmacy, biochemistry, food, chemical industry makes spray of classics of the surface inside reaction boiler newly arenaceous the coating of pottery and porcelain such as Al2o3 of the spray after dividing rust, Cr2o2, Tio2 replaces coating of glassed steel glair or reaction boiler is local fall off repair coating;

3, plastic coating: Gymnasium net wears mud of Lu of industry of pipeline of container of structural member, public facilities, of all kinds chemical industry, big diameter, ceramics industry of machine board casing, printing and dyeing guides transport of leather belt of industry of carbon of cloth roller, coal is cast-iron support roller, printing machine all sorts of guiding the exterior spray such as roller the anti-friction wear-resisting of nylon, and colophony of spray polyethylene, Eva, chloridize gets together the preservative coating such as ether, epoxy resin, make up for inadequacy of electrostatic gush model.

7, mechanical industry:

1, value of a powerful person of a large dish more than 10000 yuan, an oil field is used up one year at least 20 many, press 10 big oil field of countrywide year use up large valve to be in 200 above, if consider other industry large valve year wastage is bigger, use rehabilitate of 1cr18ni9ti material spray, 1-2 can rise in the service life below 350 ℃ environment times, only this one is in oil branch year can obtain economic benefits 10 million yuan of above; Divide oil field beyond, produce enterprise and investigation of a few big alkaline plants to a few valve, general and homebred real service life has a powerful person of 2040 cast-iron brake 720 hours only, far level of short of state uses 3000 hours, a few big alkaline plants of countrywide and trade of other chemical industry are large to this kind valve year on demand 10 thousand, because life short of asks, the loss is quite sizable. Carry out a proof, use common steeliness to make exterior spray coating of tungsten of nickel radical carbonization, its life can raise 3-4 times, if comprehensive promotion presses life to raise one times, year economic benefits 10 thousand yuan thousands of;

2, all sorts of entrances are crankshaft of car engine crankshaft, train diesel locomotive, marine all sorts of crankshaft of machine of pneumatics of crankshaft, mine, large electric machinery rehabilitate of crankshaft of Ci Feng of rotor axis, trailing plants;

3, helix carries all sorts of lever, die-casting, note model of model, balata, glass model, Leng Chong, pull delay, hot forge, heat is crowded, hot pressing, hot strong wait for mould rehabilitate;

4, electric arc spray creates a pattern quickly.

8, papermaking, presswork, the industry that pack:

1, the anticorrosive wear-resisting coating such as stainless steel of papermaking dryer gush;

2, pectoral roller, press copper of smooth roll gush to replace coating of electric copper facing;

3, platen of embossing of 4 kinds of offset press is squeezed or wear away repair;

4, 4 pairs of corrugated fibreboard control paper box factory roller rehabilitate;

9, refine sugar industry: Divide into equal parts of distributinging Guangdong of factory of countrywide cane sugar, Guangxi, Hainan, Fujian, Yunnan does not have L300, 1000, 2000 each model mill bottom combs, the face combs use alloy spray solder is anticorrosive wear-resisting coating;

10, textile industry:

1, of chemical fibber, spin, printing and dyeing, cotton, Mao Ma all sorts of spinning engine a replacement is of all kinds model times twist machine ingot annulus, attrition dish, of all kinds seal wire implement, coating of wear-resisting of titanium of the exterior spray alumina such as canister of chamfer of spin machine winding, oxidation;

2, without the rehabilitate that spins cloth to press roller to be squeezed;

11, railway system:

1, sea of wide, Gansu, treasure becomes our country capital, the abrade of trunk railway rail such as Luoyang, drop piece, welding line of low connect, long rail is small collapse, outside orbit curve steel inside face wears away, use coating of wear-resisting of solder of gush of powder of alloy of oxygen acetylene blaze;

2, rate of diesel locomotive crankshaft, engine brings axis of impeller of pump of electric machinery axis, double set axis, take a breath, housing to enrage the component spray rehabilitate such as piston of a powerful person;

12, steely structure lasting effect defends: Establishment of apparatus of storage tank of door of bridge of large to exposing outdoors atmospheric for a long time steely construction, ship vessel, clough and water, chemical medium, iron tower, communication, highway, power plant rises step-down the spray such as beat of float of bracket of cable of station distribution unit, underground, navigation mark, replace traditional paint method, execute cathode protection to undertake length effect anticorrosive project, be like: Country television tower of 8201 projects, Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shanxi, jinan comes to Tai'an, Guangzhou tower of Zhan Jiang microwave, beijing connects overpass of city of highway, Xi'an, Chongqing, Xining, the large project such as the distribution unit of the power plant such as river of island of emperor of blueness of abundant town, willow, the Qin Dynasty, name of a river in northern china, peony used spray zinc of aluminous, gush is long effect is anticorrosive, among them inside steel structure of station of step up of 50kv of power plant of unconscious Feng Zhenfa more than 40000 square metre undertook gush zinc anticorrosive, the whole nation presses annual and average spray above of 1 million square metre, this technology popularizes application already extensively, obtained major economic benefits;

13, spaceflight, aviation, national defence: Thermal spraying is in our country only then at industry of national defence, war industry, work up arrives later civil product, so far, component of missile, rocket, satellite, tank and aviation engine lamina, eruptive canister, missile is slippery course protect coating of aggrandizement of coating and rehabilitate beforehand;

14, building decoration:

1, casting of whole of large model carve one honour bronze should cost capable person of a lot of copper, if be in cement, gesso, resinous model is statuary apparently color of stainless steel of aluminium of bronze of a brass, gush, gush, gush, gush is plastic wait for adornment coating, already economy beautiful, in last few years and other places of Daqing, Beijing, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, used thermal spraying method to do a lot of large model carve, the effect is very good;

2, use thermal spraying method, can spray is large mural, be like bazaar of Shenyang city international 2 buildings hall -- " peacock spread its tail " mural, on gate of bureau of science and technology of county of Beijing room hill large " flying Apsaras " mural, use thermal spraying method to make, the effect is very good;

15, medical treatment is wholesome: Develop as the technology of thermal spraying in recent years, use coating of plasma spray pottery and porcelain for base material surface with stainless steel skeleton, preparation is artificial and skeletal, clinical practice already achieved hundreds of, the effect is very good.

Keyword:Roller, printing and dyeing, times twist machine, fittings, spin machine, without spin cloth, chemical fibber, textile industry, guide roller, groovy canister

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