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New product is released " spin of the root of antipyretic dichroa " transition upgrades fight the crisis

Published on:2013/6/13 18:54:13

Keyword:Yarn, cone winder, times twist machine, drawing machine
Introduction:In the root of antipyretic dichroa the new plant of limited company of spin of the root of antipyretic dichroa of brightness port new developed area s...

In the root of antipyretic dichroa the new plant of limited company of spin of the root of antipyretic dichroa of brightness port new developed area sees, often spin a company remove to be finished basically already, the equipment of installation has thrown production, produce yarn for travelling merchant of and other places of Ning Bo, Shenzhen, Shanghai. "Exit situation is grim, the enterprise practices hard exercise to benefit the internal organs with respect to need, enlarge sale in domestic market. Recently, each district orders odd number to estimate apparent increase. " Zhang Zhenggong tells company general manager.

As we have learned, often spin the bibcock business that the company is exit of spin of county of the root of antipyretic dichroa, 60% what self-supporting last year exit holds sale total. But the effect that suffers global economic situation, enterprise yarn exports a quantity to decrease. Zhang Zhenggong of company general manager says, "Often spin " adjusting sale strategy stage by stage, enlarge proportion of sale in domestic market, increase technical investment at the same time, develop new product.

Hardware equipment pledges to the product quantity and manufacturing efficiency have crucial effect. According to Introduction Zhang Zhenggong, at present the enterprise already used the new facility of 60% , producing a workshop, use effect of new old machine differs apparent. The reporter sees, 12 short fine times twist 8 machine, automatic winding machine, the international that whole department Italy introduces is advanced equipment. The drawing machine of entrance of every 420 thousand yuan of prices, can undertake man-machine interaction, single person of much station machine is operated. "Use these machines, not only speed fast, efficiency is tall, still can come true online monitor, when the province that save project. When the province that save project..

"Updating equipment is fast, new product develops automatical success will come when conditions are ripe. " the strength of research and development that often spun a company to adjust new product, build center of provincial company technology. Current, this company begins to produce the new product such as rings gauze, Duan Cai gauze, the market value of every tons of gauze compares common gauze fully tall 3000 multivariate. "Have experienced good exercise to benefit the internal organs only, in kongfu of product quality fluctuation, in the market in developing, make great efforts, enterprise can remain invincible. " Zhang Zhenggong says, high fixed position decides company outlet, current economic situation is good luck and challenge coexist, the enterprise will be paid attention to stage by stage " famous brand " construction, increase fight risk ability.