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Course of study of Yunnan content abortion will be greeted new round of great progress. . .

Published on:2013/6/13 18:53:10

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Introduction:Stay of big channel ability flows fly. Regard the Yunnan of inland province as to know well greatly also this, it is since reforming and opening const...

Stay of big channel ability flows fly. Regard the Yunnan of inland province as to know well greatly also this, it is since reforming and opening construction of system of traffic of aggrandizement of ground of do one's best. The bridge tower construction that accelerating construction southwest to open especially and new round western in developing a process greatly, yunnan is more took forward position from open extreme, the content that is new period shed great progress to lay driving foundation. This period case, " content sheds observation " will roll out Yunnan international big channel to build series to report, strive presents Yunnan stereo transportation situation is preliminary formation preexistence this life and the effect that its spread course of study to develop to this locality content.

Yunnan is located in southwest borderland, but the area in join China and southeast Asia, South Asia the advantage is not had replaceable. What if say southern the Silk Road reachs tea Ma Gu to before a few chiliad,pulled open Yunnan and circumjacent nation foreign trade is prelusive, enlightened that 1910 another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad criterion to carry forward this one good convention.

Regard Yunnan as the first railroad, also be railroad of the first international of Chinese at the same time, what another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad is enlightened make Yunnan from of old the person carries what the horse carries on the back on the back to open to the outside world means is replaced by the trainset place of howl, the tin ore that place teems with, farming special local product tastes the each district of flow direction world that waits to also be followed.

"At that time, the crop of Yunnan tin ore can affect the price trend of London even. " study old Yunnan Niu Hongbin expresses the researcher of institute of South Asia of academy of sciences of Yunnan province society of local history, another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad to regard China's earliest international as big channel, the rapid development of Yunnan and circumjacent nation foreign trade was accelerated on certain level.

Nowadays, "Extensive ferrous road " the tentative idea lets Yunnan lie again position of hub of regional node, center, took the great progress, forward position that opens greatly. Yunnan is chance with this, lift the climax of large-scale construction railroad: Railway of big on March 20, 2008 luck is old (manage) protect (hill) paragraph start working construction, cheat with what start working built on December 19, 2008 arrive to the railroad of bayou, Yu Xi that start working built on September 1, 2005 oneself unconscious from railroad, made the particular move of churchyard of China of program of extensive ferrous road. Enlarge of hub of Kunming of second half of the year can be transformed 2009, electrification of line of link of southeast of railroad of cloud laurel railroad, pool of annulus another name for Yunnan Province, Kun Yufu line is transformed, broad line adds speed per hour newly the multiple track of 200 kilometre build a project in succession start working, to it before already the project of start working, formed Yunnan to save unprecedented railroad to build a climax. Current, dong Xianyu brook reachs extensive ferrous road unconscious from paragraph already business line of make one's bow tries moving phase.

Did not come 5 years, yunnan railroad will increase operation mileage newly 1780 kilometre, form it is a center with Kunming hub, 8 artery (Tibet of another name for Yunnan Province, Cheng Kun, inside elder brother of elder brother, Gui Kun, Na Kun, Yun Gui, Yu Kun, Shanghai is trunk) enter another name for Yunnan Province, 4 railroad (in more, in old, medium remote, medium remote imprints railroad) leave the country, connect Jiang Dahai to join circumjacent Yunnan railroad carries big channel, road network dimensions will come true great span.

To 2020, yunnan railroad business course of development will increase 6200 kilometre by the 2300 kilometre 2009, grow 1.7 times; Main thoroughfare carries Yunnan of pass in and out ability will increase 500 million tons of above by nearly 100 million current tons; Provincial capital Kunming will shorten considerably to the spatio-temporal distance of city of Beijing etc center. At the appointed time, the target that Kunming makes national content shed node city and regional international content to shed a center will no longer distant, course of study of Yunnan content abortion also will be greeted new round of great progress.

Another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad: The memory with Yunnan the earliest foreign trade

On November 17, 2012 morning 7:30, two jump over the railroad worker that station of run of railroad king home works to taking water cup severally in another name for Yunnan Province, be mingled with is in 449 passengers, ascended what stand toward Wang Jiaying from Kunming north hair " rice rail train " . The station of Home Wang run that they work is another name for Yunnan Province jump over the farthermost site that at present start shipment arrives at railroad, also be accurate, the important site of transhipment of through cargo of rice course goods.

In their memory, 20 years ago now, spend a few months again, be about to begin to carry from Pan Xi large quantities of onion, purple onion is replete railroad car, companion sells past other place as hooter sound. "This carries, have to have 200 much cars. " railroad worker says.

Station of Home Wang run still is working

Pan Xi is the thoroughfare of a traffic south another name for Yunnan Province, teem with vegetable, fruit, especially onion, drive in what another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad, its onion is carried ceaselessly by in a steady stream outside. Pan Xi's dimensions should compare Yunnan a lot of remote towns want big. What content flows is expedite move action to the belt of local economy, in Pan Xi the town got true portraiture.

Before days returns 102 years. 1910, another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad be open to traffic, yunnan province becomes China to be had the earliest " international railroad " one of province, pull at a draught close the distance with the world, connected the ligament with international goods flow of goods, light industry is tasted, the ground of heavy goods big batch such as commissariat, ore jumps over railroad to carry through another name for Yunnan Province.

Data of Yunnan railroad museum shows, arrive from 1910 1939, yunnan is jumped over through another name for Yunnan Province goods of pass in and out adds up to between railroad 1.239 million tons. Arrive from 1958 during 1966 achieved year all goods of imports and exports 397 thousand tons. Arrived 1992 during 1996 external development of quantity of goods of imports and exports arrived year all 50 ― 600 thousand tons level. Reached 689 thousand tons of the most brilliant history records 2004.

During this, the circumstance of foreign trade discrepancy of Yunnan produced change. The goods and materials of partial imports and exports of the foreign trade goods and materials of 80% above and Sichuan, Guizhou from this the road is carried. 1912, volume of imports and exports is 48 thousand tons, relatively the Gu Daonian before be open to traffic all volume rises 1.3 times. Meng Zihai closed 1920 register show, "It is from value of goods of import of Vietnam pass through the territory of a country only hundred, and carry is gone to Sichuan person about thirty thousand and seventy-two, carry is gone to Guizhou person seventy thousand and fifty-two, inland of transportation and sale person about five million five hundred thousand and two " .

The introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad master that jumps over station of chew of stone of line of river of railroad elder brother to hold the position of stationmaster according to Ceng Zaidian is recollected, when fastigium of 90 time freight, uninterrupted outfit car. "In freight fastigium, a day highest lade the record reachs 150 railroad car. " introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad master says. Await in those days, stone chew always has more than 3 at the door station freight field, content of discharging of outfit of 40 old freight car.

In the distance stone chew stands besides more than 20 kilometers, it is transshipment station of Home Wang run. At the beginning of 1966, path railway allows in Gui Kun be about to eve of be open to traffic, project of another name for Yunnan Province of railway ministry Guizhou is looked carefully at group to Kunming, pass investigation jointly with unit of Yunnan stratocracy branch, railroad, put forward to withhold Kunming north to reach Home Wang road of battalion rice trajectory, from Kunming east the station builds a line of exact course contact to Wang Jiaying, transshipment station of course of accurate, rice is set in Wang Jiaying.

The Wang Jiaying nowadays stands, still fulfilling the obligation that its regard course of accurate, rice as transshipment station, just, as the day of railroad network beneficial develops, goods transhipment of through cargo measures ceaseless also billabong. Staff member introduction, every are extremely big before make an appointment with transhipment of through cargo 90 train wagon, after jade covers railroad building have transport service, hair toward build water, unconscious from the goods such as the chemical fertilizer of and other places Dou Jingyu cheats a line to go, home Wang run stands everyday quantity of transhipment of through cargo reduced left and right sides of 60 train wagon.

Of along the line promote decline

Another name for Yunnan Province jumps over the be open to traffic of railroad, outside the advantage that carries besides goods and materials, personnel communication is large-scale also increase, the passenger in an endless stream of daily turnover Kunming. With Kunming north the station is exemple, year passenger transport sends a volume from inchoate year all 1.618 million person arrives year all exceed 6 million person, the vegetable grower that the passenger is circumjacent area more, size pedlar that is in business to elder brother, to the youth of soil of Kunming charge for the making of sth. .

Then, the hotel that serves for the passenger only, a slap-bang shop is natural also emerge as the times require, fu Hui recalls the Yang Shi that train north stands, at that time, train north station serves as Kunming most boreal end, do not have nowadays next wearing wide mansion of channel and high-rise, railway station with north still be rustic farm, compare with blatant station square photograph halcyon all the more. And direction of railway station southwest is a center to appear with station square particularly lively, of square cover an area of an area very big, with nowadays new south station photograph is compared also not Huang lets more. Very much small small retailer gathers together hereat, cry out is worn sell all sorts of commodity and handicraft are tasted. At the same time strewn at random also distributinging thrust deep into the enemy forces is in a lot of snack pedlar that hawk the New Year cake of the potato that bake, evaporate, corn that boil, spun sugar in the square that bright bearer goes to. Restaurant of of all kinds, hotel was bestrewed all around, seek temporary lodging of have dinner of pass in and out person in an endless stream, person bearer has been gone to not lively, with " voice noisy and confused, red boiler showing tremendous enthusiasm " will describe also had not been.

These hotels, inn promoted train north to stand further of around commerce flourishing, drove the economic progress of circumjacent village and fundamental construction not only, increased the come-and-go of manpower goods and materials of Kunming and various places of railroad along the line, the urban progress that still is area of whole Kunming north and economic construction laid solid foundation.

And it is besides Kunming, arrive from Kunming bayou more than 50 on the way sites, also be in of railroad drive next gold that enter trade development period. During railroad operation, early or late French, Englishman, Greek, Japanese runs foreign firm to Yunnan, hotel, trade, still drew the businessman such as domestic plain side, Guizhou side, Hunan side. And other places of red river city is saved in me at that time, see at any time " foreigner " . On the market of the county of train along the line and villages and towns, the commodity such as the toilet soap that sees a foreign country everywhere, perfume, watch, bell, sewing machine, glass, bubbly, bishop, potted, biscuit, coffee, beverage, cigarette. Meanwhile, float of railroad along the line is revealed bayou, unconscious from, fine of green jade lubricious stockaded village, appropriate, 8 streets one large quantities of sufferring the town that another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad to drive rapid development.

Wu of machine of railroad of reporter Cong Yiliang paragraph Xu master place understands, appropriate fine railway station can say is another name for Yunnan Province those who jump over railroad south have the first station, its north is received south Kunming repeatedly far, as an abundant place of the area in another name for Yunnan Province, another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad to be opposite in appropriate fine be open to traffic north and south of be well versed in,

However, those who regard join appropriate fine as the city zone and railway station is new China street is in on century 90 time are one of downtown streets with appropriate the most lively fine. Xu master is recollected, new at that time China street both sides all sorts of cafeteria, inn, shop is strewn at random have send, card pulls the recreational establishment such as room of OK hall, billiards, bistro also have everything that one expects to find, each district is carried so far goods goods full of beautiful things in eyes, whole station, street heavy traffic is very busy.

Nowadays, of numerous highway repair, those who follow path is enlightened, and the ageing that another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad equipment, faded out of the line of sight of people gradually, had gone besides staff member of railroad along the line besides, along the line also sees the lively picture that is less than person wave to move again, in former days flourishing already left sadly.

Those years of collective memory

However. To the person austral a lot of another name for Yunnan Province and old Kunming, another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad once brilliant however deeply in the memory of bake in a pan in them, more bore the weight of a lot of times print.

Another name for Yunnan Province jumped over railroad to bring the person's flow, the person that the butcher of the trader that crosses a state, short distance works with what go out... their some takes door going abroad from here, more it is to pass this course, leaving big hill is poor even.

Drive far person Mr Li is taking rice course trainset namely 34 years ago, jumped over railroad to leave home town to come to Kunming along another name for Yunnan Province. His memory says, cong Kaiyuan wants 9 hours about to Kunming at that time, rice course trainset is divided hard, lie forcedly and soft sleeper 3 grade, "I am to sit to waded then at 10 o'clock in the evening commonly express, sleep in the car shut-eye, the following day goggle in the morning excellent. " till 2003, rice course trainset stops carried Kunming comes far order, he just begins to choose to take a passenger car to come home.

Nowadays, those who answer recall another name for Yunnan Province to jump over railroad on the way anecdote, mr Li as before take delight in talking about. "Go up in trainset in those days, by long-distance many passengers have those who carrying a basket carried on the back on the back, outside those who carrying gunny-bag leave home town, go out to work, and be in the place with close Kunming of the appropriate fine, equidistance that show tribute, because rice rail train is the most convenient at that time traffic way, a lot of farmers are carrying the van on carrying pole, sell food to come to Kunming only. " recollect according to him.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad master worker of old to railroad bureau worker, another name for Yunnan Province jumped over railroad to give him a few rides with the not much amount to in the time that that material shorts. "Railroad both sides is to sell intertropical fruity completely, have pineapple, banana, still can see a few vendor that holding strange creature in the arms to sell occasionally. Sit on the train, it is abrupt mountain peak at the same time, it is rapid river water at the same time, give a person visual impact not only, still can sample the fresh fruit that just bought, that feeling, it is profundity of memory letting a person really. " memory rises at that time rice course on the way when scene, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad master still appears very excited.

If say to most Yunnan person, another name for Yunnan Province jumps over what railroad brings is anecdote amusement and beautiful landscape, so to the foreigner, participate in the offspring of the railroad design, French that build and manages in those days especially, another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad to affecting the affection of deeper administrative levels. According to statistic of Yunnan railroad museum, count with the French in the foreign nationality tourist that looks around in recent years most. Relevant controller introduces this museum: "2 consul generals that France is stationed in Chengdu consulate general also visit museum for many times, take trainset. "2 consul generals that France is stationed in Chengdu consulate general also visit museum for many times, take trainset..

As the architect of a massive project, many Frenches jump over railroad to having special feeling to another name for Yunnan Province, take great pride. In the item on display of museum, partial loco, railroad car, a be the train even gadgety, can identify clearly from the foreign language label above their producing area comes from France, even can a certain factory with specific restrospect to, the person that this lets many France look around very sigh with emotion. Museum staff member introduces, 2009, a daughter that translates an official was brought in those days father arrives from railroad survey build finished handwritten note, the place name that there are a lot of on the ways above is Sino-French Wen Shuangyi completely, very precious.

In numerous will search " memory " in the French, another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad the Er of Mom of the person that offer of hundred years old photograph is thin make a person impressive especially. When building another name for Yunnan Province to jump over railroad, his grandfather ever held the post of duty accountant, took a large number of precious pictures at that time. Grandfather makes Mom Er thin about building another name for Yunnan Province to jump over the story of railroad have to China as a child especially a kind of special affection and eager yearning. Mixed 1997 2010, mom Er is thin set foot on another name for Yunnan Province twice to jump over railroad to seek grandfather slot again early or late especially, and the local customs according to China of the account in grandfather a letter from home, and another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad to build a process to wear book, revealed this ordinary France family to jump over the memory with special railroad to another name for Yunnan Province for more people, also reveal another name for Yunnan Province to jump over railroad more softhearted one side.