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CZIE 2013 China (Changzhou) exhibition of mould of international machine tool

Published on:2013/6/13 18:51:25

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Introduction:Exhibit meeting area: Changzhou sponsors an unit: Association of Jiangsu mould industry undertakes unit: Congress exhibits Changzhou name service limi...

  • Exhibit meeting area:
  • Changzhou
  • Sponsor an unit:
  • Association of Jiangsu mould industry
  • Undertake unit:
  • Congress exhibits Changzhou name service limited company
  • Support an unit:
  • Association of Nanjing mould industry
  • Exhibit house title:
  • Changzhou international exhibition center (abstruse body center)
  • Extend meeting time:
  • 2013-04-10 comes 2013-04-12
  • Exhibit meeting site:
  • Changzhou international exhibition center (abstruse body center)
  • Exhibit meeting content:
  • CZIE 2013 China (Changzhou) exhibition of mould of international machine tool

    Time: On April 10, 2013 - 12 days  Place: Changzhou international exhibition center (abstruse body center)

    Changzhou is located in long triangle heartland, with two city of Shanghai, Nanjing equidistant photograph looks, be located in between circle of radiate of two old economy, sleeve with the Suzhou, couplet that do not have stannum piece, formed Su Xichang city to encircle. It is a red-blooded burgeoning industry city, the economy that develop, advanced science and technology occupies lead position in countrywide congener city. Equipment manufacturing industry is the mainstay business in Changzhou industry economy, be defeated change dimensions of electric product manufacturing industry ranks the whole nation the first, become Hua Dong area and even whole nation's famous orbit traffic car and base of component manufacturing industry, project machine and car industry are in countrywide be among the best of candidates. Form industrial group, make domestic electron, steam rub match component to produce base. Have more than 250 transnational corporation often already investing settle, among them tall, correlation spends large quantities of one technology content big, drive the new developed area of settle of project of industrial catenary bibcock with strong sex, becoming domestic dominant position the modern equipment with apparent, tremendous potential makes a famous city.

    In April 2013 10 ~ 12 days, participate in mould of sponsorred Changzhou machine tool to exhibit jointly by many guild hold grandly in Changzhou international exhibition center, got the puissant support of local government. Exhibit meeting general to the company of pattern of many 300 machine tool that will reach 20 many provinces town of 10 many countries and home is joined exhibit, set in all 600 many exhibit, exhibition area will achieve 18000 square metre, become the industry distinguished gathering with Changzhou the most large-scale throughout history.

    CZIE is the large industry product that has innovation sense is exhibited meeting, through the enterprise, purchase business and supplier to wait with all possible means 0 distances contact, communicate face-to-face, built industrial product to reveal, brand conduct propaganda, one-stop purchase, the big platform of cooperative communication. More is better the advanced concept that shares manufacturing industry of international home equipment, technology and information, enhance the development level of advanced manufacturing industry and core competition ability further, drive industrial structure transition to upgrade; Increase strength of innovation of industry science and technology, resource of achievement of innovation of stimulative science and technology is in Changzhou assemble, enlarge Changzhou and province inside and outside well-known company is communicated, communication, collaboration, build a product to reveal for enterprise of numerous equipment manufacturing industry, technical communication, investment negotiates wait for the new platform that is content, achieve “ to serve the purpose of ” of level of manufacturing industry of equipment of development of business of equipment manufacturing industry, promotion. Highlighted “ to be exhibited with meeting hurried, start a city in order to exhibit, take new-style industrialized way, build the theme of ” of manufacturing industry strong city, bend affection makes Changzhou of “ base oneself upon, face what Su Na, radiate grows trigonometry ” to specialization, the industrial product that internationalization, dimensions turns is one-stop purchase platform, with all-around, high administrative levels, much angle, with great quantity economy grows antenna, with area advantage, resource advantage, industry dominant position, the development of stimulative Changzhou economy. Exhibit “ Changzhou machine tool ” makes growing triangle region annual the trade grand meeting that has force most. The personage inside greeting course of study is visited exhibit meeting site to exchange information, participate in industry great event

    The Changzhou that makes distinguished gathering of famous city industry of vigor open welcomes you

    Sponsor an unit: Association of Jiangsu mould industry

    Support an unit: Association of Nanjing mould industry / association of Suzhou mould industry / association of industry of the mould that do not have stannum / association of industry of saline city mould / association of Yangzhou mould industry / association of Xuzhou mould industry / association of Changzhou mould industry / society of Changzhou Electromechanical project / chamber of commerce of industry of Changzhou machinery equipment / Changzhou

    Assist run an unit: City of mould of long triangle international / center of Hua Dong Electromechanical / market of electron of Changzhou Hua Jiang / city of Electromechanical of Changjiang Delta hardware / beautiful Jiteke ability hardware city

    Undertake unit: Congress exhibits Changzhou name service limited company

    Propagandist plan

    Professional media website: Newspaper of 112 the home, masses: TV station of 12 the home, places: 6 outdoors advertisement: 18 place

    Entrance ticket: 500 thousand pieces, invitation: 100 thousand portion, conduct propaganda is special car: 8, propagandist personnel: 20 people

    Show content

    The machine tool exhibits an area: Numerical control machine tool and machining center, milling machine of metallic cutting machine tool, lathe, milling machine, boring machine, boring, grinder, drilling machine, sawing machine, broaching machine, planer, engraving tool, report is machined / line cut machine tool, gear cutting machine tool, special machine tool;

    Component of machine tool function, tool and accessory exhibit an area: Appearance of quantity of electric equipment of system of numerical control of of all kinds machine tool, machine tool, cutting tool, cutting tool, clamping apparatus, tool, measure, abrasive is ground provide, accessory of tool of metallic cutting oil, lube, hardware, machine tool, robot, automation is controlled, instrument appearance, electron applies system and;

    V machinery exhibits an area: Machine tool of cut of metallic thin plate and laser beam cutting machine, water the machine tool of fluidics, punch, hydraulic press, machine shears Ban, machine that fold a turn, roll machine of trigger, pipe bender, automatic forge, peripheral;

    Mould and form a complete set exhibit an area: Model of plastic mould, cold die, v, die-casting model, rubber-plastic plate of the mould rolled steel such as model, metallurgy model, metal (wire) , aluminium alloy material, plastic raw material, electrode.

    Ginseng exhibit charge and ad fare

    1, exhibit a norms: ) of square metre of international standard 3m×3m(9, 3 boarding, company lintel board, one desk two chair, 220V/500w power source

    2, exhibit collect fees: Domestic company: 5000 yuan / exhibit; Foreign capital enterprise: 1000 dollars / exhibit; Appoint exhibit add close 10% ;

    3, empty space: Domestic company: 500 yuan / smooth rice; Foreign capital enterprise: 100 dollars / smooth rice (36 hire since smooth rice)

    (Empty space does not include: Install construction administration fee, water and electricity, desk and chair to wait especially. Install construction administration fee, water and electricity, desk and chair to wait especially..

    4, meeting Wu cost: 600 yuan / person (include: City of age adj/LIT wide swims one day, gift, certificate, lunch, enter entrance ticket, conference, bender)

    —(of proceedings of a conferences exceeds low price) exhibit meeting guideline, content is rich. Price knowing publication is:

    Layout   The price (RMB)  Layout  The price (RMB) Layout  The price (RMB)  Layout        The price (RMB)

    Cover  18000 yuan Back cover    10000 yuan of title page   5000 yuan  Common colour edition 3000 yuan

    Inside front cover   8000 yuan  Inside back cover     2000 yuan of characters introduce 6000 yuan of black flour  800 yuan

    Other conduct propaganda: Balloon scroll: 2000 yuan / ; Vaulted door: 5000 yuan / ; Entrance ticket: 10000 yuan / 50 thousand pieces; Invitation: 6000 yuan / 1000 2

    5, ginseng exhibit formalities: Fill in seriously please " ginseng exhibit agreement book " build official seal to send or fax to the organizing committee, exhibit charge to collect at will be being joined inside 7 days to assign an account, and pay the bank bottom sheet is faxed to the organizing committee, join in order to affirm exhibit.

    6, extend an arrangement: “ signs up first, make a money first, arrange the principle of ” first, the organizing committee withholds a few exhibiting finally transfer power.

    7, meeting Wu arrangement: Organizing committee at sessional before 30 days, will " join the manual that postpone business " send or the fax comes in joining the hand that postpone business.

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