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Does spin dress exhibit: ? Is industry of miasma of Zhui artisan  light?

Published on:2013/6/13 18:49:40

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Introduction:Dispatch     came 29 days on March 26 on April 3, the center is exhibited in Beijing China International (new old house) , exhibition of agriculture o...

On April 3 dispatch

Came 29 days on March 26, the center is exhibited in Beijing China International (new old house) , exhibition of agriculture of Beijing whole nation (below abbreviation farming exhibits a house) exposition of dress of dress of the 21st the week of China International fashionable dress that runs in succession, China International (CHIC, the following abbreviation takes rich to meet) , fabrics of spin of the 19th China International reachs complementary makings (Chun Xia) exposition (Intertextile, fabrics of the following abbreviation is exhibited) , yarn of spin of 2013 China International (Chun Xia) exhibition (yarn of the following abbreviation exhibits) , be postponed round, overseas business by international chase after hold in both hands.

And came 30 days on March 22, be used to of Chinese state chairman makes the same score pair of Russia, Tanzania, south Africa, Congo nearly (cloth) had state visit and attended leader of Home Jin Zhuanguo the 5th times to meet. Peng Liyuan of madam of Chairman Xi Jinping accompanies a visit, this beautiful and moving first-lady instant attracted the eyeball of people. First-lady wears Chinese brand grace to appear, bring a spring breeze to manufacturing industry of Chinese spin garment undoubtedly. First-lady lifts bright China economy with elegant glamour. During this, whole dress board piece go strong, the dress of 50% above wave red.

“ visits an activity this is a benefit for fashionable to Chinese mainland brand good. This had gotten the self-identity of the personage inside course of study. ” " VOGUE dress and hairdressing " chief editor Zhang Yu says, this means the market in as fashionable as international brand in competition, brand of Chinese native land vogue welcomes a new chance.

The meeting that take gain: “ of international luxury brand head beautiful ”

The practical, Osmanli of “ Germany the amorous feelings of costly, Italy, abroad exhibit a group to resemble be in deduce an universal time to install newsreel. ” industry is right current those who take rich to meet is abroad exhibit round such opinion.

Inside the German shop that takes rich this to meet, the ” of “ small market that company of nearly 30 clothing will exhibit an area to make close relatively, the trade centre of European fashionable dress that is in charge of Germany exhibiting a group (EFTC)CEOWernerKuenstle expresses, they brought the dress with the biggest Germany to produce business GerryWeber, expectation is in exhibit the agent that China seeks during the meeting and buy the home.

Making what the person did not think of is, as current country of extraordinary cooperation of “ of the meeting that take gain the Turkey of ” , it is strong Chinese actually have a special liking to luxury, abroad brand and come.

The Italy that teems with luxury exhibited a group to bring Gucci, MiuMiu, Prada…… these have the old brand that in Milanese fashionable dress Zhou Shangcai can see only. Exhibit a group to concern chief introduction according to its, great Masters of these design of fashionable dress of top class Italy exhibit on the meeting that take gain oneself work, the hope extends fashionable dress culture of Italy further, promotional and favorite the vogue communication between.

According to Italy Renaya exhibits meeting and Mare D’amare meeting (beach outfit and underwear exhibit Foluolunsa) signed cooperative agreement, mare D’amare exhibits meeting general to begin to attend the meeting that take gain from 2013. Mared’amare is Italy's exclusive beach dress is exhibited, in this second exhibit Italy and Europe exhibited on the meeting the swimsuit brand of the richest great reputation.

According to committee of Italian foreign trade (Lai Shiping of ICE) chief delegate introduces, this year, italy shares ginseng of more than 80 enterprise to exhibit, dimensions grew 25% above than last year. A lot of Italy brands hope to be able to try water China market through taking gain.

By bureau of Scotland international development (SDI) and Scotland spin guild (Textiles Scotland) is gotten army, the delegation that delegate of design of 16 Scotland fashionable dress and textile production company forms appears on the meeting that take gain, meaning the Chinese market that increases quickly to develop, be in in order to come true future is opposite textile inside two years China export volume raises the target of 50% .

With differ before, hong Kong exhibits a group to organize 11 enterprises ginseng to exhibit by bureau of hair of Hong Kong trade, basically give priority to with small and medium sized business. Government advocate the shoe that those who push is Hong Kong stylist walks on design project, the adornment wall that makes with all sorts of deserted shoe moneys is brought so that the audience takes a picture accept as a souvenir.

Rich is taken to be able to go up this year, advanced and custom-built ” grabbed the “ that indigenous industry rolls out limelight. South hill group rolled out ODM this advanced and custom-built, the top class Great Master that comes from Italy by 7 forms a group, the Italianism that recommends a complete set of serves a solution. Its express about chief: “ is advanced and custom-built not be to selling a product only, it is to selling a service more, selling a kind of life style. ”

In recent years, chinese native land vogue develops to conform with international stage by stage, advanced and the brand of independent stylist hand-me-down of ” of outstanding “ stylist and “ design ” , custom-built making consumptive popularity trend.

Fabrics exhibits: Integral internationalization

Entry place makes the audience that fabrics exhibits this year the audience is entered most place takes a picture before exhibiting a house.

“ feeling resembles looking around outside the condition exhibit meeting. The Wang Xiang that ” comes from Nanjing tells " Chinese commerce signs up for " reporter, the integral colour that current fabrics exhibits is particularly comfortable, label clarity, colour is fashionable, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind making a person. When she is waiting to deal with a bosom to get stuck, land the audience place patted a photograph to erupt simultaneously small gain. Not only such, the integral design that international travelling merchant also exhibits to current fabrics is very admiring.

The reporter learns in interview, this fabrics exhibits lubricious to the theme department, spot to decorate, planar character weaves the plan that waited for a respect to have internationalization, design.

Exhibit according to fabrics sponsor introduction of square concerned controller, current fabrics exhibits invitation French stylist to having old building to design experience, first-rate to dimensional feeling, also have very good assurance to exhibiting the function of the meeting at the same time. Exhibit a stage besides beautiful besides, more convenient item on display is put, spot lamplight also more fastidious, the off color control that assures item on display is inside certain limits. Meanwhile, exhibit the promotion that still can pay attention to field service, inquire a system except presswork, label and electron beyond, still include to undertake to spot staff member early days grooms.

In recent years, fabrics is exhibited emphasize and assume a social responsibility. Exhibit a stage to build encourage data of use environmental protection, those who reduce presswork make what get stuck with the bosom reclaim etc. In addition, exhibit the frequency that meeting site broadcasts, video, volume must be controlled inside standard decibel, had better broadcast soundlessly, reduce noise pollution.

All the time since, fabrics exhibits an organizing committee to pay attention to trade butt joint. Exhibit during the meeting, to promote the butt joint that swims up and down, sponsor the examine and verify that just exhibits business aptitude to joining relatively strict, be like ability of research and development of circumstance of enterprise dimensions, sale, design, and whether do product and pull current Cheng pass environmental protection attestation to wait. In the meantime, sponsor also just pay close attention to join the development trends that postpones a business, encourage have distinguishing feature, the innovation, enterprise ginseng that has energy is exhibited. Sponsor still just combine local industry to organize pair of ginseng to exhibit an enterprise to undertake examine and verify, decrease coessential turn a product, perfect product category is formed.

Form a delegation first the Italian MilanoUnica that attends Beijing fabrics to exhibit exhibits a group the integral layout with European fashionable house, attracted numerous audience. This Italy exhibits a group to exhibit 95 enterprises of the meeting to add 128 companies from previous term or session, item on display expects besides face of classical abb, cashmere besides, female outfit and printing fabrics also have distinguishing feature quite.

Value what fabrics exhibits to still the ginseng that comes from Austria postpones a business likewise. During this fabrics is exhibited, orchid essence Inc. announces, the orchid essence factory that is located in Austria at present builds product line of super day silk, predict 2014 put into production. Concern chief introduction according to its, day silk is the majorrest after before sticking glue fiber about 100 years, coming out technology innovation in man-made fibre industry. What the development that goes 20 years just succeeds is prelusive, future tens of year, of day silk brilliant still will continue, with other but the photograph of environmental protection fiber of durative production is compared, its unique production process makes its cost has competition ability more, also will satisfy market demand well. This controller expresses, future, chinese market will be the biggest demand market.

Yarn exhibits: International exhibits business to get attention fully

Move first this year the yarn that division farming exhibits a house to hold is exhibited provide a hotspot quite. Transform with “ + innovation + the current yarn that pays close attention to ” to give priority to a problem is exhibited, established two themes house, among them one exhibits a house is the Chinese enterprise that gives priority to a problem with ” of yarn of innovation of “ science and technology, 3 exhibited a house to gather together to be abroad yarn enterprise of the representing with India, Pakistan. The reporter exhibits a house to see in 3, india, Pakistan exhibits a group to catch person eyeball most, exhibit go up to negotiate livelily the central point that occasion makes people fix eyes on.

Exhibit an organizing committee to concern chief introduction according to yarn, enterprise of spin of India, Pakistan is occupied about abroad exhibit a group 9 into, they reach the area such as technology of newest bombazine, information processing China the market, buy the home in order to attract more.

In recent years, overseas production business has realized the tremendous potential of Chinese market stage by stage, china manufactures many spin fabrics and ready-made clothes every year, it is one of countries with fiber of the entrance on current world, most yarn. As a result of in recent years Chinese entrance bombazine does not accept quota restriction, and entrance bombazine price under domestic price, reason China textile mills seeks the bombazine that imports petty gain from abroad actively, china imported the addition of demand to promote the bombazine export of India and Pakistan two countries. More and more imprinting cling to the enterprise puts sale focus in Chinese market.

Show according to coming from the data of Indian spin branch, before 2012 9 months, indian bombazine accumulative total exports more than tons 22.2 to China, increase 78 thousand tons compared to the same period. Nevertheless, india still is the 2nd big bombazine of Chinese supplies a country, pakistan continues to hold lead position. The corresponding period, pakistan bombazine accumulative total exports a quantity to be as high as 392 thousand tons, grow 202 thousand tons compared to the same period.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, indian gauze and Pakistan continous gauze popular China, because its cotton price is low,basically be. In addition, through the China that 30 old high speed develop, washing out a part to lag behind stage by stage at present produce can, have industrial structural adjustment. And the yarn product that the national institute that gives priority to with India and Pakistan produces, just made up for China to want to exit the breach of cheap gauze domain.

It is reported, alliance of strategy of innovation of technology of industry of Chinese chemical fibber attended current yarn to exhibit, exhibited to arrive from raw material, fiber of textile complete cotton exceeding copy product of innovation of technology of catenary of polyester fiber industry, the key rolls out moisture absorption the cotton exceeding copy such as fast implication row polyester fiber breed.

As the platform that reveals innovation of science and technology of upper reaches of spin industry catenary, current yarn is exhibited attracted nearly 200 global ginseng to postpone business. Exhibit during the meeting, conducted the series activity that moves ” of world beautiful China to give priority to a problem with “ fine, make Chinese fiber shop with all one's strength, devote oneself to to popularize Chinese fiber.

Origin: Chinese commerce signs up for