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' shoe rich is met ' industry of stimulative communication two sides should give aid to each other more

Published on:2013/6/13 18:44:17

Keyword:Shoe, sewing machine, automation, shoe look forward to, luo La
Introduction:Meeting ’ already made ‘ shoe gain the dimensions between two sides the major of Chinese shoe line of business with best, the most extensi...

    Meeting ’ already made ‘ shoe gain the dimensions between two sides the biggest, effect best, influence is the most extensiveChinese shoe line of businessMajor is exhibited meeting, also be cross-strait shoemaking industry at the same time hand in hand the main platform of market of collaboration, collective development whole world. Lin Zhaojie of secretary-general of consortium of a person of same business of industry of shoemaking of ” Taiwan area says so.

    18 days, the 15th China (Jin Jiang) fair of international shoe line of business (rich of abbreviation “ shoe is met ”) kicks off in Fujian Province Jin Jiang city, ginseng of more than 20 thousand travelling merchant outside coming from churchyard is exhibited ginseng meeting.

    Provide more services to purchase business, supplier to two sides, current shoe rich is met demand of market of two sides of base oneself upon and trend trend, continue to establish ” of “ Taiwan house, reveal material of the shoemaking machine that comes from Taiwan, shoe and other shoe product to wait.

    Reporter spot understands, taiwan enterprise ginseng can join the sth resembling a net that exhibit heat this year, only organization of consortium of a person of same business of industry of Taiwan area shoemaking attends “ shoe rich the Taiwan enterprise of meeting ” amounts to many 50.

    Come from south the You Xueyang of beneficial Hong limited company controller that casts a county brought ten full automatic the sewing machine that turn. He says to the reporter, because be versed in firewood rises ceaselessly, the shoemaking machine of automation more and more be welcomed, the travelling merchant that collaboration asking ask comes to before “ is very much ” .

    Lin Zhaojie thinks, below the situation that faces grim challenge in economy of current whole world, cross-strait industry should give aid to each other more, enhance the ability with resist difficult through strengthening cooperation, seek new development opportunity and power.

    The shoemaking course of study of “ Taiwan and advance river has very strong complementary sex, industry of meeting ’ stimulative two sides communicates ‘ shoe rich, improve the technology of the product further then, to two sidesShoe line of businessDevelopment has profit. ” has attended “ shoe rich ten years continuously Wei seams the Taiwan of meeting ” machine Chen Ruiwen of limited company president, be full of to be being exhibited at this ginseng expect.

    Taiwan Wei seam machine limited company already the collaboration that brand of line of business of as numerous as Jin Jiang shoe had stability. The single shot of “ of machine of children's footwear sew that Chen Ruiwen brought company newest development this rolls an edge to seam ” of small boiler Luo La machine. Chen Ruiwen says, this kind of new facility can help look forward to of advance river shoe raise high yield better can efficiency.

    Industry of shoemaking of “ future two sides still is put in vast communication collaboration space, this also is cross-strait shoemaking industry hand in hand in all the international market offerred develop very advantageous condition. ” Lin Zhaojie says.