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Pinprick law blame arranges a technology to discuss after weaving cloth

Published on:2013/6/13 15:39:02

Keyword:Be not weaving cloth, textile
Introduction:It is current that law of 1 home pinprick is not weaving cloth to develop law of current situation pinprick to be not weaving cloth one of the greates...

It is current that law of 1 home pinprick is not weaving cloth to develop law of current situation pinprick to be not weaving cloth one of the greatest variety in cloth of weaving of our country blame. The product basically is used at earth industry data, waterproof, filter material, synthetic leather base material of interior trim of cloth, car, garrulous fills the domain such as kind of product. From the watch 1 in we can see: Although cloth of weaving of pinprick law blame belongs to old product in be not weaving cloth, but because its product use is extensive, will develop speed to maintaining the momentum with rapidder growth all the time for years, also consolidating its are in all the time the inherent old brand position in be not weaving cloth domain. Develop angle analysis from the industry: Come for years, although pinprick law is not weaving cloth crop all the time bigger, but the product is similar the situation is more general, function of new product, high end material is less. Although crop is expanding, the technology is in progress, but the rate that the technology progresses is not quite rapid, the aftereffect that scientific research innovates is apparently insufficient already. For this, when financial storm made a surprise attack 2008, pinprick law is not be the first to be affected of weaving cloth industry, especially synthetic leather base cloth market, 2008 second half of the year a depression, example proves again, the business that lacks product of content of science and technology is via having storm test. The lesson admonishs ” of the operator inside course of study takes a route together is blind lane, everybody parts ability has ” of means of subsistence. At present home is not the research direction of weaving cloth to pinprick law: Be new function material use, the 2 research that are new technology, 3 be hind the development that arranges a technology. The article emphasizes particularly on discuss synthetic leather base of cloth hind arrange a technology.

The technology is arranged to already understood somewhat after the enterprise inside engineering technology course of study is being arranged to be not weaving cloth to pinprick law after 2 pinprick law is not weaving cloth, but what wait to whole technology design, operation or comparative is unfamiliar, the good company throughout the country that become is only also Home 2~3. Classics research, the manufacturing technology of every enterprise all very much the same. Whole technology flow basically is the following measure. Watch 1 2003 year crop of cloth of weaving of pinprick law blame analysed ~ 2007 data origin: Chinese industry uses textile guild. (The semi-manufactured goods that 1) comes down pinprick product line (the product that does not handle through finalizing the design) product line arranges after be being put retreat package buy, cloth divide evenly fast ground is fed store inside cloth chamfer. Put store the purpose of cloth chamfer: It is for the product sufficient systole or macerate prepare; 2 it is to prevent to retreat the product when coiling to appear go up force and influence product quality. At the same time store also should not be inside cloth chamfer feed a product too much, feed too much will bring about squash each other between cloth and cloth and generation goes up force. (2) store the cloth inside cloth chamfer slowly divide evenly fast the macerate chamfer that enters two to pour a triangle (also can make contractive chamfer) inside, groovy interlining uses vapour to control temperature, groove