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Mother's day: How does mom choose an appropriate carpet for the child

Published on:2013/6/13 15:38:50

Keyword:Chemical fibber, man-made fibre
Introduction:When decorating a room to the child, the ground is a corner that cannot overlook absolutely. After the child leaves a cradle, ground nature became the...

When decorating a room to the child, the ground is a corner that cannot overlook absolutely. After the child leaves a cradle, ground nature became them to contact most place. No matter how parents admonishs, children still like to be felt naughtily on the ground climb boil dozen, the nature makes like that, asing if is a huge pleasure ground then, it is their freest space. Accordingly, carpet ground of follow a rational line to do some work well becomes protagonist, will cover the floor with hard ice, let children above to the top of one's bent amuse oneself.

Good carpet is such softness and comfortable, it is in that way close, understood the aspirations of parents it seems that, caressing children's puny body like an umbrella, hold the post of its above follow one's inclinations " feel climb boil dozen " special also safety.

Be children to choose carpet can not be a simple thing, not only the capable person that should see carpet is qualitative comfortable, whether do the color that pays close attention to carpet even and design get the reception of children, such ability please at them while can let oneself be at ease again.

Now the carpet material on the market, it is to choose black silk ribbon of Heqing of wool, hemp, silk, cotton, man-made fibre to wait commonly, but considering children cutaneous characteristic, when choosing material, must discreet. Abb reachs chemical fibber goods, although look more elegant, but this kind of capable person is average texture is rougher, gap is bigger, accumulate the arenaceous stone with small Tibet easily, extremely easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, if the child often plays to be able to affect health on such carpet, cause cutaneous allergy very easily, affect healthy growth of the child. Accordingly, on the choice of material, the parent is certain Shen Zhi careful. The carpet of gauze of fine black silk ribbon and pure continous, material qualitative softness, have taste of dustproof, antistatic, avirulent, as good as, breathe freely to wait for a characteristic by force, children is on such carpet amuse oneself, ability health is happy.

On the choice of colour and design, also want to consider age characteristic of the child, a few was gifted design of Tong Zhen colorific, often can gain the child's favour more, lovely cartoon puppy, pretty flowers plant, they as if the communication that can undertake the heart go up with the child, leap is on carpet, play together with children, although the child is,a person also won't feel alone, such carpet not only beautiful, richer Tong Qu, can let the child have a cheerful state of mind.