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China spins a city gently: Printing two sides is played give prize all the way

Published on:2013/6/13 15:37:55

Keyword:Spin gently, knitting, printing
Introduction:Successive a few days, carry on promotes China to spin a city gently a kind of summer wear uses filament revenue stamp " two sides is played " move se...

    Successive a few days, carry on promotes China to spin a city gently a kind of summer wear plays ” to move with two sides of filament printing “ sell many face to add, client wanting money goes there and back hurriedly, size batch input is frequent, cash subscribe and come single shot sends continuously more than, two sides of integral printing “ plays ” relatively on a few days continue to grow steadily.

       Two sides of “ of printing of summer wear filament plays ” to run variety to spin the key in city knitting cloth gently first half of the year, basically be used by sportswear of female swimsuit, T-shirt and singlet place, annual with running quantity house says. These days since, spin a city gently two sides of each printing “ plays ” to manage a client after holding the meeting that spin rich to be reluctant to leave the opportunity that does not go, group of far and near receives different supply of goods, money amount approves batch of enlarge, breed over early days, of all kinds thin model two sides of overhang printing “ is played ” , elegant model printing “ two sides plays ” to appear on the market money amount and variety of different producing area are wonderful appear. Printing “ two sides plays small small family in ” to manage door rush about with respect to around before the meeting that spin rich hair force is run, the edge is sold into the edge, speed goes out quickly, change weak force to be an advantage; Professional large family reduces segment of have enough to meet need to cater to the meeting that spin rich, send over early days continuously from manufacturer or storehouse. A few participate in the meeting that spin rich or come round technically to spin rich the foreign travelling merchant of meeting choose supply of goods, after collecting next sheet between exhibition period market of have enough to meet need undertakes a choose and buy, because printing “ two sides plays ” and many travelling merchant linger not to go, the two sides of knitting printing “ that uses to sportswear of female swimsuit T-shirt day after day plays ”FDY118D breed or much money of 100D breed, 75D breed, 68D breed has a choose and buy each, some with overhang model, elegant model thickness much money is tie-in sexual big batch clinchs a deal.