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Lei Dibo Er " below the line " high end of custom-built decide the issue of the battle

Published on:2013/6/9 15:02:18

Keyword:Clothing machinery
Introduction:Chinese consumer is not acceptability sufficient change machine hand-me-down to make at the batch of 1000 people one side, make with handiwork, what t...


Chinese consumer is not acceptability sufficient change machine hand-me-down to make at the batch of 1000 people one side, make with handiwork, what the characteristic is changed and high quality is a characteristic is advanced calm army makeup bundle obtain more and more put family dependant. All person inside the industry realizes, of Chinese men's clothing advanced and custom-built during arriving sadly. Regard China as exceedingly good high-end attire brand, lei Dibo Er (RaidyBoer) the “ that makes known his position to be in house of CHIC2013 men's clothing is primary and custom-built ” area, join first beforehand the advanced men's clothing of CHIC is custom-built exhibit board piece, lei Dibo Er goes to the exponential consumer with elementary custom-built men's clothing and in the company of expressed to be in primary and custom-built the powerful force that go up.

   Thrust of men's clothing course of study is advanced and custom-built

   From 2005 the first time since CHIC asking a vessel is exhibited, lei Dibo Er is the frequenter that CHIC exhibits from beginning to end, the men's clothing that difference includes CHIC to exhibit at in former years board piece, step Burr paid close attention to Leidi more 2013 makeup bundle the men's clothing of purpose —— China of the key mark of the industry is advanced and custom-built. As economy often undertake, it is increasingly mature that Chinese garment acts the role of the market, the yielding sex that begs heat preservation only at the beginning appeals to beg the inherent quality that once had withinning the next few days exaggerating emerging in endlessly to change appeal to beg, this kind of simple change is accompanying high end to consume crowd sth resembling a net to add expands and be sent more make a run, rated it is men's clothing elementary and custom-built more those who become high-end personage identity is indicative, and Lei Dibo Er saw this one trend acutely.

   “ is told from the angle of Lei Dibo Er, regard heart of one family expenses as the brand at dress, lei Dibo Er is true to dress those who undertake the trend looks is very trenchant, as China makeup bundle consume the market rush gradually weak, many consumer, it is the man also has not particular demand to elementary and custom-built right on the face very, and this kind of demand often expands of Chinese economy actual strength accordingly, the add of consumes a concept subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy with Chinese man consumer is babyish, development rate is rapidder and rapidder also. Because of this thunder elementary and custom-built nowadays of Diboer goes to the front of the stage, also be a kind of predeterminate development direction, this is the conform to of consumptive trend photograph with consumer, from begin 3 years two ago, lei Dibo Er already most started to start first oneself elementary and custom-built do business. Garment of Er of ” Leidi wave acts the role of a cent Wang Yongping of general manager of department of limited company custom-built career is in bear " dress times " the say when reporter special interview.

   Occupy Wang Yongping to be allowed first, in Lei Dibo Er is custom-built an attire, most begin necessary the staff member that has 4 sides undertakes to the client face-to-face work, search got together personnel of the program division, division that estimate put oneself in another's position, customer service and business personnel, besides, decide in fabrics, try on arrive ceaselessly of finished product send with, every crucial point has on a special trip the employee will die, be one kind complete do not go up completely custom-built content of the ” below the “ line of product line. This about the client character, can saying is a kind close to at lordliness work, can let a client get a kind of lowly, brand-new, the shopping experience that emerge in endlessly. Many abroad men's clothing brands also had done “ so called custom-built, a lot of cogenter cogent not be real implication those who go up is custom-built, be in however the original edition patch up that go up, and even the ‘ bogus of the ’ on the ‘ product line that still is the sort of mechanization is custom-built ’ , at best also is ‘ namely half custom-built ’ , opposite Yu Fulei of Diboer custom-built, the sort of so called custom-built, what supply actually is not a kind of real implication go up with respect to the thing, however method of a kind of sale. ” Wang Yongping says.