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Cotton price approachs gauze value too high, spin enterprise produces a ton of gauze to have a deficit 5000 yuan

Published on:2013/6/9 12:03:44

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Introduction:"Cotton price is exorbitant, spin what gauze to have a deficit! " spin of force of A Kesu grand is finite and compulsory billow of company controller ...

 “ cotton price is exorbitant, spin what gauze to have a deficit! Spin of ” A Ke Suhong force is finite and compulsory billow of company controller Teng Ting sighs. Before 2012 11 months, the vendition of enterprise of this Zhejiang spin the forehead has many yuan 4000 only, and profit achieves many yuan 800 however.
Comply with is current price of cotton of within the country, every tons of production capital of 32 gauze already amounted to 32 thousand yuan of above, and carry can sell 27 thousand yuan only however to coastal region; The price of 21 gauze and even be less than 20 thousand yuan, lower than abroad pily price. This is symbolizing, every are unripe make a ton of yarn, the enterprise is about profit 5000 yuan. It is by the side of Ke Suzhou of Na Jiang A, halfway spin company is forced to stop produce, and most enterprise was chosen be restricted to produce.
“ eclipse of the sun or moon also cannot stop make, otherwise worker runs smooth! The client also casts light! Billow of ” Teng a light boat says. For hold together market, this company shuts stopped half product line, organization of incomplete remnant worker grooms. Gentle words of billow of Teng a light boat, still can maintain in order to be of the enterprise go up, did not stop make, the factory of two cotton ginning that relies on subordinate completely is handed in store accrual digested one fraction bonus, but can be maintained next year, everybody did not know then. ”
To the enterprise, more awful is, because our country does not have limit to bombazine entrance, come from the bombazine of the country such as India, Pakistan, c.I.F down to is lower than the pily price of our country, vulgarred weaving enterprise more bombazine of entrance of low of decision of peace and happiness, this allows foreign spin company is new round very “ east ingot moves on the west the business hardship of ” can'ts bear character.
From 2006 most first, produce as country spin money the mediate of mechanism, diverse and confused of whole of spin of a batch of large cotton goes on the west, deliver the view to our country Xinjiang of the biggest —— of production cotton division. Yageer, Hua Fu, establish the famous spin company such as the day in succession “ goes on the west buccal ” , not ground of thing agitate conduct propaganda sets bit of structure.
With on century the “ of 90 time east ingot moves on the west ” difference, this round of “ moves on the west ” is the action with spin initiative enterprise thoroughly, now already made limits of industry of Xinjiang cotton spinning achieves 5 million ingot, cause for with Akesu, Shi He child city of two big spin is north and south the “ of base two cities items of 7 garden ” , with end abroad spin makes course of study transfer.
All “ enterprises are having a deficit! Textile industry city is in charge of ” A Kesu appoint Liu Wei of conference vice director says: “ the enterprise luckily of spinning is much, the luckily of manufacturing industry chain length is a few less. ”
[Pagebreak]“ enters ” on the west windward gradually funeral
“ formers into ” on the west former times, many enterprises think, investment Xinjiang gets outstanding pily resource directly roughly, the intermediate crucial point with larger leave out. How can find the market pressure that price of clear up cotton wool often rises, also can solve important place this locality at the same time the hardship using worker worker of older and older fire. However, the result is not Yun Yun.
“ Xinjiang gives the ground that make windward also Ceng Yi is nodded not remnant! ” Shi He child secret of a person of spin company spare no effort wants a reporter.
Reporter be clear arrives, nearly two years as a result of farming endowment the price and cotton pluck Geng Xu raises cost, xinjiang cotton earthnut makes profit drop all the way; And the cotton of each district is planted weather of miscellaneous ” of “ much chaos is more and more severe, make Xinjiang cotton quality most first year after year descends. Meanwhile, pily machinery plucks area year after year expands, give farmer admittedly economical capital, but low also pily grade; At the same time because foreign matter is more, increased capital to spin enterprise again.
Into border windward ” also is in the “ labor energy resources that the enterprise thinks originally loss of year after year, be being talked is to be in the river of stone of base of old textile industry of boreal border child, unaltered the Akesu in Na Jiang, at present “ uses labour ” theme is to be in border the firm hardship that spin enterprise faces all the way.
“ is entered be stationed in two years, salary of smooth divide evenly broke up one time. The well-balanced pay of the worker in current plant ever also arrived at at present 2200 multivariate, this is returned in the yard of important place than us even tall. Ke Suxin of ” Xinjiang A sends cotton industry finite liability company always manages acute of manage the Song Dynasty says. This company is affiliated at Henan new wild spin part limited company, entered Xinjiang A Ke Suzhou edge 2010.
More it is difficult to let an enterprise make is, even if so tall requite is in place,enrol a worker very hard also. Reporter investigation creats, because this locality oppidan does not wish to should spin weaver, circumjacent redneck cultivate land is gotten quite abundant, also do not agree to work, shi He child the spin enterprise of city uses worker worker is partly mostly absolutely be applied for from inland and come; The river that occupy stone child area of edificatory of city economy skill is in charge of appoint can investigate statistic, the even salary of local spin worker has exceeded foreland.
And in Na Jiang, this one issue is more outstanding. “ prediction of a person's luck in a given year of a year of base, a lantern with paper cut figures of men is same substitution, the enterprise is in from beginning to end groom the condition of employee. Forced smile of a company bear person wears ” say, “ belongs to compared with inland total at hand in addition textile mills, the manpower capital here has not had any windward but character. ”
High quality cotton gives birth to ” of popular goods of dependable quality of the “ that make
More difficult than travel of borderline in the company of is, current exit cotton and country produce cotton price differs every tons 5000 yuan order about, suffer country to export pily quota to distribute conspire portal limitation, the exit cotton quota that enterprise of Xinjiang cotton spinning can apply is almost negligible not plan, this does not have a law to control self-restrained exit cotton “ makeup of on any account plays the part of ” low capital.
In the meantime, with in inland the photograph that build a plant is compared, the carriage time natural resources of long interval also greatly offset those who invest Xinjiang is windward, be far from traffic the market to make an enterprise helpless and seasonable answer in a twinkle the 10 thousand business chance that change. Because go out every year border goods and materials of big Yu Jinjiang of Wei of amount of goods and materials, rated it is to enter in October, wait as cotton, ketchup, saccharide farming the turtledove that makes work closes appear on the market, carry touch Wu will farther aggravate, the carry outside bombazine also is no good resist the ground is restricted. Jiangsu couplet sends spin to endure a person to abundant put together lustre says, to grab time, 2012, the enterprise can abandon the carry outside the bombazine railroad that country and Xinjiang give subsidizing only, with every tons of cost of 900 yuan of freight, with steam handlebar a batch of yarn grab carry to go to Jiangsu Nantong. “ lives to protect client, value is sodorous! He says ” .

Keyword:Spinning machine fetterses, weaving machinery, knitting frame fetterses, collator of printing and dyeing fetterses, chemical fibber machinery, be not weaving cloth machinery, clothing machinery, equipment of spin form a complete set, spin instrument

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