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Is the United States punished again " by accident mark " for who does textile ring noisy alarm bell?

Published on:2013/6/9 10:07:03

Introduction:Business company on January 30 dispatch a few days ago, general merchandise of Yamaxun, Leon Max, Mei Xi, Xiersi and its subsidiary block 4 shopkeeper...


Business company on January 30 dispatch a few days ago, general merchandise of Yamaxun, Leon Max, Mei Xi, Xiersi and its subsidiary block 4 shopkeeper of American Matt, paid amount to be the fine of 1.26 million dollar to commission of American federal trade respectively, the reason is these shopkeeper people the textile of the sale is rayon composition complex bid bamboo fiber, and by accident the behavior of mark goods news and misdirect consumer violated ordinance of law of label of American textile composition and spin of federal trade commission.

Commission of American federal trade expresses, bamboo fiber textile is considered as an environment friendly model product, however the standard that the manufacturing process of rayon produces from green returns apart very far, even if is the fiber sticking gum that is raw material with bamboo fiber, also because passed many chemical machine program, do not accord with the propagandist catchword of environmental protection of bamboo fiber textile, green. It is reported, the bamboo that 4 afore-mentioned United States retail businesses still are assured to its are sold by requirement examine and verify spins goods to own correct fiber composition label. Intermediary is commented on outside, the reflected commission of American federal trade to handle this kind of incident gravely lawfully again determination of this fine.

In recent years, bamboo fiber already was used increasingly to be in the home to spin by enterprise of our country spin, underwear kind in the product, although bamboo fiber is having a lot of and good performance such as bacterium of the curb that fight bacterium, but the natural fiber that its fiber attribute cannot be equal to go up at real significance really. In Euramerican market, have specific provision to fiber composition label. And be in our country, give on the level that a lot of textile produce an enterprise to did not stand in law to fiber composition label enough attention, the commodity on market of sale in domestic market does not have fabrics composition label, or tags the phenomenon such as be unworthy of the name or the title is common occurance more, mind not strange. Should say, these non-standard, disagreement legal practice has greatly to the market image of Chinese textile damage.

Be in the United States, the regulation that the 4 textile tag that describes with legal text marks applies to American market the family expenses textile such as products of all fiber, yarn, fabric, clothing, curtain and curtain account, and each contain abb or answer the one part that uses woolen product or product. From this, we can see normative textile label is used superintend and director must be strengthened to guide on legal level.

Long-term since, our country exports dry goods not less is the client offers the ground relevant requirement prints label or the client offers ticket directly, whether to undertake test and verify with makings conform to with the product to the composition in label, appear easily the circumstance that textile fiber composition and content of label place bid not agree with. The registered trade mark that goes up to label especially, famous label is normative use, involve a product more easily to encroach the problem of intellectual property.

Current, of many our country areas examine the phenomenon that quarantine branch already violated intellectual property venture to exporting a product to exist is severe check severe canal, requirement enterprise asks for registered trade mark in time to use accredit book; to the client in addition, indicate with makings and label to dress the accordance of component strengthens test and verify, take strict precautions against appear former complementary material composition detects the circumstance that nots agree with with exit dress label, when executing dynamic, adventitious, sample send check, prevent commerce to wait for malfeasant happening false.

To avoid in the future needless pecuniary loss, relevant section also reminds production the enterprise must master the technical code that fiber composition label concerns on international and standard, the term that use standard sets and name; want to set by the standard, according to importing a country requirement standard exports dress composition to mark, indicate correctly scale of fiber content, sort and the fiber composition with objective conform to, content, beware commerce risk.