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How is stand or fall of performance of industrial wash equipment judged

Published on:2013/6/8 15:19:06

Keyword:Bath machine, automation
Introduction:Industrial wash equipment has 6 kinds big, breed norms is various, function, characteristic each different, want to evaluate its actor bad, must have ...

Industrial wash equipment has 6 kinds big, breed norms is various, function, characteristic each different, want to evaluate its actor bad, must have basic evaluation principle, can undertake be evaluatinged integratedly from face of the following tripartite normally. The design level of equipment of equipment performance; and workmanship; produce manufacturer level of management and after service ability.
Equipment performance side: Exterior quality, include 3 big factors, look to whether can be satisfied. The first feeling watchs allure, the client sees the first impression of equipment, to its appearance, colour and lustre, appearance is satisfactory, whether to have good opinion. The perfect sex of outside decoration craft. Client hardly the law finds any dissatisfactory defect. The rationality of integral layout. Arrange on structural composition carefully and nearly, distinct, accord with stiffness requirement. Overall dependability, observation is following whether are 4 points accorded with. Infrastructure design is reasonable, assemble, combination is good. Component, component, workmanship is excellent. Material is chosen reasonable, finishing is good, special place adopts special anticorrosive processing. What use the brand position of fundamental parts of an apparatus, include pressure to control parts of an apparatus, lukewarm accuse to whether all use brand device parts of an apparatus of parts of an apparatus, electric machinery, electric equipment, drive, or entrance brand equipment.
Moving function, basically see 5 respects whether can be achieved. Control advanced sex of the system, automation rate is high, equipment system is reliable, equipment system capacity is large, alternative strong, have condition to judge function of place self check. The operation is simple, clear, have harmony of man-machine interaction function to call the police solely all sorts of safety precautions. Cycle of failure free operation is long, by sudden fault rate. Moving condition is stable, interference rejection capability is strong. The environmental protection index such as noise, vibration accords with national regulation. Have perfect and safe safeguard, in running a course in case produce inadvertent operation, equipment has protection to stop a function oneself. Moving cost, basically inspect 3 index to assist the wastage of material, include such as: The scour that bath machine uses, the dry-clean dissolvent that dry-clean machine uses, auxiliary, ironing machine is used lubricant dried meat pink also is with unit cost the quantity is calculated etc.
Overall function index, the rated index of advanced standard of the home that should press this kinds of facility or abroad undertakes comparative differentiate, the advanced sex of equipment, reflect the advanced sex in each index, be like, the dryer that vapour heats is received outside, in the regulation in our country occupation standard every evaporate the portion of 1 kilogram of water on clothings, the vapour amount that dryer spends is 4 kilograms, and heart 88 years the cost amount of the DIN standard of version is to be less than 2 kilograms, apparent DIN standard is more advanced than our country occupation standard, pass effort of nearly 10 years however, the evaporate steam consumption of dryer of advanced today intelligence of compound air channel already was achieved be less than 0.8 kilograms. In equipment design and workmanship technology respect, should evaluate, manufacturer home is as follows at 4 o'clock element. The design thought of equipment and the advanced sex of executive standard. The advanced sex of the rationality of equipment workmanship method and tooling. Equipment produces the management of the process and control. Whether batch production, finalize the design production, equipment mould pressing changes the rate with standardization.
The level of management that makes manufacturer to equipment and after service ability inspect 5 kinds of following element. Whether does quality level of management pass attestation. Industry technology force, employee quality circumstance. Business equipment condition, whether to have contemporary process instrumentation and batch productivity. Facility sale status and after service ability. The subordinating relation of the social class of the enterprise and main facility is waited a moment. Want to evaluate industrial wash correctly, equipment of contemporary industry wash, it is newest automata technology is mixed masterly the perfect union of workmanship, no matter from the exterior, function, environmental protection, energy-saving each respects are very advanced.